Leadership! Hammed Inspires!

I am more than delighted to have had the opportunity to know Hammed and have Hammed Kayote Alabi on our Women In Business Thrive & More Podcast; truly a delight

A Social Entrepreneur, and very young Leader starting at the age of eleven (11)!

His book will send chills through your spine and engage your mind, “what can you do now for the next generations?”

Title: The Africa I Dream to See!! On Cover and below.



Per Hammed:

This book was written to inspire people to take action and pursue their African dream. It detailed my journey into leadership and how I found my African dream. I lived and grew up in the slum, I never thought I could dream but found my African dream in the worst of the worse places in the world.

My story inspired me to take action and how we can also do something to enhance the development of the African continent. We should not be a bystander and watch things happen, we need to do something to secure our planet and protect future generations. The book explores the needs of why we have to put people first in designing development programs and outcomes. It also represents how the future would look like and how we can be prepared for it as Africans.

It explores the plot of black panther and finally my African dream.

The Africa I Dream To See (Hammed Kayote Alabi)

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