Time & Anxiety Are Incompatible Bed-Fellows


Footprints in the Sands of Time is told in stories of our lives. Our Time here is Very Personal to all of us!

I agonized over the 13 years of loss in recovery from multiple Traumatic Brain Injuries coupled with many surgeries to repair my Humpty Dumpty body.

I saw my life as being wasted; lacking focus on a new Life!

After the surgeries were all completed, regaining my body’s strength, my Brain lagged far behind in sheer exhaustion. My Brain still could not function to the level I was accustom; the abilities I knew lived deep inside.

I had to retrain myself to utilize my own skills and talents.

I told myself, “my injuries Wasted was my life.” I created my own Anxiety.

Knowing my body well from exercise all my life, I demanded knowledgeable physical therapist to aid in my healing. I was not popular in my fight to regain myself. It’s my life!

Now, having a prior trajectory to focus on, I worked to leave behind the injured tormented years; My Brain! I had to unravel the twisted wires, relearning speech, movement, sight, reading and thinking was not easily resolved! No one understood how the brain could recover; I fought and fraught.


We choose our thinking, which becomes a habit. That habitual thought process will change if we are willing to re-think what we tell ourselves.

This was proven when I spent time with my horses, Time was different, the Anxiety was gone.

Why? Because my focus was not debilitating me, instead my horses – my dog and my cat became a different calming element, changing my thinking to be with them.

I did figure it out! And this is the point about Time verses Anxiety!

My Brain visibly changed in different situations. What if I applied behavioral control? Even with a damaged brain. The brain has phenomenal capacities. These past 8 months were my pivotal healing time; which (or course) I grappled with daily, until I decided:

My Injured Brain was a Knowledgeable Resource! 

Resolve to Evolve!

My self dialogue produced Anxiety by living in the past! Living in the past is self defeating. We cannot change the past. I could not change the moment of my injury. It happened and it was Time to move forward.

My Battle with Time and Anxiety had to be seen, understood and conquered. My thinking was habitual waste of energy that had been taught out of ignorance.

Rumination is an addiction spinning us out of control. Ruminating over what we have no control over nor are able to change is self sabotaging. The past is gone, time to live on!

We are taught to run to doctors to elevate the pangs we cause, a panacea in pill form, (this is a tool not a cure for many). We must change the way we respond to the stimuli of life.

There is no (outside) cure for the brain or emotional behavior in most cases. We have the ability to change the raw self denigrating habit by choosing our behavior through designed thinking. Redesign your thought process.

Do we teach different brain pattern thought processes? Yes, at U C Berkeley, online Coursera and other countries, Design Thinking is taught.

Time is an illusion, so are our perceptions.

There are moments of life when anxiety is produced, as Eric Ravenscraft writes about The Misconceptions About Mental Illness We Need to Unlearn. Eric speaks on overall Mental illness, and makes a great point in his statement; “Everyone has stress and difficult emotions from time to time and this is normal.”

A true statement, adding our power of choice to change our views by way of the marvels of our brain. Re-training takes time and devotion, our brains have the capacity in changing our entire lives. What you have to gain is Freedom!


Here is a detail graph of how our brains reacts to moments of Anxiety. What if we controlled our own thinking after the immediate reaction into: Response to the situation?

Common life example: we have a disagreement with a close friend. We have different views! This is common for we all live different lives, from different cities, different cultures, different parents different schools; of course we have different views and understandings. What if we open ourselves to the difference and expand our minds incorporating a larger world view? Would the disagreement resolve it’s self?

We humans are complex creatures, but not as complicated as we make life. Life can be arduous, I know, I have lived through and experienced raw vulgar emotions. That is the past. I recovered from my nightmares. So can others, to what degree is individualized.

peeking-owlAnxiety is produced while living life, through our thinking our bodies respond. We cannot change the past nor other people, only ourselves.

What tilt did you give life?

Our brains are the most malleable part of our entire body system, our brain is our personal governor. Use it wisely, study, read, meditate, walk outside with your dog, go visit a horse. Allow an animal to teach you about your behavior. Humans react, animals respond. Learn a new way.

As a military child we move around my entire growing up years, (19 schools in 11 years), thereby long term friends were obsolete. What I gained was, the skin of adaptability.

Setting our sight forward releases the stuck position. Ask what is new, what can we do in advancing our skills, talents, and abilities. Our lives are up to us to make the most of each moment. How that knowledge translates is extraordinarily different. Focus on a vision of your future, creating scenarios as your goals are accomplished, resetting along the way.

Every moment may not be an epiphany; life is an adventure. The knowledge I gained from my injuries is formidable, not taught in Universities or academia. I teach my knowledge which I gained in speaking venues.

Time can be our friend – our enemy, or a total illusion.

Today February 27th, I celebrate 19 years with my Arabian KlassicAmir. Celebrate with us, share our joy!




About the Author: MicheleElys is a Neurobehaviorist ~ Writer ~ Educator ~ Keynote Speaker.

Concussions are a huge drain in the workplace!” 4-6 week training program relieving the agony of TBIs and concussions. 

Founder of NBR [neural behavior recognition]. A recovery model for Trauma/TBI Improvement, Recovery to maintenance, Need a Consult? Connect with MicheleElys email LinkedIn,  MicheleElys.com 

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