Panic Attacks!! Kissing The Beast


Panic attacks, seem to come on suddenly, hitting like a freight train. Convulsing the entire brain and body.  

The pain and experience is excruciating.

Our hearts race, our brains collapse, often sensations of fear consume our persona, it’s an Earthquake!

Our bodies tremble from the upheaval disturbance, seizing us in a terrifying grip. The time becomes an endless exhaustion.

There are real solutions and answers![

I have been of high energy all my life. With meditation and exercise, I taught myself how to keep that over-the-top energy at a slow boil. Efficiency, Achieving Excellence, Problem Resolution, were my trademarks. The onset of TBIs came with panic attacks; I thought they were seizures. Still determined to achieve in my work I doomed my brain and body to exhaustion.

Ten years I studied my condition with fervent determination, and cured my panic disorder. Regaining the efficient, collaborative – cooperative, achieving running machine. The key was Rest! Getting to know my Brain’s recovering capacity verses fatigue.

Fighting the doctors who insisted on Drugs. I said NO! Drugs do not heal the brain!

Unless there is a systemic health problem, drugs are not your answer. Re-programing the brain through multiple disciplines, with a real food diet will be your back to health avenue.

We have become dependent on chemicals. This is our war on drugs.

We are not taught to care about our brains and bodies.  It’s time to learn.

The stages of Panic: The brain will hit many stages of fatigue. We have never been taught the importance in recognizing our instincts; instead we ignore them with the To do lists: work longer hours, pick up the kids for how many activities? Sit down Dinner conversations no longer exist. The bombardment of: cell phones – TV’s – computers, family requirements, social groups, our lives are out of control. Where are the boundaries – reflection times? Such as: Down Time – Fresh Air- Quiet – Natural Foods – Real Family and Friend time?

Warning – Warning. We are taught Not to listen to our instincts!


We must kiss the beast!

Brain Fatigue:

The Brain feels heavy, a headache ensues-muscles spasms, tension builds. Sleep disruptions, night sweats and nightmares.

Learning becomes slower, projects go uncompleted, social occasions are difficult and fewer.

We are inundated by uneducated suggestions: Get out of your comfort zone. Where is a healthy comfort zone?

The brain hits an emergency violation. The body begins to sweat and tremble, our heart beats faster, pumping blood though our bodies, attempting to ameliorate the unknown problem.

Anxiety pushes the Brain into further exhaustion.

Shock violates, encompassing our being! Eyes are glazed. We have gone over the edge. Panic hits! We look for a safe place, trying to remain composed.

The brain has reached chaos. Another wave of panic ensues. The shock resembles a stroke or coronary.

Stunned, shut down, flustered – stammering.

It began with fatigue!

Your way of life, thoughts, food you feed your body and brain must change!good cook food

  • Real Food! The brain is the most important integral systems to be fed, it must have nutritious food, real food. Our world is filled with an unequivocal array of food. We have Online and TV shows teaching different cultural cooking.
  • REM sleep is your prescription. Get plenty of rest. Take short breaks during work hours. Meditation:5 to 20 minutes of Quiet Breathing. Time management!
  • Before any meeting take a short walk, gaze into the far distance, then return.
  • Keep the best of your inner circle of friends and family around you, don’t settle for less. If you find yourself getting frustrated or anxious, politely excuse yourself and walk away! Start a conversation with a Stranger, you may meet a new friend.
  • Exercise This does not state athletic clubs only. New ideas! Tai Chi, QiQong, TaiJiQuan. Drive to the mountains with your dog and explore. Have fun Walking through an entire Art/History Museum, Botanical Gardens, Park-trails, rent a bike or purchase one at Goodwill. Walk to the grocery store.
  • Smile! Let the Brain breathe in new sights; change the brains’ mode.
  • Go to the Library or Bookstore!! Stand and read something Funny. Tell someone a stupid joke. Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins surges. Laughter is a great enabler, and great exercise for the stomach and brain. Move away from what is ordinary in your life. Reprogram your brain.
  • Learn New Stuff. A new language, meet new quality people.
  • Use your cell camera to take pictures of everything, put stories to the pictures. SMILE, your world is changing so is your brain.
  • Wear a slight smile, this does wonders for your breathing capacity. A smile relaxes the entire upper body! A Smile returns its self continuously with kindness to yourself and others. Let a person in a traffic lane, and remember to wave or thank a person for being kind, Smile!
  • adoration


  • You don’t live by the city or mountains? Volunteer at Humane Societies or Horse shelters. Walk the dogs, pet cats, visit the horses, say hello and brush them, talk to them.
  • Take a country road drive somewhere new and get lost! Enjoy finding yourself!
  • Learn to understand when your brain is beginning to feel fatigued

Panic attacks are curable! You have a phenomenal brain with uncharted capacities, tap into it. Change these old habits, make it easy, start with a couple, make them a Fun Time. Change friends if you must.

Change your conversations to riveting enlightening new ideas – these are called Wisdom Moments – We Can Do – Figure it out, Ideas. Help your community; volunteer with children in lower income areas, start a new playground for them, show people you care – boost you energy – boost your incoming brain thoughts – boost your confidence. Your panic attacks might disappear without you noticing.

          Change your thoughts, Change your Brain, Change your Life. You have this one life, Live it Well!



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About the Author: MicheleElys is a Neurobehaviorist ~ Writer ~ Educator ~ Keynote Speaker.

Concussions are a huge drain in the workplace!” 4-6 week training program relieving the agony of TBIs and concussions. 

Founder of NBR [neural behavior recognition]. A recovery model for Trauma/TBI Improvement, Recovery to maintenance, Need a Consult? Connect with MicheleElys email LinkedIn, 

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