My Arabian Horse Taught Me Trust!

Learning Trust. In Business and our Personal lives. All Life is Personal.

After moving home to Colorado, there was one consistent urge deep in my core nudging me every morning as I rose: I WANT TO RIDE MY ARABIAN HORSE.

He taught me Trust over 18 years!

Riding is a most fulfilling passion The emotional relationship with my Arabian produces exuberant joy.[Tweet]

A quote: The softness of a horse’s eye is enough to warm even the coldest of hearts. Alicja Raszka [Tweet]

I had taken a short sightseeing tour of the new neighborhood roads. Checking with neighbors if I could cross over their property, most were very amenable, when asked. In order to have a decent endurance ride, minimal 4 to 6 miles is preferred.

The dirt roads are wide and well maintained. Most houses are on at least 2+ acres with occasional horse in a pastures, lazily grazing. Most cars and trucks will slow down to alleviate a choking dust. Some drive fast, move off from the road is best.

As I ready Klassic for a our first ride, telling him we are going on an adventure, he perks his head in the air and looks around.

First, a halter and groom time is essential before mounting. Trust! He stands patiently being ground tied, (a loose lead dangling on the ground, no need for a post or tree, Trust!) He takes his headstall and bit easily. klassicamir-waiting-apples

Big brown eyes, softly twinkling down at me.

There is a unfathomable trust in his eyes, along with years of love I have experienced.[Tweet]

As I finish the last gentle cinch of his saddles’ girth (holding my hand under the steel loop to not pinch his skin), I step onto my stool (not damaging his back to mount), placing my foot firmly in stirrup, then in one quick flowing motion, leg over! Gently holding the reigns to a comfortable relaxed position; turning my hips motioning with right inner leg muscle, pointing the direction we are to trot. We are off on dirt road in a nice trot, then a fine canter.

Oh to feel my STOMACH MUSCLES tightening, it feels soooo GOOD!

Klassic’s gait is wondrous; my hips undulating in the saddle to his stride. Using my stomach, gluts, quads, inner thighs down through my calf muscles; “balanced seat,” our movements work beautifully in tandem.

Target my eyes between his ears, we are off on a gaited trot around corners, cantering on long dirt roads, OOOUUU lov’in this!

One neighbor, who reminisces over his past year of horsemanship, drives up to the fence line each day in his golf waggy, gazing at my boys; with a breath he exclaims “he is a fine proud look’in Arabian”. I smiled.

ImageKlassicAmir is an honoured Arabian of excellent breeding, his Great Grandfather was the infamous  Khemosabe.

Poised, he loves to pose for photographers.

Albeit very proud, he is the sweetest boy who bows when greeted. Standing at 15.2 hands and 1193 pounds of pure tenuous pulsating muscle that moves with an ease of an ocean wave. Perfect cadence. Perfect harmony. Perfect moments with perfect smiles. Ahhhh JOY!

My derriere sinks into the saddle,  copy-of-blackdressklassicemlstrong and pliable moving with every twist and turn, each veer taken, roads or grassy noels, we move swiftly over terrain. Both of our Red manes flow in the magnificently crisp air.

The sunshine beams down and warms our bodies. My steed is a cool cucumber then he sees a long road ahead, he powers up for the run, we are in unison. This is our heaven!

His ears perk forward; Attention is the command, snorting loudly – a rapid 20 foot perpendicular motion to the right in milliseconds. He snorts, nervous pulsating twitching in his muscular body; I giggle urging him to know the new terrain.

Patting his neck – whispering softly “good boy,” he lowers his head; forward on.

A rider must be patient, horses are prey animals and are quick to flight in unfamiliar territory. Many times leaving an inexperienced rider on the ground. I have taken my spills over 40 years of riding, even with KlassicAmir.

I angle him upward to new enclaves, rounding trees and back roads. Why upwards?  It is the power of the horse; the burst and thrust forward, a magnificent muscular dynamic maneuver. Power In Motion!

Good Morning emailRiding is not always perfect, for one must know their horse and weather. A friend and I went riding, knowing there was to be a weather front later. The sudden chill thunder in, barreling with rain drops. The weather claimed our ride running homeward.

The blustery cold hit. I felt Klassic’s demeanor heighten and attempted to reign him in, instead both Arabs assaulted our ride with a Sailfish. Resembling a caught Marlin, thrashing.

Thankfully my childhood European horse training kicked in – I disengage and landed safely. My friend, an experienced rider was not as fortunate. She wore a helmet, (I never do), her head and hip were bruised!

Neighbors stopped along the road, calling an ambulance, offering me a ride.

showour stuffBoth Arabians flew like the wind, at lightning speed.

Some neighbors flying their plane overhead, immediately landed after seeing 2 riderless saddled horses running, indicates one thing; there is trouble and someone is hurt.

My two Arabians joined some grazing horses. The landowners landed their plane and brought my Arabians in, tossing some hay.

News travels fast in these situations. After visiting my friend in the hospital, I drove back to the area finding the kind neighbors, they immediately asking “are you and your friend alright? I am fine, she was knocked unconscious and will stay overnight at the hospital. Thank you for taking my horses in.”

They suggested leaving both Arabs overnight, which was wise. In the morning, my Arabs arrived safely the 7 mile trip, as I awaited eagerly.

My friend never rode again, this was one too many horse calamities.

I continued to ride with more caution given to Colorado fickle weather.K I look up to you


For tomorrow is another day, another opportunity to adventure.

The basic principle is trust! I found my soul in a horse’s eye and I trust him.



My first 6 months with KlassicAmir was a learning curve; other boarders would freak when I nonchalantly came waltzing in the stables with sandals on. “Your feet are going to get crushed! Well, a horse can crush your feet with boots on. Trust, respect and train your horse well. I still wear sandals around my Arabs, 18 years later.





There is an unprecedented relationship between horse and owner – a telepathic affinity.[Tweet]

GaWaNi Pony Boy, a most respected horsemen, published a few books, I highly recommend “Of Women And Horses”

I rode bareback as a child. We were taught to balance, understand a horses’ movements; we learn together.

And so: first ride was bareback on KlassicAmir he was not trained & Yeah I was scared. Our relationship had to be one of trust.



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  2. Shalanda says:

    Terrific collection, many thanks for sharing Eric 🙂


    1. MicheleElys says:

      Glad you do, and there are plenty of photo through out this blog for you, mostly of my two Arabs. Enjoy!!


  3. zaborilenta says:

    You should take part in a contest for one of the best blogs on the web. I will recommend this site!


  4. Hello, how’s it going? Just shared this post with a colleague, we had a good laugh.
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    1. MicheleElys says:

      Glad you had a good laugh ;D


  5. philechols1 says:

    Amazing post! Makes we wanna ride! I’ve always heard Arabian horses were magnificent.


    1. MicheleElys says:

      Thank you for your compliment. Arabians are exquisite horses and incredible to ride. But there is a caveat; one must know how to ride and be ready for any movement in any direction!
      I have been riding since a child and have had many spills, but back in the saddle immediately. With KlassicAmir, we have been together for 15 years and it always an adventure.
      So glad the post inspired you!! If you are starting out with riding, I do recommend you interview multiple riding schools, and if they have a great communication with the horses, teach you how to clean and care, this might be a place to start.
      Stay tuned, I publish at least twice monthly.
      Thank you again

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