REST is Required If You Want To Recover!!!

brain-sleepingThis is your brain when sleeping.

The neurons are activated, synapses firing, while Amyloids cleanses the brain. What is amyloid neuropathy?

Your brain reconstruct its self when sleeping, resting, meditating, taking time out.

Your life depends on your Brain being alive and taken care of! Your Brain is the most important organ that keeps you alive! [Tweet]

If you are person with any degree of a TBI (Traumatic Head Injury) you Must Rest! This is the first avenue to recovery!

Take moments out of your day, quiet down the body. Watching your breath is a format many use. Five to twenty minutes will do you a world of good.

 A blanket of snow covers the ground allowing the rest period. What is truly occurring new life is being born.

This is what your TBI REQUIRES! winter small town

Nature rejuvenates itself when in the winter stages, similar to recovery process. Rest allows Spring to flourish, invigorating life once again.

As in nature, the brain re-constructs its self on the daily basis by the food you eat, by the thoughts you feed your brain and the rest you allow.

If you do not rest daily, you are damaging your brain.

And those agonizing dysfunction become a worse nightmare, evolving into other post concussion symptoms.

You must have daily REM sleep of uninterrupted extended periods.

This is the first step in TBI recovery!

Next: know you CAN Recover! To what degree will be determined by you and your commitment to yourself.

This takes Determination and GRIT! Most of all, your desire to Recover.

Your Brain is an amazing universe yet to be discovered with uncharted abilities! Don’t give up

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