I Called For You My Beloved Dog!

Last night I was having a bit of a nightmare, my cat seem to know, SimSai mewed gently to wake me out of my anxiety. It was me searching for my last Rottweiler, Sebastian.

I was searching everywhere, and very upset. There were all these people, some listened, some were in my dream being whatever dreams do.

It was my Rottweiler! I desperately needed my Dog, my Rottweiler. And have searched many rescues, all with agendas and high pricing and some with other unreasonable demands.

Through my search for my next Service Dog to work with me in Trauma Recovery, I met up with the beautiful historical Cane Corso. My heart changed, they possibly where the Mastiff who help produce the Rottweiler in the Roman Empire times.

I fell in love with yet another large dog, the Cane Corso. Several individuals suggested I search local show breeders, at times they have older dogs, some returns. The idea piqued my curiosity in calling breeders, sending out email inquiries, and yes at time, good breeders do have old dogs up for adoption. This dampened my anxiety going through so many difficult stringent rules, from rescue operations. Inquiring further online, I found a great website, educating myself, as I did with Rottweilers 24 years ago, about  Cane Corso rescue rules. Once again I fell in love with another large herding dog.

I found an award winning breeder here in Colorado, emailing each other brought more hope. Yes, adopting still, an older dog to train for service. Here is what I found. Loving Gentle Giants with more than 2000 year history, as the Rottweiler.

When viewing the black Cane Corsos, add a dash of the mahogany, there sat my beloved Rottweiler.

My dreams began to flourish, “Both dogs I told myself!”

Reality hit! Darn common sense, realizing we have a road to travel, building a business, educating businesses how to handle employees with concussions, which becomes a financial pressing issue on both parties. The questions arise, how do we support both? A soon to be released book on TBI and Trauma recovery this December (TBI & Concussion Understanding & Improvement -A Concise reminder you are HUMAN!) and, find our own home.

I can’t accomplish everything simultaneously. Each step must be planned and still take care of my beloved Arabian horse. However, goals and dreams are to be reached for and realized. I did write the entire book in a month! And found several breeders in one day. And spoke with some reasonable dog rescue operations the next day. Speeding along……..

Both dogs are working class and extremely adaptable, loyal and intelligent, they make great service dogs. As well, fantastic nippers! The Cane Corso could be the very dog, from the Roman Empire days who helped create the Rottweiler, and (!!) There are so many across the continent up for adoption from rescues. With agendas!!!

My heart is rented in pain living without my dog!

Rescuing is a nevo business, with all too many agendas and rules who do not allow for adoption! My heart breaks.

Please consider adoption your next life long Dog!


This morning as SimSai woke me from my fitful dream, it was obvious, a Rottweiler was who I was calling out to. There are many dogs who need a home. And I will in a year, have both dogs, trained for service, working along side of me, working on my second book, educating people about Trauma Recovery, telling there is absolute more than HOPE!

My Rottweiler is coming, as in my dream. He is loving, accepting and Rotties, as the Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff) are highly intelligent.

Why did I have Rottweilers as a Trauma Recovery Therapist? When a person is dealing with Trauma and recovering, the most important factor is elevating the Self Esteem. As they become confident around a large dog, leaving fears behind, the recovery time becomes expeditious.

Rotties are black and huge lap dogs, with a tremendous Gentle Heart. My patients would fall in love with all 4 of my Rotties due to their calmness. I saw recovery grew exponentially as Trauma was abated. Dogs are accepting, this teaches a traumatized person acceptance, from a huge black smiling Rottweiler, which some are afraid of. Learning about themselves as they learn to trust.

And the Cane Corso, yes, absolutely. He will come in about a year or less. Working along side with my Rottie in Service of Trauma Healing. This is the subject of my book. A small concise book, easily read by anyone, suggested ideas for Trauma Recovery.

Please support all adoptions offering love 4 the life of any dog!

I accomplished the impossible, now sharing with the world, what is more than possible. And while recovering, have a couple of loving huge dogs beside any given person or group, or corporate employees to understand their depths of potential. Just as these dogs have shown throughout their lives.

Title of my up and coming book is:

“”TBI & Concussion Understanding & ImprovementA Concise reminder you are HUMAN!”” And Yes, my dogs will be marching together as we educate people, groups and help corporations, contain their bottom line, due to concussions. All is possible with great dogs and our brain!




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