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Hello!!!  My story started about fifty some years ago with my French Canadian mother (from Montreal) who fell in love with an Intelligence Officer from the Pentagon in DC.

How they met I do not know, but this affair lasted over several years. Go figure an affair that starts in DC at the Pentagon in the 1950’s!!

Then, his wife became impregnated, (what a guy) when I was (about) one year of age or so; that is when I became the *Inconvenience*, who needed to be *Eliminated*. Now compromised at birth I am *The Arrangement* between two Pentagon Intelligent Officers (that means I had two fathers). Off to a Great Beginning, provocative to say the least! Thus the story begins, with some riveting intrigue to state the obvious. Politics, affairs, all from the Pentagon in D.C.?

At the age of eighteen months, my adoptive father napping bengal(Eloquent and Poised, akin to my Arabian horses). Intelligence Officer from Washington D.C., (Fighter pilot flying over Burma in WWII freeing the POW’s, later MAG in Europe – Wing Commander @ Langley, finally Republican elected representative in AZ) heard about the circumstantial predicament; a little Golden Haired Toddler girl, (little did he know of the napping stealth Bengal Tiger brewing within).

My second father whisked me away from Miami (where I was hatched on the beach). The adoption was legalized some four years later, after we lived and left Venezuela (and I have not started school yet). The story becomes more intriguing as I was educated on three continents.

Born a (de facto) Republican, I learned to question all authority and bucked the establishment when observing questionable behavior; seeing life through a paradoxical lens, thinking – “we humans are the enigma in this universe!” Too young to utter such words, this lent to many adventures alone, starting (possibly) before the age of three. Precocious, headstrong with a love for horses and dogs, all animals and nature.

twitter-logo-smallLife is daunting and an intriguing place to gather “knowledge. Make a differences, be part of a global wisdom .” ME

flute the cat

 “Take all you have seen, heard and learned, put it to good use. Find the opportunity in the worst and best, hone it to a skill and spread the wisdom. ME

We have lost our tolerance  and empathy for each other; a precious part of our humanist. It is time to regain our benevolence, treating each other with kindness, with more conscious thought to our actions.

Resolve to Evolve.

Extending our Kindness to our fellow humans, nature and the planet we inhabit, we have the ability to change the cruelty, we have the ability to change our directions which is at a critical juncture. Our planet is made for all human life, animal and vegetation life, and beyond what we do not understand. No one person is better or more deserving, this is how we are Separate but Equal .”

Everyone deserves a home, food to eat, and a purpose in life. “Humanity means: It is our mission, to offer kindness in the seconds we see an opportunity, to all living creatures.

twitter-logo-smallAttempt the impossible in order to improve your work. Bette Davis


It is our responsibility to make life easier without the guilt or shaming tactics!! Allowing each person a moment of ease. This is what “Putting the Human back in Humanity“entails.

twitter-logo-smallWe must Re-Institute Our Basic Instincts, to Come to Our Senses.

My have started second book “I Learned Things I Never Want to Know.”  It is a true story about, winning beyond all odds, working through 11 Traumatic Brain Injuries primarily on my own (being my own lab rat of discovery), and healing from multiple painful surgeries, I recovered my true self!

twitter-logo-smallWorking to help people globally, Understand Solutions For Being Human.

Thank you for sharing with me, the adventures, our stories and comments with your friends and family and strangers. I wish everyone a great adventure in life!

The Arab touchMicheleElys is a Neuro-Behaviorist: working to help people globally, understand Solutions and Recovery

TBI – Trauma Recovery & Solutions Author – Keynote Speaker

Equine Devotee – Reluctant French Chef

Projects: Weekly Articles on TBI  & Human Behavior Solutions. Two Books in the works.

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It’s Brain Pain! Not a Headache


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My Brain HURTS! as I argued with the Neurologist. It’s Brain Pain; my Brain is sloshing as if it were a dingy on a stormy ocean. “My Brain feels like Scrambled Eggs, “I can’t think, it is as if I were moving through thick molasses up a icy hill.”  I would repeat; “I have Brain Pain.” My Brain hit a monumental Fatigue and Halted in Pain!

Brain Pain is Agonizing! Deep internal pain radiating a constant heavy-severe internal pain.

This was my explanation to doctors, it is not a headache. They did not listen! How do you know when you have never experienced or have known about what I am describing? These conversations became agitating when recovering from 11 adult TBIs, leading to more trauma.

No pain meds counteracted the interior pain, one example given, it’s not a headache! Drugs Do not help heal the brain. Acupuncture, Acupressure, Massage did not help.

The Remedy – REM Sleep!

