Instincts Are a Natural Order Of Life

Be Still Be Quiet!” demanded my instincts on Sunday.

An inaudible depth, void and unyielding to logical thinking. We can ponder the creativity which arises from the unconscious remoteness. A place that surpasses profound seated meditations.

Often these moments bring a deeper understanding of the Arising Instinct in seeing and accomplishing future goals.

An emergent of new trajectories ascending without form, only a slight vision to build upon. And it is my time to view the horizon deep inside myself.

Starting early Sunday morning I read a profound Sunday Post on Knowledge by David Amerland.

This added to the quiet quest, along with my studies and recent changes in schedule setting new trajectories. The Arising Instinct in perception demands Quiet attention.

The desire to experience a different place with a new outlook was nudging me. I took Sädé to a new park for a walk. Sädé immediately rolled in the grass joyfully. As I watched silently with a smile, Sädé’s sheer expression of joy exuded from such a simple act. Rolling in the grass many times over.

Joyfulness – the state of Joyfulness for Sädé is simple; Enjoy the grass!

We all have different techniques and quiet focus is always part of the adventure. Some climb rocks and cliffs, they are focused on every step and position taken. Some practice Tai Chi, others run, read-study or create new art forms, all requiring a quiet intensity in focusing.

The instincts ascend from an area of perception, a trained Limitless focus point.

We can get lost in listening to the overall climate of our country’s political dilemmas, or thinking globally, the politics and how do we handle new perceptions that must change in order for the masses to bridge a gap in our societies. The gap is our fragmented humanity and the seemingly forced choices where some believe we have no options.

There are always options. Do we want to know them? We must look internally for unknown options.

We humans are standing on a global precipices in a radically changing world.  Our fears are confronted with chaos while viewing parts of our world. And yet in other areas, individuals are quietly working in peace, offering solutions. There are opportunities in both parallel views.

In the quiet instinct are formulas we own and have yet to realize.

Nature seems to be more attuned to Quiet Instincts. When an uprising is about to take place, such as an earthquake or tsunami rolling to our shores from far out in the ocean, animals know instinctively to leave and find safety.

This “internal knowledge and action” often saves their lives, allowing life to rebuild and thrive.

It’s the moment when you feel a new person is about to enter into our life. Or we must slow down while driving, yet nothing is logically visible. Many call these instincts “gut reactions.” The deeper we are willing to dive, the more effective our instincts become.

A place where humans are able to change, recover from trauma and other life’s detours and ordeals. Then comes the difficult Quiet moments, in trusting the Instincts when nothing seems to be appearing on the horizon. Our future is in the making of our expanding knowledge, if we listen carefully and pay attention.

Dogs know instinctively when a seizure is forthcoming in a human, some dogs detect cancer and other ailments, many animals are comforting without our knowledge. How? They rely upon their instincts.

We have the same abilities. We are born knowing. Time we shed the cloaks of shame and ignorance.

We must listen, observe, focus and listen deeply to the laws of instinct.

In returning home, some wonderful people whom I have met in the recent five months online were sharing moments of deep gratitude to Denis Labelle as he honours National Women’s Day. Denis offered some opportunities by way of sharing knowledge. Some of our minds were piqued with curiosity and a new endeavor.

A lingering thought of gratitude filled the rest of my evening. Angie, a dear friend wrote a profound statement for me to hear: Yours is an acquaintanceship that touches the heart!

Our human nature to connect with each other is priceless.

Our perceptions are viewed through different lens when we share these priceless moments with each others, we expand and maybe become Limitless.

The Sunset came with blazing glory, fiery colours illuminated the skies as night settled in. A lingering thought sat in my mind; how might I share the knowledge of listening to Quiet Instinctive Nature?



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