Rising From Trauma Events

The greatest freedom in life is rising above from the ordinary.

Rising from Traumatic Events in life is surely a course which takes deep dynamism and gumption to surge from the impossible, for often, coming from any traumatic event in life, does seem improbable.

The Unknown is Discovery

The freedom experienced in these moments, days, weeks and often years, possibly surgeries, or dealing with an assault, or depression or loss of loved one.

In these moments, all seems dark, life is unavailable, to the joy we once had known.


And there lives the beauty amid the gruesome and anxiety, a chaos mixture to resolve!

These are moments of grief, a person can live in such solitude, yet this very solitude is a greater teacher. Taking flight into the self.

For some, that which seems dark, is a frightening unknown.

Both are colossal doorways to the greatest person we all must greet and explore for a lifetime. It is ourselves and what we are in this life. A paramount discovery is at hand.

At times life might be seemingly dark, and the flight out takes more than courage, it is the skill of tenacity we all forge.

Whether working in Trauma Recovery or going through an Traumatic Event, everyone greets what seems to be the impassable, yet in many ways, through implausible detours we find unimaginable roads that lead to other roads of knowledge.

Coming soon, I am publishing a book titled, (TBI & Concussion Understanding & ImprovementA Concise reminder you are HUMAN!) which for many, who have entered an insurmountable ordeal, a Traumatic Brain Injury; life will never be the same. This does not denote there is no recovery, there is Great Recovery through reconnection of unique neural activity, which allows a person to begin seeing the capacities available to themselves, what they have always had.

This dive into the depths of ourselves, rewiring damage, what seems lost or continually a struggle, will lessen in time. As the brain creates an entrancing voyage to repair a life, we begin to see different perspectives in life.

Best option for recovery is to let go, continually adapting, allow the resilience of a river to find a new way, a new thought which expands into new ideas that flourish. These moments present a life voyage, albeit through great agonizing hours and days.

We have within our bodies a remarkable organ, our brain.

As thousands of universes have been undiscovered, so has been the most important organ in our bodies, the brain.

Trauma recovery demands of us great courage. Once we achieve multiple levels, the next wave of recovery will lessen in anguish, becoming more of curiosity.

My words to everyone who face recovery through traumatic events, allow life to renew itself, swim through the anxiety and ask what are the anxious moments showing us.

Recovery is a long journey with many destinations. Be willing, acclimate and find the tenacious viable person inside, allowing you to take the lead.

““Great spirits have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.” A quote I am consistently remind of, daily. Thank you Einstein!




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