Recovery is Quiet Stillness -TBI Solutions


These months have been agonizing.

Letting go to the Quiet Stillness, allowing my brain to recover, was the solution.

Let Go” my brain spoke quietly.

My brains’ way of thinking had to change perspectives; Instead of thinking about, “If I don’t keep doing and the time I am losing.”

The change of perception was to;

 “Think about what I will do when I have accomplished Recovery and unleash the results.” 

This results could translate into articles and blogs being less than 600 words, not the 2000 and get the book done, and the horses and… and… and… QUIET ~ STILLNESS allowing the brain to recover from immense damage. The results… unleashing more than I ever thought I could become.

An epiphany in the making, the months and years to come. The visible changes and unknown results that sat inside my skull waiting to be heard on a TBI recovery and solution journey.

We live in a world that no longer appreciates the silence of living, thinking or breathing.

We are missing the wisdom by being to connected in our disconnect.

Was it 7 months or 21 years? Does it matter? The end result is still the most precious point of life, To live in FREEDOM. I am beginning at the end to tell you about a long 21 year journey.

The Quiet-Stillness promotes the internal fire to reach a point of no return..

Brain injuries are agonizing, so is the recovery time. However, recovery leads to greater Freedom. An individual choice. The choice takes Grit and Determination.

Freedom unleashes the best of yourself!

Dedicated to Behavioral Solutions for the betterment of life. ©
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About the Author:Dragon Slayer of *Myths*™ MicheleElys is a Writer – Keynote Speaker. Innovative Behavioral Solutions; Founder of CNBR [cognitive neural behavior rewiring].© ►Invite MicheleElys to speak at your next forum. ► Keynote engagements ► Have questions? Book a consult MicheleElys [anonymously] email, ► Connect with her onLinkedIn, © MicheleElys All Rights Reserved

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