Majic of Spring

spring comes alive with nature all around us

I am mesmerized by nature and for the most part have nothing to say except;

Watch everything around you.

Irises dancing in water

Hummingbirds flutter in sprinklers and around orange and red flowers


Springtime brings new hope after death may have torn us into deep grief.

There is an aliveness, all fresh from the ground. The aromas fill the air with new buddings and the first signs of spring are often crocuses. They dance in the concret cracks, around trees and edges of grasses, mostly not where they were planted, their bulbs spread easily.


I hear the gardens call to me, the buzzing of bees making their way to pollinate the world.

Bringing delicious honey in many backyard hives, some beautifully painted to not be disturbed.

There are many who fear bees; they do not wish to sting a person, this would be their death song.

Each bee has a different buzzing sound –

As I remembered when I filled my garden with Butterfly – Bee – and Hummingbird flowers each flutter drew my attention. How Beautiful nature graces us with such simple delight. The gardens are alive with sounds of pollination.

As the neighborhood ladies would pass, suddenly stopping, gazing across my Victorian garden, filled with every flowering plant and bush, one standing lone Chinese White Lilac tree, a single bloom would fill the neighborhood with its perfumed delicacy.

The entire corner Victorian home was an enclave of 14 foot lilac bushes, cutting the traffic noise while we enjoyed ice tea with my lingering Rottweilers sleeping on the grass.

Often, the ladies who stopped by would admire for enduring moments, glancing across the front. Eyes passing over the landscape of flowers, filled with fluttering life. Such passion I could see in their eyes; of course having plenty, thinking to myself while cutting some lilies or beautifully aromatic Lilacs from all the statuesque grove edges.

Their delight shown brightly with a smile and eyes lighting up an elderly face as I handed a garland of flowers. How could anyone resist bringing such joy to a person’s face, with a simple gesture of flowers?

Yes, the Majic of Springtime brings many a smile and Hope!

Life gives way to the uncomplicated for a few moments or days as we view the remarkableness of new birth. And yet that birth was deep in the ground through the Winter’s snow and rains. Now here is our delight for however life transformed.

Each of us have transformed in some way during our Wintertime. Some have not had an easy time of life; Give them Flowers! As I walked out of Trader Joes the other day, a man hearing about my Sädé! He rushed to my side handing me a bright yellow bouquet.

While I am not ready to share my time of grief, I wish to bring everyone some hope of new life.

Change is a continuum of life, let us all see hope and step forward with a bouquet of flowers or words of support, a hug and smile to lift the spirits of all who wear a mask. We never know what detour life has around the next bend.

We might plan and perform all the right aspects in life, nonetheless, a winter will come to everyone, every living creature and plant.

Will the coming Spring bring sorrow of death or new life? This is not foretold to any of us.

Bring a Smile and Learn to Listen, This could be a life giving moment.


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About the Author: MicheleElys is a Writer/ Keynote Speaker/Educator/ Neuro behaviorist/ Social Architect. Educating Innovative Solutions for Human & Animal wellness in servitude. Founder of NBR [neural behavior recognition]. A recovery modal for Trauma/TBI Improvement to Recovery and maintenance for post concussive syndromes, PTSD and Transient Amnesia.

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