Denial! WHY??

This is a very serious subject, in all areas of human life, not just for TBI injured people who suffer in silence.

At a TedTalk I listened to a young teacher talk about a student, the story was heart wrenching. There was a standing ovation with a resounding applause. Later, I spoke with the disheartened teacher – “We don’t talk about this, and we can’t see through the thick mask,” she said! “No we do not not talk about Suicidal Intention, it is taboo, one has to be well educated for the signs, they are well hidden,” I said!  We live in Denial Why?

Here is a story from B. Brown, offered byway of an African man

One day all the animals got together and held a contest to measure their strength. From Aardvark to Zebra and all the animals in between, all the animals displayed their strengths.

When it was the monkeys’ turn, it leapt high and swung from tree to tree. All of the animals applauded its strength. The Elephant went up to the same tree leaned against, it up rooted and raised it up high above his head. All the animals agree the Elephant was stronger than the monkey .

A man seeing this said “I Am stronger still !” but all the animals laughed, how could a man be stronger than the Elephant?

The man got angry at their laughter, and he pulled out a Gun. The Animals seeing the Gun ran away from mankind forever! Man did not know the difference between strength and death. To this day they fear mans’ ignorance!

denial is ignorance!
suicidal Intentions – one death every 40 seconds!

TBI deaths alone were over 35,000 in the US in this past year with the numbers escalating daily. Teenagers, the mortality rates are an abomination, the highest rates are among teenage girls.  WHY? DENIAL!

Our soldiers, our veterans from the US; over 20 veterans, including active-duty and members of the National Guard and Reserve commit suicide each day! Why? We do not offer them qualified pertinent medical care!!

A Veteran goes to the Vet Administration to see a doctor once a month. They are given DRUGS! That is all the administration offers! This is pity, not Therapy. Denial – Why?

Drugs do not heal trauma, PTSD or TBIs, they only serve to dull the senses of our brain; trauma therapy heals trauma!

We have committed the worst crimes of secrecy and then blame – blame  everyone and all else, never looking at the cause!

Loss of HOPE – loss of lives – Do we Listen?
learn to listen and develop trust

I point my finger to the Upper White Middle Class. When discussing the subject, their walls climb high in defensive disposition, words clamor from their mouths; “That is negative, I am not a negative person.” 

Such Self-Entitlement!

“Self-indulgence of what You Fear the most!”

 White upper middle class are the minority, but acts as if it is the majority and not care! Are these the crumbs you offer? My words are not the sum total of all – there are many who do care, and many more who will not.

Nevertheless, they will live in Denial, until life happens to them!  

Come out of the mist of Denial and form a community of Caring! Pay attention to the needs of others! We are vulnerable Humans, we need everyone’s attention. 

Talk about life in it’s reality, Suicidal Intention is real, affecting millions, just as TBI affects over 10 million people annually, around the globe.

suicidal intention! Denial Why?

A sobering position of No Hope where many fall prey to in our world who state they care. Nevertheless the greater collective live in abysmal Denial, never speaking openly about a deadly subject. Why?

Worse when a patient finally summons the courage to speak to a doctor, immediately out of (malpractice insurance liability) they are subjected to a hospital, under a 72 hour watch, the drugs are insisted upon until they acquiesce. This action cripples the patient. A desperate human will immediately hide in their depths of despair. No Trust was built! 

Suicidal individuals are courageous and strong mortals, often extremely intelligent, with no one to count on. They are the ones all others depend upon without a thought to their humanity or susceptibility. Their shoulders bow from the heavy laden of burden – we never look at reality – they are unprotected! They are the ones’ who have the courage to kill themselves, and they do!

Denial Why???

Let’s talk about this subject, “Suicidal Intention,” give hope in releasing the hush and shame – the misery in a single person’s life.”

Soldiers, students, TBI injured people, PSTD, Panic Disorders, addictions, young girls who are not skinny enough, the different people. We are all different!

Drag Suicidal Intentions out in the open. The statistics are staggering. No more shaming! 

We of the human race think we are so above such words and life, this subject should not be mentioned or written openly. I Am Writing and asking everyone – let’s talk about this and offer HOPE among ourselves, openly.


Individuals would asked many times over, “how were you so successful with your patients and other people, they seem to want to live now! Speaking candidly, this area of Trauma was most fulfilling; the primary requirement, “LISTEN and be attentive to BEHAVIOR.” I Listen without judgement! I Listen to the anguish inside, allowing a release! They are in pain and need a person to trust! LISTENING allows a person to not be Shamed!

These are magnificent and bewitching moments that come, a person finds their own epiphanies – and Blossom in their rare personal Beauty. These are moments of a chimera, elevating the patient and therapist to new heights of awareness. No one ever left my practice with a notion of suicide, rather Freedom to Live!

learn to listen – that simple listen listen

Most of us humans go around with blinders glued to our faces, we never see who is living on the edge. We have the audacity to tell individuals in conversation “Get out of your comfort zone!” Are you nutz? Have the humility to be a friend, have a Trusting Listening conversation. 

What people hide is bewildering pain, only those who have been over the edge, know. Learn to listen and shut up, quit giving stupid advise, most do not have the compassion to understand, just listen, possibly at some point offer, could we help by finding a good trauma therapist?

A Trauma Therapist must have tremendous empathy, compassion, open minded, understanding of all cultures and not judge; but to LISTEN & GUIDE at each juncture and detour, when that moment arises, guide the wounded and scared person to HOPE! This takes Heart!!

People begin to open to other parts of themselves when allowed to speak freely, without judgement.

listening opens the doors of trust!

We are  vulnerable creatures. 


Be like a Dog and accept the nature of life and a person’s susceptible crises in life. None of us are exempt!



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