Listening intently to a patient in order to evaluate how to treat excruciating pain, often finds a simple remedy. Brain injuries need an enormous amount of rest, REM sleep, followed by low impact activity in rewiring the brain. Keeping life simple as you advance. The result will be, the brain will recover more quickly!

I am a scientist who has gone through the hell of many TBIs throughout life. And, I Recovered from the impossible! Proof is a greater example of the human anatomy.

Some Brain damage Sensations:

Brain Pain is Real! Scrambled Eggs Confusion – Brain Bursting Pressure – Tossing in a violent sea, feeling disoriented or not able to make decisions – Dullness – Severe Brain Fatigue – Heavy or Sluggish Brain – A sudden Shifting sensation as if the Brain falls frontwards in the skull. Dizziness might indicate Vestibular damage. All must be given proper attention, beginning with listening.

The Brain is the most important organ, the Brain keep us alive, and, keeps all organs functioning, keeping the body in motion, thinking – inventing; the Brain is our Life Thread. Every sensation begins in the brain, every idea, every emotion. A Brain is an Evolving Universe unto it’s own. And the Brain never hits a plateau until death.

TBIs are not visible via MRIs, as other severe damage such as Aneurysms, Tumors or Cerebral Edema or Intracranial Pressure.

Brain Pain has not been a common diagnosed part of TBIs and only now becoming a more noticeable condition. The Brain Pain focuses intensely inside the skull in the brain itself. The Painful sensation is baffling, and can be accompanied by the above sensations.

Brain Pain can be caused by the following conditions:

  1. Severe Exhaustion – Fatigue: overworking the brain unnecessarily via “To Do’s”
  2. Frustration due to Aphasia
  3. Too much physical exertion, climate heat or weather pattern changes
  4. Insomnia, more trauma (medication can help with insomnia, as a tool in relearning how to sleep.)
  5. Panic Attacks!! Brain Pain is a warning sign. The body is encapsulated in excruciating trauma and pain.

Rest and REM sleep are the remedies. A critical daily and nightly activity. Otherwise, the brain will overcompensate resulting in further traumatizing syndromes, increased anxiety. REM sleep is a calming cure while deciphering a hosts of other concussive symptoms needing to be addressed.

REM sleep for TBI conditions – recommendations:

  1. Quiet!!! A darken room allowing Safety
  2. Earplugs – soft earplugs that do not cause irritation to the sensitive inner ear skin
  3. A very light weight dark cloth over the eyes, about 12 to 14 inches long which moves with the head as one sleeps
  4. Rest time – getting away from thinking projects and chattering of people
  5. Animals are a huge comfort for our nervous systems in calming, achieving REM and Rest
  6. Quiet non agenda meditation, simply Quiet
  7. Closing the eyes adding cool water to the eyes and face, a cool cloth to the back lower nap of the neck, Relax! The base of the Reptilian Brain requires relaxation
  8. Stop Thinking!!! Let Go-Rest! It is your Brain and Life you are saving to Live in your Future!
  9. REM Sleep is your best friend along with a Dog, Cat, Horse etc… Calming.
  10. Let the Drama of life take a break from your Brains’ speed highway. Sleep! Rest!

Know you have the ability to recover.

There are over 150 different types of Headaches. Here are a few common Headaches:

  1. Tension
  2. Migraines
  3. Cluster
  4. Mixed headache syndrome
  5. Sinus
  6. Hormone
  7. Progressive
  8. Visual Migraines: normally not painful, this condition is visible via internal eye structure. Each person’s experience may vary

Life demands us be present; thereby we must be cogent of setting schedules around life, work, and public functions in order to gain optimum benefits when injured. Brain Pain is telling you there is cause to be concern; a severe warning sign! Time to STOP, pay attention and rest.

If you broke your leg or arm and you saw blood you would stop and attend to the damage! Your Brain is communicating through pain. Pain is the body’s Warning Alarm.

Fall in love with Sleep, allowing a new course conducting better levels of healing while operating through your day, accomplishing in smaller doses as you recover. The recovery momentum will change as you allow rest.

Step outside and breathe in the sunshine or the rain. Let your Brain rest, give yourself time to recover. Your life is to live according to your abilities, not the world’s expectations!!

Recovery from TBI recovery is difficult in our demanding lives. It’s your choice. Your Brain is an advanced technology, neatly tuck in your skull, take care of your Brain!

MicheleElys is a Neuro-Behaviorist, working to help people globally discover Solutions and Recovery in Being Human & TBIs

Author – Keynote Speaker

Reluctant French Chef

Equine Devotee

Projects: Weekly Articles on Human Behavioral Solutions and TBI recovery.

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