Emotions Part II -Loss Of Hope

High anxiety – Angst –  Anger – Frustration – Hostility – Worrisome – Sadness –  Emotional Need – Self Identity – Assurance – Hatred – Desperation – Security – Hypervigilance – Threatened – Safety – Emotional Connection – Interdependency – Intimacy whether short spurs or long term –  Sense of accomplishment and achievement – Agitation – Despondency – PTSD –  Avoidance of crowds – Crying jags – Need for Autonomy Introverts – Wondering if we have enough to measure up to – to whose expectations?

You are normal!

The latter “Expectations” in life has gone viral for all ages, mostly due to social media – teens are the highest number of suicides next to active or inactive service men and women.  We live in a world of judgement and loss – not enough or no medical, unaffordable insurance and those who are insured, majority cannot pay deductibles and copays; have you noticed the price of food escalating during covid? These are the basic costs of living.

humans are normal being emotional

Humans revert to all these emotions and  more, with no outlet, no place to turn, our communities have been turned inside out for decades; we do not belong due to whatever fabrication we humans conjure.

The coming avalanche of severe loss!

The consequential loss from closed businesses to community services diminished, overwhelming needs due to hunger, homelessness, abandoned pets, unemployment and evictions, all on the brink of disaster. Our entire life’s work, the home security we might have felt, GONE!

If we are alone with no one or no place to ask for help….

Insanity has a grip on the human life.

Are these all Mental Illnesses? NO! Necessary human emotions indicating we must change our world. Emoting is sanity in action, allowing inundation of defeat to process and creativity to blossom.

We live in a torrent of unsupported life, never knowing when another disaster is ready to strike.  Lockdown due to a virus!

Attempting to make connections on Zooms, FaceBook and WhatsApp. These mechanical systems in the IT world are not a human replacement for the human face, smile, touch or hug.


We have in place an egregious governing – legal – medical system, with more faults due to a political greed. Politicians – those in charge of our systems – their egregious rapacious is “Not to Change! Defaulting never to vote for the good of common public welfare.”

A Congressional Senator is a huge tax burden, paid by each person directly out of their paycheck, before any worker eyes ever glance at their hard earned money.

Taxpayer expense summation for the Congressional Senators: $174,000.00 per annum for 123 days of work. Plus 90% of their Cobra or other medical insurance. If Senator McConnell had a stroke the EMTs who travel to save his life – receive approximately $15.00 to $25.00 per hour without health insurance.

Worse leadership has proven here in 2020,  the “Safe Guard Stimulus” for US citizens, many who are facing hunger, homelessness, unemployment and evictions, still (the minutia amount) of $1200.00  stimulus. Our (AAHHEEMMM) Congressional leaders, in their last session could not agree on passing, instead, most were not seated on the floor to vote.

These lack of action cause dismal trust, people who once had a retirement, now living on the streets with dazed eyes.

Lost, with no hope. The next throughway bridge is more inviting to jump from than fighting our failed democracy.

Yes, all the emotions we feel from moment to moment are not a mental illness! Our personal world would collapses and who do we turn to – where is the help promised – food and medical is not available – costs leaves one in sheer poverty.

Humans become crazed for the normal. Touch me! Let me feel you! Allow all of us to look into our faces with smiles or tears and be present with our emotions. These emotions bridge the human suffering, conjures empathy, no pill will suffice the human relationship!

We are lost in our own conjured tsunami.

We cannot out run the destruction, or depression from a lifetime of hard work, stolen!

We are overwrought, not mentally ill!

Humans have not been taught how to manage and transform our emotions into viable solutions. We have dumped this category into a scathing stigma called, Mental Illness! This is no illnesses, rather, emotional display is the norm and necessary!


We have the creative answers inside ourselves, and for each other, also our planet.

Today as I was driving back from cleaning and caring for my beloved Arabian horse, once again, I saw a pure white Eagle land on a street lamp post.

It was not a sign or revelation.

Simply, a rare beautiful White Eagle against the crystalline blue Colorado Sky. It was my happenstance to look up and view a beautiful moment.

Bringing a smile to my face, alleviating the tensions and hostilities from the last several weeks. Forgetting for a moment the masks people wear, which my Rottweiler BARKS loudly as people pass my car; he does not understand, nor do I. We must breathe fresh air for our brain and bodies to function, yet we are caught in an unknown dilemma, regulated by politicians ??? What does a human truly need?

Our advancing technology has landed a man on the moon. We are able to talk to a person across the globe via a screen. We still have skills to write a Thank You card for your Friendship and bring a smile to every face. We have the ability to be kind to strangers and say thank you, instead of ignoring. We have the ability to forgive transgressions, more likely they are our own defiance and provocation for not seeing an alternative side of life.

We have A choice to be kind!




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