Love Matters To Dogs

When I think of dogs, acceptance and love is all I find deep inside.

Dogs do not care what shape a human comes in, there is always an agreeable state of approval.

WednesDogDay is my way of reminding people, Please consider adoption!

Those beautiful sensitive eyes returning a look of care and kindness. Sometimes with a silly grin.

Dogs acquiesce to humans, welcoming all our foibles and whoever or whatever we are in the moment.

Today I heard some good news, Brad, a lover of animals, his dog Tank found a kitty, obviously abandoned. They have agreed to give the kitten a home, opening their hearts and home, adding a wonderful playmate for Tank their adopted dog, with a horrific abusive history; the family now will have another loving rescue addition.

So I am leaving this short. Holiday pets are a gift you give yourself, please make sure you have the time and an open heart – animals are not a temporary gift. Dogs, cats, parrots, horses have a tremendous about to offer any loving home.

They bring the love with them. A little adjustment time, Dogs are very intelligent, they adapt more readily than humans. Add some life long love to your home.

Please adopt for life your next fur 4 or 3 legged Best Friend!



To my Sädé,  my beloved Service Dog who came from the Buddy Center Humane Society. Sädé will never leave my heart.



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