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These months have been agonizing, at first.

tweetbirdLetting go to the Quiet Stillness, allowing my brain to recover, was the solution. “Let Go” my brain spoke quietly. [Tweet]

My brains’ way of thinking had to change perspectives. Instead of thinking about, “If I don’t keep doing and the time I am losing.”

The change of perception was to;

tweetbird “Think about what I will do when I have accomplished Recovery and unleash the results.” [Tweet]

This results could translate into articles and blogs being less than 600 words, not the 2000 and get the book done, and the horses and… and… and… QUIET ~ STILLNESS allowing the brain to recover from immense damage. The results… unleashing more than I ever thought I could become.

An epiphany in the making, the months and years to come. The visible changes and unknown results that sat inside my skull waiting to be heard on a TBI recovery and solution journey.

We live in a world that no longer appreciates the silence of living, thinking or breathing.

tweetbirdWe are missing the wisdom by being to connected in our disconnect.[Tweet]

Was it 7 months or 21 years? Does it matter? The end result is still the most precious point of life. To live in FREEDOM. I am beginning at the end to tell you about a long 21 year journey.

The Quiet-Stillness promotes the internal fire to reach a point of no return, become a Phoenix, so to think.

Brain injuries are agonizing, so is the recovery time. However, recovery leads to greater Freedom. An individual choice. The choice takes Grit and Determination. tweetbirdFreedom unleashes the best of yourself! [Tweet]


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