Anxiety – Sleep!

The Injured brain Fatigues easily and requires more sleep to recover! The same sleep required by a new born baby. Babies sleep in order for their brains to grow. The development of the brain and body in tandem will continue its evolution for the next 24-25 years. 

have patience – you have a TBI injury! the brain you have now is the only one you will ever have – take loving care it!

A TBI Injured person desperately needs sleep, for the brains’ reconstruction! And it is time you learn to…….

“”Kiss the beast of anxiety & panic””


The brain’s fatigue will produce an ugly rising of Panic Attacks, High Anxiety. Incapacity to follow or carry on a conversation potentially enters high frustration, moving into rage. The inability to function as the person you knew, will live desperately inside, wanting to resume life! 

Of course this is traumatizing it is a brain injury

You require sleep!! Allowing your brain, in its totality to heal and reduce the extreme fatigue from the internal person who wants desperately to function. Then we can talk about behavior!

The smallest task can leave a person’s brain in utter fatigue! Get Rest and do not make excuses for yourself or anyone who questions your need for rest. They do not understand the brain and most likely have never experienced the horrors of TBIs!

Do not shame yourself for your condition, it is an injury! Would you humiliate or disgrace another person if they had fallen and broke their hip?  NO!  

Be kind to yourself and Allow Healing Time. You will not have a fulfilling life if you do not heal, your brain will torment you with numerous horrific warning sensations. Anxiety and Panic attacks will be the least of your concerns.

PSTD and Suicidal Intentions are knocking at your skull when severe fatigue sets in, this is a gruesome way to live 24 hours daily if you do not get the rest and sleep required. Life has come to a halt as you have known it. Be Loving towards yourself! Let the rest of the world go for now. The more you are willing the faster the trauma will decrease and you will slowly yet methodically regain momentum. 


The vital life in you wants to live, allowing this wondrous life force to spring into action needs to be at a slower pace. The recovery will show itself in time, the more you allow a slow progression the more your healing will expedite itself.

Panic Attacks seem to come on suddenly, this is a myth! There are warning signs right up to the moment your heart is pounding out of your chest, blood pressure is escalating, eyes are glazed and the only sound you may hear is your voice screaming. There will always be a little angst – this small voice is pushing you to Evolve!

Again, small baby steps equal quantum leaps.

Go outside and allow your eyes to rest on the farthest part of nature upon the horizon, take in the vista. The more remote of distance the better. When our eyes take in a vista, they calm the reptilian brain from Freeze – Flight – Fight mode! The brain naturally moves from back to forward as a singular unit. This is the immediate placement of the eyes, and gazing off in distance, refreshes the brain. Allow yourself to sit or move quietly. There is no need to explain yourself to anyone! You are resting your brain!

Sleep like a baby! No Guilt, No Shame, No duties are more important than resting your brain.

What is beautiful about recovery, you the injured person will become the most incredible person you have dreamt about as a child, you had a phenomenon brewing inside. Possibly those dreams became lost – or put by the wayside because you owed life to something or someone else. Honestly, some people can be liken to a little tick gnawing at us from their internal misery. Don’t listen to them!

Now, it is your turn to live! Be the unparalleled sensation you were born to be, with a myriad of discoveries from your own brain. Your brain has paramount abilities to regenerate all of what you once believed and thought you lost. You didn’t lose, you are injured!

Instead – you are the prodigy of your own making, one of a kind! Sensational, a wunderkind of your own wizardry.

The brain has abilities of multiple universes, let your mind wander into the impossible and allow recovery!

we have this magnificent brain inside our skull – Why don’t we use it!

There is much adulteration in the world these days: WoMen describe the world from their point of view which they confuse with the absolute truth. It can affects everything we do; do not allow their dismay to affect you!

Don’t allow those ideas to spoil your very nature in healing from an injury! You have more life to live, and you have no idea what will come from your recovery – hang onto those dreams of yesteryear – allow them to be your acceleration that quickens your own pace. REST & Dream!

You have a life yet to be lived and experienced, take it slowly. Remember, dreams are made from your internal forces of desire. In the interim of recovery, allowing the brain to rest – you may wake up in the middle of the night, as I do, with ideas streaming so fast, I can’t write fast enough. And back to sleep feeling more alive.

To be brutally candid, all my friends left me! Why – some reasons were – I was no longer available to answer everyone’s questions in life! I was the “go to lady for wisdom, now defunct!”

My Arabian horse, my cats and dogs, some died some are still with me, they were my stalwarts in life. I have a brain which is highly functional, and due to this enigma of life, I was never considered, by many, “normal.” I was abnormal! Thankfully so!

How often do you hear of a person, healing themselves with only a minutia amount of help from two doctors, from a dozen and half of TBIs? And founding a therapeutic modal for Transient Amnesia because it was an interesting bizarre abnormality I was experiencing! While, recovering from five major joint surgeries! These long years were not easy – payoff? Well you are reading this – what do you think?

What will you do when you recover? What will you give to the world?

Dream to Live!

See the day you are carefree and happy again. Feeling whole, looking forward to each day, waking to another morning with joy. Enjoying laughter in the most oddest of moments.

Sleep now to Inspire Later!© Allowing the Panic and Anxiety to drift away in sleep mode. These menacing useless sensations are from fatigue and lack of understanding; not LISTENING to what your brain is asking of you. Our Brain have 100’s of sensations, begin a strong familiar friendship.

Remember: We have this Magnificent Brain in our skull – Use it Wisely! 

Suggested therapy modals: EMDR, CBT, Hyperbaric Chamber, once there is stabilization – Brainspotting and CNBR. These later two modals are relatively new and yet extremely effective – directly dealing with the brain, conscious behavior and altering trauma damage. CNBR is: Cognitive Neural Behavior Rewiring – a deeper form of self-guided neuroplasticity – The How To!



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