Socially Crippled!

We humans have Shut-Down personally & as a society!

And this has lead to a magnitude of dissidence, anxiety, trauma, neurological impairments, and physical deterioration.

Yes, strong words stated decisively, and I mean to warn most everyone, you are in danger.

Many want “Positive” words; these are! A quote I often refer to: A true negative is more positive than a false positive.”

When entering  a store, a young person was on her cell phone, and about to be smashed in the head by the iron door! I said, “Watch OUT!  Wake up out of the empty blindness of a digital world.

We have enter prior to the shut down, a denial of life around us! Many have become antisocial on social media! A mystification which bewilders myself and many; we humans, as all of life on this planet, are Social Beings!  Yet the majority who gather in cafes or MeetUps to traumatized therapies; we are on the Zooming screens.

We imposed antisocial perplexity and wonder at our abstruseness!

Take some simple time for yourself; go walking in a small size city and see if anyone returns your glances or the smile you have offered. Go to a café, most are alone working on a computer with ear buds. Some on a cell phone. I purposely sat gazing recently at a café, and viewed only three tables our of 27 had two or four people conversing face to face, the rest where involved digitally, no real human contact.

Here are some simple suggestions: get out volunteer in person, work at work and chat in the kitchen having chai tea – as Elon Musk order his employees:

Back To Work In Office”

Elon is right.! “Create life in personal social structures.” Start making new friends, go to cafés, reach out by saying hello, greet a person, give them a compliment. Start to meet people! We cannot blame the “Pandemic – for our health is egregiously at risk!”

“let us chat and begin a new journey.”

Turn off the TV, get out, take a walk, adopt a dog and go to parks, walk in your neighborhood. You are in danger physically and neurologically.  Our Homeless – hunger crisis – are the out cropping of the shutdown and inflation, with the coming of recession.

Let’s work together and ameliorate our current problems, first, by admitting we have these problems and recognizing the monolithic price we are paying personally.

This wolf is calling for her pack in the cold of winter; gathering is a necessity!

We humans are “Pack Animals” we need each other.

We cannot live a life alone ~ by nature all creatures require interaction, from the wilderness to  plant life, wild and domesticated animals and the Humanoid!! Neurologically, we must interact interchangeably.

Earlier this year in February, a flock of Robins flew in landing in the back yard, all seeking grubs in the ground and “Each other!” As a flock, they all took off together, it was still too cold. What do these Robins know that we humans have forgotten?

Personally, I am a loner, I must have my thinking and studying time, yet, I know myself and my needs socially! Each day, with my dog Aspen, we go to the park. Aspen gets to play and we seriously walk a portion of pavement; breathing Fresh Air ~ Vitamin D, nodding hello to other walkers and runners, some with dogs.

Humans have a dire requirement in making new friends, increasing cultural perceptions and acquiring more knowledge in life, feeding our bodies and most important our brain!

Recently at the café, I was entranced by others’ behavior and began to take notes. Later I met accidently a floating manager employed by the café. We spoke for several moments about how people are still shut down, albeit, they come to a popular café, many have lost the ability to connect. This spoke loudly to me. “We have lost the ability to communicate and add to our personal support system – an essential part of our health and a neurological necessity.”

Here are some of the results I am seeing overall in our populous. Deep seeded depressions, extreme low self esteem to the point where people avoid looking directly at each other’s faces, never making eye contact. This leads to high anxiety and trauma, which builds quickly from the depths of our brain. Neurologically, dementia and Alzheimer are on the rise.

The necessity of socialization and the protection of being in groups!


Our human brain must have healthy interactions with other humans for our brain releases chemicals in controlling social behavior and supporting overall health. These chemicals are, oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin and endorphins. Serotonin are found in many healthy foods, and many of these chemicals are released while sleeping, meditation and most of all social interaction.

Oxytocin, a small protein, nine amino acids long, has been name “the love hormone.” Proven  scientifically by humans in an MRI, as the body and brain releases a glowing affect when in a social connections.

And to mention the Neuro transmitters, six neuropeptides, three of which, endorphin, oxytocin and dopamine are predominantly important, associated to different social disciplines.

The imperative science of our bodies, socialization and what we eat, bottom line;  we “Humans must be social again!” 

Be: “The Someone I met along the way.”

Come be with me, I am Love, I am Pack, I am Beautiful, We Are Together on this Beautiful Earth. Let us Be the Beauty We Were Born to Be – as an enthusiastic Herd!

Pick a day or two to reach out, be with others – meet the strangers, be willing to expand your world, play cards, play chess in the park, walk your dog or first adopt a dog at the shelter, they will be so grateful – in turn a Dog assists your emotional and physical needs! Dogs are instinctively social and have great adaptation in choosing the people you will want in your life – Trust your Dog!!

Go Bird and Eagle Watching, have Chinese Tea Time experiments. Get OUT with other people, get away from the TV. Call that list of people on your cell you do not remember and be honest, “I forgot who you are, this is ME!”

   we are better:



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  1. Val says:

    Great reminder of the importance of social interaction for our overall health and well-being. It’s time to step away from screens and connect with real people in our communities.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. MicheleElys says:

      Thank you Val, there are follow ups to this article and also regarding our current state of homes vs FICO scores. Thanks for your comment and stay tuned.


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