Where Do The Dogs Go?

Where did the dogs go, I’m not talking about “Rainbow Bridge.” These are the number of dogs who are euthanized each year, same for the cats.

The numbers are staggering. In 2018 over 670,000 dogs in the US were put down. And, over 860,000 cats are put to sleep. And, 6.5 million sheltered animals are euthanized every year. Shelters take in 2.5 million animals per year, 90% are not spayed or neutered.

Due to the numbers of unwanted dog on death row, rescue operations are a huge benefit for dogs who are red tagged. Last chance for a home and life.

Worse are the numbers of dogs relinquished from homes, at a 40% rate. For whatever reason. Some, due to a baby on the way. Why don’t people think about this factor when adopting or purchasing a dog, and knowing they are going to start a family?

The Horror stories of Michael Vick’s brutality. The Bad Newz Kennels, as he named it, a pure horror story which I will not repeat.

“Best Friends” rescued 22 severely traumatized dogs, which inspired an award winning documentary, The Champions” following five of the dogs and their rehabilitation with loving families.

These dogs who were saved from Bad Newz Kennels, rescued to loving homes are called Victory dogs. Their story is one of patience from brutality and love, a tear jerker and heart warming.

dogs save our lives! Please consider adoption!

In my dreams I see my next dog, a Rottweiler quietly lying down, waiting. I am waiting on the other side of our dream, knowing my instincts never fail, yet the waiting is filled with tears.

I love my big working dogs!

There are so many different rules and pricings from rescue operations. Many will not allow out of state adoption. Some, the fees and demands are more than pretentious, however since I have had Rottweilers for over 23 years, I qualify in this category.

As a behaviorist, training for Trauma Recovery Service, with all the ADA certifications, gives me a leg up, until, I find a beautiful Rottweiler out of state.

NO!! We will not allow adoption out of state!! Especially Arizona! Who has had some lovely male Rotties. And yes, I now have been asking breeders who often have 2 to 4 year old dogs returned. Checking twice monthly all county humane societies for lost and found Rottweilers. Many do not make it to adoption, they have health problems, still in tact – not neutered. This is a danger, Rottweiler, as most all large dogs must be properly socialized from puppyhood. SIGH!! 

The cost of adoption from a rescue or a breeder for a Rottweiler or Cane Corso, plus training, most of which (as a behaviorist) I conduct after a careful examination of the dog’s temperament and health. Along with the ADA certifications, ID, all service wear/outfits, will be about $6000.

While my plan is as in the past, my dogs are with me all the time and work with me in Trauma Recovery, they are a Champion in assisting the healing process for humans who have been traumatized!

The future, after my Rottweiler is adopted and service trained, well loved and acclimated, I intend on adopting another dog, a Cane Corso, who are plentiful online rescues. Both dogs will work alongside me, in Trauma Recovery. At corporations seminars, group keynotes and individual therapies.

Nonetheless, what about all those dogs who no one is their champion? Those who for some reason do not qualify for a human home! Why?

As I stated over 40% of homes who have dogs, give up their dogs. Yet, homeless people never relinquish their dogs, and are not allowed to adopt! Worse, at times, their dogs are taken away and put to death!

please consider adoption and save a dogs’ life

WednesDogDay, is up to all of us. We have an over domesticate animal crisis. Over 1,000,000 puppies are born each day around our globe. Please, Adopt your second or third companion dog and cat. We have enough homes and yards.

What you receive is priceless; Unconditional love for the life of the Dog! That is a bargain, you will never know from a human, we come with quirks. Dogs know acceptance!

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