Lost Cell Phone, Call Me When Found

monday morning cat

Alert! Lost Cell Phone, I will call you!

Obviously there is an inherent problem in this statement. If we lose our cell phones and another person finds it, they can’t call us on our cell line; the cell phone is lost and in the “finders” hands!

This happened to me today. I was in Murdoch Ranch and Feed store, then off to the Columbine Library where I discovered; there was no cell phone in my jean’s back pocket.

A little angst arose in my belly!

Thoughts began to zoom through my brain!

What about those two appointments I am rescheduling? On my Cell Phone.

I have my Motorola cell at home, can I get Verizon to hook that up immediately? I did prefer that cell over the current one.

What about my Arabian horses, will the barn owner know if they are to be fed or if I was at the barn? or not – yes – no? And the “Hay Men” I call all of them this morning? How will they get in touch with me?

And Dang, I have a phone appointment at 1:30PM today, I can’t cancel, she never reads her email, What About???? YIKEShanging on the edge

From that moment, my thinking was: Get Calm!! You are a good problem solver!

(YIKES my cell phone is lost with everyone’s numbers)

Get Calm!!

Sitting at Columbine Library, I ask Christine to call Murdock Feed for me. Christine was obliging and sensible enough to look up the number. Ring Ring Ring….

►Here is how that conversation went.

Hi, I was in Murdoch’s about 15 minutes ago and I believe I lost my cell there, I will describe the……

►Woman on the other end of line:

“I will go around asking” click!!!       (Abrupt) Silence…..

►Woman came back to the phone.

“No one has seen a cell around. We will call you if we find it.”

My reply: Ahhh, that is going to be a bit difficult since you will be calling me on my cell that you have! (smiling at Christine as she giggles).

Other Woman:

“We will call one of the numbers in the cell and get a hold of them to call you.”

►My reply: Ahhh that still presents a problem, you see you have that cell and….

►Other woman:

Well I can’t help you! Click! Dead Silence!

Now, this is funny (now), now that I found my cell, on my desk at home! (Getting funnier).

Most of the numbers in my cell are people whom I know around the world! As my friend who lives in Africa, we have an open text. Most everyone listed in my directory have cell phones and not in area code 303 – which is Colorado along with 4 more area codes.

Open text: The barn where my Arabians are boarded, 28.5 miles from where I live. They can’t call me, I do not have my cell, if Murdoch found my cell phone.

Open Text: Friend in Portland, on a business trip to Pendleton Oregon, he can’t text me that my cell has been found at Murdoch’s.

Open Text: Young girl who slammed into my car!! She is definitely not interested in calling or texting me!!

Open Text: Good friend in Africa who arrived home on Sunday from Australia. Huge time difference! He would email me (not text me, he would think this through) if he read the text! Most likely catching some well deserved ZZZZZ’s.

This is a good laugh, after finding my cell on my desk. Yes, I calmed down, thanks to my Sade (Blue Heeler dog).

Maybe, this is a great moment for all of us to think about, “How do we get in touch with our cells when lost?” 



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6 Comments Add yours

  1. anna lane says:

    Grateful fan


  2. anna lane says:

    I love reading, well pretty much everything, that you write! I have PTSD but have been doing much better the last few years. Your writings have helped! I’m also a lover of all canines. I can’t imagine my life without one. I’ve always felt safer both physically and mentally. Again thank you! Including photos of my canines and two of my paintings ,which almost always have animals in them. Oh and one pastel with no animals! On Sep 12, 2016 8:40 PM, “Wrong Things Gone Right ~ MicheleElys” wrote:

    > MicheleElys posted: ” Lost Cell Phone, I will call you! Obviously there is > an inherent problem in this statement. If we lose our cell phones and > another person finds it, they can’t call us on our cell line; the cell > phone is lost and in the “finders” hands! This happ” >


    1. MicheleElys says:

      Hi Anne!! And thank you, you made me giggle immediately with a warm heart! It is wonderful to hear you are doing better in your trauma recovery. Yes, in the coming year I will be writing on trauma recovery and giving some added ideas to help everyone.
      Sorry, your pix cannot come through your email, however I know they are precious! Please keep commenting, as I will redevelop my website and back to writing. Took a much needed time away. Thank you again for your priceless comments! Cheers MicheleElys


  3. That cat’s nose and mouth make a sadistic bunny rabbit complete with red nose, long whiskers, and buck teeth.


    1. MicheleElys says:

      LOL, odd thought but will allow anything quirky that makes us think. Cheers MicheleElys


      1. You can’t unsee that stuff.


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