Perfection Are Our Mistakes

As I sit here giggling at what I presume might be a mistake, turned out to be doubled the pleasure in amazement.

Simple as it may seems, my mistake which I mentioned has become an addition. It was the time of my meal of the day; asparagus tips with sliced tomatoes sauteed in olive oil and shallots.

It was warm and delicious. To my added pleasure, finally we have some cooling weather and still I have a fan slowly circulating the air and cooling my meal of the day. What I found was: my newly created asparagus dish was delicious in its accidental coolness as well as heated. Great to remember for some potluck dish!

Could we humans be as flexible in life as my appreciation for my heated to cooling meal of the day?

Although through the millenniums, humans have had to adapt to all changes on this Earth, except the recent demands in caring for our beautiful planet.

Infinite and immeasurable, vast beyond the scope of any person’s imaging.

Thereby, **What Lies in Perfection Are Our Mistakes**

Can we give way to such thoughts, that by mistake we possibly create the best of ourselves?

Offer this thought to yourself and others. Potentially the greatest gifts artists have known, are the flaws which brings out the brilliance of a slab of marble.

Michelangelo’s monolithic David is one great example. And for you the reader, find the exquisite moment, where you might have not had the idea of perfection in mind, yet, the greatest of your efforts came through the Faltering of your intentions. 

Leave your legacy, as Queen Elizabeth leaves her life, not perfection, more so memorable!




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