Love & Courage

Would you rather go to a war and come home scarred for life, or live a life through loving embrace.

Think upon this very carefully!

I hear all too often the extreme lessons in life, the hardships, the down trodden, rub your nose in manure are the greatest lessons, all in a Poetic frame. “We grow to our greatest heights and become our greater selves when dealing with the worst of life.” 

Bullshit, torment does not invigorate the spirit! 

This is Not what I advocate for those who have been injured and have had a Traumatic Brain Injury or any traumatic event in their lives. This type of thinking boggles my mind after working in Trauma Recovery for decades as a therapist, hearing horrific treatment in ones’ lives and such loss. Trauma, if gone untreated, humans deteriorate in tortuous harrowing anguish, which seldom the outside world sees.

This is not a life of love!

Seek to add cause to your life – bring fulfillment and richness to your life and others. Be of lavish abundance in who you are. There are many who suffer silently and wear firm masks. For TBI casualties, this injury is unseen and causes many suicides, if not treated properly, trauma will exacerbate into life long ailments.

  Keep your eyes open and LISTEN with both eyes and ears.

These times in life are oppressive and insufferable, with many living on an unseen edge.

We are living in a similar era of Nazi war camps, waiting ~ starving, they are called homeless, jobless, on welfare – the only difference in scenario is, the lack of barbed wire!

And yet, for some and only some are able to claim – “How we move on with what we have, making every skill and talent shine, creating a new mental reality, is an Art.”

hear this ~ Adversity is not its goal in life!

Not everyone facing trauma will survive. Suicides are at all time highs, so are addictions from doctors validating the for profit insurance and drug companies. We are in a whirlwind of denial and confusion – whom do we trust?

our instincts if we have bothered to listened

Thriving through life with wondrous memories to be built upon, encourages the heart and offers a balance where many are willing to share. 

We speak of love and being loving, kindly offering care, yet the other side of the mouth utters this ridiculous myth we must grow through persecution and horror in life, and somehow fly out of our ashes, liken to a burning bird, called a Phoenix. Another lovely Poetic Myth!!

Individuals grow and recover from trauma through care, being LISTENED TO, working with a well versed erudite person with Heart. Not a crucifixion!

Trauma is perpetuated in the human condition due to greed, unconscious behavior, “”accidental conditions,” Again I repeat unconscious behavior. And life is harrowing without adequate help.

What shall we learn in this lifetime, through all this terror we humans have created on our Earth? Not only affecting  ourselves, rather including innocent beautiful creatures; dolphins, whales, elephant, eagles, many tigers are all going extinct; destruction to the Earth and even to our own children.

Do we teach our babies, life is going to be bitch, so brace yourself from the time they are born?

The greatest lessons in life are through acceptance, as our dogs accepts us. Learn to be curious, ask questions and LISTEN – for a person who hurts inside, the last action or behavior they need is more hate!

As a child matures and takes the punches of those who are not loved or taught boundaries, respect and integrity; this is when a loving parent steps in to educate reality! “Not everyone has a healthy parent or healthy loving people by their side, treat them with kindness for they sorely need the tenderness and stand your ground with integrity.”

Life will take greater courage to live in these coming years. We will greet more arduous moments and question which road to take.

Take either one, you can always change your mind, and with the love you have been given – walk or run with cognizant esteem through these calamities.

When there is a moments’ breath, learn from the mistakes and explorations you have undertaken, this will offer you the courage through unknown territories.

Be commanding in your ventures and everlasting in your visions of the unknown – be it a quest in curiosity and discovery!

the unknown will be your greatest teacher, offer instilled love from your heart. This will be your bravery!

Life is not born to be a test case; you are born to Live and Thrive! We live among 8 billion others who are wanting the same greatness for each life.

Live your life with honor and die honorably.

Live with rectitude and principle, if you fall, ask for help up or get up on your own feet [difficult task]. Life is not a harrowing ground of stringent standards and assessments. Life is a continuum in observation and experimentation; strive to learn, investigate, ask questions. Most important show those around you, including those who have little to nothing, humility and benevolent compassion!

There will be those who say, “I am so grateful to all the adversity and misfortune of my life.” Do not judge, for none of us have this journey perfectly understood, yet LISTEN to your instincts more, abuse is not the replacement of a thriving life. LISTEN with empathy to their nature, they may not have had a loving wise teacher who understood, there are many alternatives in life.

when a child is born hold them with loving care and blessed them into our world!

Yes, many lives are lived through burning gusto, not all are strong, their lives have succumb to our world’s greed, gluttony and debauchery.

Live your life through honor -summon the strength to tell the truth to another’s face. Do not mind if they hate you or push you aside as if you are foolish or ludicrous, they may be shortsighted. This is their right!

Find mentors, secretively study them. See what they offer, how they treat others with Graciousness and Power, both are born from fire and love!  Continue your life – grow  your own visions, read about all cultures. The Commendable and those who harmed nations. Hitler forming Nazi regimes, and those who Resuscitated Countries; Nelson Mandela and President Obama, learn from both sides.

TBI and PTSD injured people cannot show you their anguish, their symptoms come in their behavior. And that behavior is the exact remedy of healing. These injuries are not visible to most, many are not willing to observe, they are too busy with their own lives.  There are mountains to climb and ocean to cross, take this task in mind as an adventure – learn – “treat others for what they need in life, not what you presume they should have or be!”

Give and learn from Love, the rest of life is an adventure with wisdom and scares. Accept who you are, and develop a deep stalwart faith inside yourself, nothing from the outside will tarnish your conviction!

Be prudent always using your instincts, they are yours in navigating through this world, LISTEN and TRUST!  Above all be kind, we never know what is behind the masks of another. We all wear masks!

Know you Can Accomplish The Impossible it will greet you in life


Earnestly seeking GRATITUDE, the life you live is an adventure that will lead to many roads urging deeper pursuits.

Most important, never place yourself above anyone else. We all are living a good fight.

The great power we have inside of us – comes from living life. We will be judged, we will be hurt and we will succeed. Learn from all creatures and humans alike – keep your heart open and eyes centered void of fear.

Understand you have an unbeknownst strength in you to endure and give the greatness however large or small. This is Honorable Power ~ Embrace who you are and go forth into the world – never to relinquish your name or your position, yet kindly offer your prowess to others who have fallen. There are many injured and hurting individuals and creatures of this earth.

 You have an indomitable intrepid spirit – leave these moments as your legacy!



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