Remembering back how hard I fought to find someone, just one doctor or therapist, who understood the torturous struggle how a serious TBI affected my life! What I write about gives hope to people who never hear they have the ability to recover. These words touch people around the globe! How could I not write to every person I will never meet, to give Hope!


My dogs accepted me, no matter what horrible mood or panic attack or amnesia episode I was incarcerated by.

How sour my disposition would be, I could not stand to live in my own skin. My dogs accepted me, so did my Arabian horses. They didn’t care, if I could not recognize them.

They knew me!


As I came to accept one of the worst nightmare of my life, deciding to figure out my brains’ dysfunction; becoming my own Lab Rat. Curiously figuring out my neurobehavior to evolve!

Please do not expect your family, friends that might stay with you, or even doctors to understand. Until a person has experienced the plethora of an abnormalities and changes in oneself, no one will comprehend such anguish. Come to accept it for yourself with your Service Animal. 

A female lawyer called her fiancé, the only name she recognized on her cell. “I’m was driving to work and I am lost, I have worked and driven this route over five years, I am lost!” As she shouted and cried bitterly. He asked me what should he do. My words for the next time: “let her have the frantic moments and when she is over the terror, find out where she is and ask her,” “Do you want to go home or work, then guide her. Reassure her, she will remember!”

Could a service dog have help her! Highly probable!

Animals are remarkable, gifted in understanding what we humans judge! The same remarkableness your brain has to heal! 

Here is a short list of what a Service animal will help you through: Finding your home! Panic attacks warning and stabilizing. PTSD nightmare comfort. Stay by your side if amnesia hits or if you forget your purpose from room to room in your own home. Love you no matter what! [Humans rarely have this capacity.] Sitting by your side when the immensity of rage is surging! [don’t hurt your best friend!]

Your Best Buddy Service animal will, help you relearn to work out, rebuilding muscle – Help you up when you have fallen on the floor – Stabilize you when the twirling dizzies suddenly come in a spinning flair – Smile when you do not want to smile – When you’re crying, trying desperately to do a simple task, writing on a Post-it, Damn it, the thoughts flew away, your buddy is waiting patiently until that moment passes and You remember!! 

My Sädé helped me through Amnesia events and aided in my finding the panacea [CNBR] to rid these confounding lost hours and days, when I did not know where or who I was. She knew, that is all that mattered!

It scared other people, I was never scared, I had Sädé always by my side. Grocery stores, parking lots – Sädé would poke her head out the car to guide me when lost. Nose the post-its to remember what I was to do, bark if I made wrong turns. Service Animals are a phenomenon.

Yes! all of you will come back – especially with a service animal by your side

Colorful Post-Its!! Pick 3 colours you like and keep them in every room, in your car, bathroom, kitchen, desk, everywhere with Pens! As you are jotting to remember, keep the feeling and visual present of what you want to write down. Write immediately, study the words, searing the memory – reformatting your brain’s function of what you want to say, need to get, phone whomever, write it down. See that item or place and feel it, remember this is remapping your brains’ injury.

We all have lapses in memory, for most people when forgetting a name or place, think of something else – that memory will come flying back, completely out of context! Snap your fingers [there is a purpose for the brain to fire up some new neurons] and say, I remembered!

Re-learning how to read with comprehension: oh this is a ugly faltering of a TBIs. It Hurts, for those who have made their livelihood in reading specified text and speaking, teaching or writing!! Start writing! Type on the computer, have the dictionary and thesaurus open. Learn new words continuously – look up meanings and learn as many synonyms as possible. Fill your head with words, old and new!

When reading a text, book, legal or medical document, “read out loud” then think – did you understand what you read? Repeat the process with only one sentence and think about what you read. The brain will slowly begin to grasp the knowledge, connecting new pathways, often a memory. Visualize what you are reading, sentence by sentence, do not push the process, you will become agitated. Your brain will shut down when you admonish yourself for being injured.

Ask a friend, “please listen to these short sentences, as I read out loud, and then explain. It does not matter if you do not understand what I recite, it only matters to me!” It works! Read to yourself out-loud short sums and think about what you have read. Write, and look up as many synonyms possible. Speakers get trapped, the chosen word flies off somewhere, it’s not coming back. With new synonyms, your brain will have an immediate segue to a different word.

This work will increase your instincts, and lessen your intentional suicidal thoughts!

I wrote an entire trilogy to regain my vocabulary, I had aphasia, which halted me in simple conversation or speaking a congruent sentence. Continuously embarrassed to shamed, I am a professional speaker and trainer, suddenly I could not speak what I knew inside. Learning the thesaurus was a phenomenal tool. No one ever knew I had multiple very serious TBIs. I cured myself! You will regain yourself. I did it alone with my service animals, so can you!

What grew into 15 years, coming around to being myself once again, with more confidence, more chutzpah and more to offer the world. I owe it to my service animals, I had accomplished the impossible! Cured myself of six pages of post concussive dysfunctions.

And, founded an antidote process, (CNBR) ridding the curious Transient Amnesia episodes and a severe panic disorder. 

The Improbable is more than Possible.

You have the ability, because of the magnificent spongy organ in your skull which can do more than we ever dream of in one life time. Do you have a dream – then put that accommodating brain into action.

Looking back, it was a gruesome beastly ride! I did find Dr. Betsy Williams for a proper diagnosis in Albuquerque and two more psychologists who worked with Brainspotting. There is a plethora of knowledge now, new rehab and techniques, however trauma recovery takes a very savvy therapist who will guide a person through the affects of TBIs with trust.

There is more to come on Hippo therapy [horse therapies] and service dogs – stay tuned

TBIs do not conquer you unless you let it. Healing is not a sissy road, it takes work, and the work gains each day. So go for the platinum ring in life and Conquer the Impossible! 



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