TBI: Brain Fatigue!

Sensations of the Brain ~ Fatigue 

Traumatic Brain Injuries and fatigue are synonymous! Fatigue, if not taken care of, more symptoms will plague a person.

Sensations from the brain are physical warning signs!

If we do not understand what to look for, the ability to Function worsens.


Have you ever held a baby as the infant goes to sleep, suddenly their bodies become intensely heavy in your arms.

The same profound heaviness is a similar sensation of our brain, as if the Brain collapses in our skull. The Brain feels heavy – dull – plunging deep into the skull; nothing will process.

Curing TBIs is a new terrain in neurosciences. If a person has never experienced the daily arduous eccentric characteristics, finding a singular formula is next to impossible.

The agonizing constant Quirks that plague a person, if attempting to explain to a doctor who lacks any degree of TBI awareness, becomes all the more difficult.

This is where people such as myself, who have figured out the recovery process, and study neuroscience collaborate; time to Slay the Myths! 

Brain Pain!

And internal pressure building until the brain feels as if it is going to burst through our skull. Brain pain is often a “Vestibular problem” where the microscopic crystals from the inner ear sac have moved into the inner ear canal. 

Remedy: contact a knowledgeable Vestibular therapist. Here in Colorado, we have Health South PT. 

Brain Sensations :

  • Scrambled eggs Brain – all the wiring has sprung out of control, thinking through a scrambled egg brain is impossible, confusion (seemingly) takes control 
  • Being tossed about as if the brain were a Dingy in a wild stormy sea
  • Can not think through simple tasks
  • Severe Fatigue throughout the entire body
  • Visual migraines – can be painless to being very painful. It is a static visual similar to a (science fiction)  paramecium; starting from a tiny visible dot, increasing beyond the scope of the eye’s lens. This visual is seen with both open or closed eyes. 
  • Stiffness in the neck
  • Brain just shut down! Will not function through the smallest thought, producing monumental emotional turmoil 
  • Cannot make a decision, no matter how easy the thought might be
  • Any point there is High Anxiety 
  • Increase in moment to moment forgetfulness: ARRGGHH life was so much easier!
  • The Skull feels as if it splitting apart 
  • My head is so Heavy and it aches all over
  • The brain hurts in one section, then moves to another section, it is PAINFUL! Then moves again!
  • Reaction of uncontrollable Rage leads to Shame
  • And those DIZZIES!
  • Panic attacks: all mentioned above can or will lead to panic attacks. 
  • You do not need to have a TBI to have many of these symptoms!

When the Brain is pushed beyond its current capacity, these messages of urgency travel to the brain stem, through the spinal cord, the overload becomes a series of critical nerve stimulation, sending messages of urgency to all the organs through the nervous system and blood stream, high blood pressure ensues.

Our body response immediately connects with our mind, generating emotional trigger through the entire body sending non-discriminating dire signals. The emotions filled to capacity as the brain is continued to be forced to think and process!

Panic takes hold, a person collapses! The warning signs were ignored, too much stimulation went unnoticed to prevent a cataclysmic disintegration.

The Brain ~ Body ~ Mind system has to shut down!

The Brain is overloaded and no longer accepts input.

 Everything written here have been my TBI experiences as I found my way through recovery. Later becoming my studies in neuroscience to gain and acknowledge an understanding of our Brain’s magnitude and capacity. 

No one talked about Brain Fatigue, the process decelerated or accelerated, I would analyse each moment, and alter the functions through behavior and mental awareness.

Often, symptoms arose when one person might ask me a simple questions; anxiety rose, my brain was overloaded. Excusing myself, I simply walked away to view a vista outdoors. The action would immediately change my brain’s mode.

Several times, I had left a half filled grocery cart in the middle of the store, getting outside looking at the sky or sitting with my dog, Sädé. A calming affect would change the moment.

I would overhear some people gossiping about me; I was a person they did not know! Ignorance is to be ignored, never allowing callous insensitivity to rule my life. 


I wanted to recover!

And I will do it alone out of the unseen mist of knowledge!

In leaving social gatherings, I taught myself palpable excuses; “I have to go feed my horses or, my dog needs to go for a walk.” Never using a negative statement that garnishes unwanted attention. The action is to remove the brain from “People simulation!”

One day, I saw someone stand on a wooden chair. It dawned on me, “oh, a chair can be used for more than sitting!” These are small moments reshaping the TBI Quirks, in self guided neuroplasticity. 

Losing my comprehension and reading abilities were a devastating dysfunction. Solution, Write a book!

For the next 8 months I sat quietly at a cafe, two days weekly, with the dictionary and thesaurus opened, retraining my brains’ lost vocabulary, and reading comprehension, while writing a long book.


Going shopping without forethought, can overstimulate an injured brain. If the aisles had been changed, the brain’s memory of the original task will begin to shut down if there is no list. The Mind once again produces an emotional response, and if ignored, we Freeze, Flight or Fight!. Basic reptilian brain mode. 


Listing symptoms throughout my days, I sought to change the behavior which counteracted the Quirks. Knowing “The Brain” is a learning sponge similar to Tofu, I began the dissection of my own brain verses behavior. There is correlation! 

Logical panacea, correlating behavior, thought and visual produced a new memory. The Quirks began to subside.

A damaged brain can process small amounts of information, as the neural nets reformulate and regrow new axioms. 

This was the moment I became interested in neuroscience. What IF all were possible?


When the Brain says Enough! Learn to Listen and Rest!



Brain Fatigue!

The simplest tasks become monumental. The norm is no longer flowing. Back to “AAARRRRGGGHH!” the merry-go-round of TBIs.

These moments are preventable!

Solution: REM Sleep

REM Sleep is the most important cure!

Deep Sleep, Deep Sleep, Deep Saturating Sleep!

Feels good simply reading these words!

Take short naps, allowing deep REM sleep later as dreams consume the brain, washing the amyloids from the day. Quiet time, may help in allowing TBIs to settle from the Mind’s emotional reactions, to later acquiesce in deep regenerating sleep.

When waking; take time to allow the body and “Brain” to adjust to the sounds, the light and shadows of a room, give at least 15 to 30 minutes to adjust. Allowing the Brain to shift into a conscious awaking mode, gently!

A panic attack is always obvious from the inside and outside. The eyes are glazed, response time to simple conversations or questions becomes an over-reaction; emotions spill everywhere, and the heart rate escalates. This happens when the Brain has been pushed beyond it’s capacity for that day, night or hour.

The Brain was Overloaded!

Warning Warning Warning!

All the above syndromes are glaring and if not acknowledged, each will escalate into more serious dysfunctions. Our Brain and Instinctual Mind will send many messages; take a walk, get out of a conversation if there are escalating features or emotions.

What is our Brain telling us? It needs to STOP and Rest!

There is Freedom in Recovery



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About the Author: MicheleElys is a Neurobehaviorist ~ Writer ~ Educator ~ Keynote Speaker.

Concussions are a huge drain in the workplace!” 4-6 week training program relieving the agony of TBIs and concussions. 

Founder of NBR [neural behavior recognition]. A recovery model for Trauma/TBI Improvement, Recovery to maintenance, Need a Consult? Connect with MicheleElys email LinkedIn,  MicheleElys.com 

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