SimSai’s Healing Instincts

He is beautiful! And just as sweet!

SimSai along with many other animals have been life long teachers for me. The instincts of animals and their ability to assist humans in healing, socializing, developing self esteem, counter acting anxiety and so much more.

Recently I have had a virus (very unusual for me to be ill in any degree). The experience was painful to breathe or sleep. SimSai cuddled at various areas of my body as my fever pitched, my body trembled in bed with a horrific cough. A deep cough that rendered my back and rib cage into agonizing pain; breathing naturally was impossible.

SimSai’s cuddling along side my spine kept me from shivering through his loud purring. The vibration of his purr traveled through my spine and ribs reducing the pain. Ironically, although I continued to cough for weeks, the pain was gone and so were the chills, fever still pitched and waned along with severe weakness.

SimSai still continued to nestle by my chest and back. 

I’m not sure how he knew how weak I was; no solid food for over three weeks and more. Kismet of life, I wanted to drop 10 to 12 pounds. Most warranted was the comfort of his purr, this gave me a sense of joy, a sense of love that only animals have the ability to offer, his comfort allowed me to breathe and sleep.

Animals give without taking. They listen to their instincts and naturally respond. When I felt a bit stronger, he sat by my computer on a blanket and watched me.

When I was weakening, not wishing to detour my work further, SimSai would come over with a sweet purr, using his cheek pushing across my laptop cover, closing it slightly. I listened, time to rest!

Animal Instincts!!

you have done enough – Rest!

SimSai was right. Now four plus weeks into my recovery from an odd virus, my cat knew spontaneously how to comfort my body through its infirmity, routing my healing with a better expertise than my doctor. No Drugs!!

Driving to a doctors’ office often increases our stress, only to be filled with drugs which reduces the power of our immune system in self healing. This is not to say medication ought to be avoided, it is to say Listen to your instincts and watch what your animals have to teach you.

A short drive to TJoes to purchase carrot and tangerine juice, for a nice high vitamin cocktail would render me exhausted.

Returning to my simple room, SimSai would be at my feet non stop, until I was neatly back in bed. Resuming his purr-cuddling technique to varying areas of my body.

Rest – breathe – sleep!

His actions were prudent and practical, not phenomenal, rather sensible!

What I find incomparable – why do we humans not understand these simple acts of comfort and care? 

Instead my cat knew a simple comfort in healing! Each time I go out for meetings or simple travels to the library, returning, SimSai checks as I enter the door, much the same as I return when not having been bedridden. He follows me to my room and rests on the bed, not leaving, inviting me to join him.


I listen and joined SimSai!

For I am still extremely weak pushing forward.


The final discovery of my all testing, never revealed the real virus. It was not Covid-19, it was not pneumonia, rather a mutant virus that left me weak through coughing and feverish with shills. I drank carrot and tangerine juice for over 8 weeks and still am very cautious with my SimSai continually being by my side. Recovery was slow, insight was paramount!



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    1. MicheleElys says:

      Thank you MZittesting. He is such a sweetie and knowledgeable beyond my knowing. Thank you for SimSai’s compliment!!


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