Seeing Through Blindness

Keller, my beautiful Rottweiler. You are in California and we are in a “shut down,” essential driving only; Hmmm how can I make you an essential drive through a few states to pick you up and bring you home?

So here we both wait without each other. Time is fleeting and my mind is filled with dreams.

KellerKeller, I am so excited, my dreams flourish, shimmering of all the ventures we will have together. Speaking engagements, where you upstage me! And I fancy taking you for a nice drive up to the Rocky Mountains, with your head poked out the window, jowls blowing wide, drool being caught by the backside window. Drool is KEWL, on the back car window. Off to the car wash!

BUT WAIT (!!!) you might not like those things. I had to call Teresa, who shelters you as a rescue, she tells me, “Keller is out back, playing with two Pit Bulls!” Ohhh, back up MicheleElys, Keller is a very special Rottweiler!

Keller is BLIND!

Yes, Keller was born blind at birth, and is playing with two Pit Bulls.

And I am dreaming of things we will do together, which did not include two Pit Bulls.

Yes, in about 6 to 10 months I am thinking of another Rottie or Aussie Blue Heeler, but not now. Keller you have lots to learn! I have lots to learn!

Now how does this work? Does Keller have dreams?

I know dogs see with their noses! Dogs remember everything through their smelling sensors; new and old places (smell!), people (smell!), roads and parking lots (smell), yes, Dogs smell their way through life.

When I first saw Keller’s photo and short bio, I missed the blind part, several times! I was uncommonly excited, immediately falling in love with his beautiful German Rottweiler appearances. And then, I read Blind. Yeah, that fits my style, out of the ordinary! That’s my life style, go for the adventure and learn more! 

Now most of you do not know me personally. Nor have had a zoom or a chat with me. You might have read few of my writings. After a time, you get the idea “This Redhead is not the regular boxed in Ginger! AAAHHEEEM! No redhead is regular!

On the practical side of loving Rotties, I have 24+ years experience with lots of different Rottweiler personalities!! And, I’m a behaviorist. We work with dogs, horses, humans, cats, elephants, birds, tigers on and on, (you get the theme here?) Behavior is the key to life, and making cogent choices!

Scientists, Autodidacts, Citizen Scientists, see the Unknown as fascination; a new journey, what else might we learn? Our brain works in a diverse contrary mode.

A Blind Rottweiler, who enjoys playing with Pit Bulls, with possibly drool on the back car window. This is just too KEWL! And everyone who has known me in person (!!), they grin with the following statement;  “That is so you MicheleElys, a perfect match.”

Keller is beautiful, calm, playful, blind, and is my waiting Rottweiler. Could we please open the boarders for everyone NOW!!!

Keller will not be meeting my Arabian horse for a long time, KlassicAmir is going to be retired to run with his herd – be a horse! Roll in grass or mud, out to pasture without his rider, rather other horses, to gallop in the wind.

Keller will meet SimSai my therapeutic cat. Who is care free and wise. An abandoned cat, who eyed and caught some birds for a meal, he sat outside my glass doors; all too skinny. I watched him meander – weaving in and out of Arabians legs with comfort.  A week later, I brought him in to his new home, he greeted my Sädé, it was an instant family.

Life is to be lived out in the open! Able’d or disabled, what is the difference? Life is filled by the energy we steadfastly put our hearts and minds into crafting. Sometimes, the road is a horrible bumpy dusty road, we learn to navigate and adapt. That adaptation furthers our skills and so does the love when others help us achieve. Awareness piques our brains and we venture to our next goal. They are all challenges through our growing perception of life.

This is life and we need to live what we choose and are given. Control is an illusion, we learn to measure our abilities through our artistry and accomplishments, and examples of other human lives. Take chances, don’t stay locked up! Say YES without thinking more often. Yes, makes us smile.

And YES, I say yes with gleeful excitement, to learn what a Blind Rottweiler will be teaching me, how to live more openly.




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5 Comments Add yours

  1. Twitter Proxy says:

    That is the suitable blog for anybody who needs to search out out about this topic. You notice a lot its virtually hard to argue with you (not that I truly would need…HaHa). You undoubtedly put a new spin on a topic thats been written about for years. Great stuff, simply great!


    1. MicheleElys says:

      There is always discussions, arguments serve only a false ego. Glad you enjoy my website, and soon it will be writing time and more will spill along with books
      Thank you


  2. Keller is a cutie. Rottweilers are such amazing dogs.


    1. MicheleElys says:

      Yes they are great dogs. After having 5 1/2, one I found and my neighbors after much discussion took him, he lived a grand life for 10 years. And indeed I wish to have another Aussie Blue Heeler, I NEED my Rottweiler!! Thank you Harken

      Liked by 1 person

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