Women’s History POWER of BEAUTY!


Marilyn Monroe stated to her husband… “My beauty is my power”


Indeed, a Beautiful Women, and many have obsessed through decades after her unsolved death, Marilyn’s  multiple facets hidden deep within. Few ever saw beyond Her Beauty. She separated the movie star from her own persona, prowess seldom told.

How do other women handle their Beauty? And how do we see beauty from around the world?

Nevertheless, it is the very essence of Power which women have been denied for all too long. 


It is time We Ladies, Women ~ the Feminine Principle resume our true position in this world without guile nor penance!

To accomplish this task, Mihaela Noroc of Romania Photographer who traveled 37 countries  photographing women ~ to prove………..

“That Beauty Is Everywhere!”

Mihaela highlighted their ethnic beauty, environment and native dress. Romanian Photographer Travels 37 Countries To Take Pictures Of Women …

The Female Essence is one of most pleasant of creatures on this earth, the Female principle can no longer be denied their ~ Power, Grace and Wisdom.

We Give Birth to all creatures and every human who has lived or will live on this planet ~ Earth!

Honour Us with Respect!


Appreciate the warmth in winter as we cook.

Do not patronize us for our Courage, Strength, Outspokenness. “Truth be Told” our Empathy that can turn at moments notice and chastise a wrong moment of condescension

Do not expect an apology where it is not due.

We are Women of the World. 

We have garnished every position and art of this world, and have more than earned our rightful place in emancipated integrity. We create a space for other women with earnest, it is our Equity paid forward to each other and this world. We are not here to succumb to any lesser notion.
This is Impartiality!
As the Amazonian women of lost times; we accomplish the hunting to feed our families, protect our young, and create extended communities.
Now in our expanding era, we stand tall in Corporate bailiwick, where Women have worked their way to CEO, CFO, COO, or Entrepreneurship, earning the same millions as our counterparts and comrades.
We purchase our homes, sometimes a vacation refuge as well. Pay cash for our cars while arguing the supposed not so intentional inflated price. We know the mannerisms of business and will square off with pierced eye in audacious disdain.
Woman mentor others, male and female – support those who fall and tell those who utter supercilious insolence; “Improper ~ Change the tune, take a higher road, commit ~ we present a new interwoven pathway.”
Do not Chastise us from Equality!

Long ago as religions rose, Women’s power became squelched.  Perilously we sought for leverage and influence in the underbelly of a foul snake; gossiping gave rise and our stanchion crumbled every time we spoke foul ~ jealousy.  Begrudging resentment rose to a hideous fervor.

Severe repercussion gave rise, we fell into darkness and incapacitated our power, capitulating to fickle religious domination.  Often Burned at the stake for having aptitude and predilection. 


We Lowered Ourselves, lessening our authenticity, vanished our Glow and Respect. 

Behold, a few Rose ~ never compromising the inner smoldering flame Glistening in their moments of Death!

Never let down your Gentle Warrior, was whispered and commanded!


Out of the darkness rose a Gentle Warrior named Women’s Fortitude. We no longer will accept a life in darkness or gossip, failing to elevate. Taking alternative routes, developing our natural resourcefulness, we began to find the Brilliant Beauty and Freedom from Chastisement!

As the Sun illuminates the Moon, so shall all women shine upon this Earth, birthing internal knowledge, becoming emancipated once again to rule beside all Earthly life.  Accept your proficient artfulness and Glow!

Beguiling is your attribute, make allowance for Gratitude. Appreciate those who view the Sun & Moons’ shimmer.

Shine together ~ Woman! You have toiled for centuries and overcome a dark era, ushering in a world of imagination and renewed polished Grace; accept this was your life’s work. 

Woman! Take flight, you have arrived at your destination. 

Woman, you have grown older with Dignified Knowledge, and Govern your Countries, Businesses, Communities and homes with internal Respect. Woman, you have wept in vulnerability and still fought for your internal Gentle Warrior rights. It is a time of Leadership and Authority working a congruous synchronicity.

It is time for the Earth to Birth a Renewal through the Power and Beauty of Woman!

Women’s POWER of BEAUTY!

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All Renewed Life is filled

with Innocence & Bravery!



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