A Dog’s Devotion

good news, bear was rescued and has a home!

One more rescue saved from the euthanasia needle! Isn’t he a sweetheart? Wouldn’t you love to put your arms around him and nuzzle your head in his chest. I would.

WednesDogDay is to remind everyone, please consider adoption of your next pet, your greatest sidekick buddy! They love parks, this gets some of us out in the fresh and meeting new friends; Other Dog Lovers. And a dog lover most likely will have a cat, bird, horse, lizard – they love the priceless recognition Dogs bring to our lives.

We cuddle with our dogs, a furry chest to cry in, they never tell any of our secrets, when we have those deep down moments. Dogs only know how to accept a person on human terms. And we humans need our dogs, for many reason. First comes the love through acceptance.

I really ache and miss my best friend, my next Rottweiler!! As many of you have read, I have been searching nationwide. There are many Rotties available, too many, around 14k to 16k. The rules for many rescue groups are: No Adoption Outside their State.  A dog needs a home, particularly larger breed require those who have experience. I have 23 years experience with Rottweilers alone, not counting the Blue Heelers, and Mastiffs, Lhasa’s and whatever I found on the road who were starving.

A couple of times my heart teamed with HOPE! Yes, they were out of state, and I was first runner up. And then the changes in the rescuers life. There is limited flexibility to my life once I have made arrangements, and changing my work schedule, currently publishing a book on TBI & Concussion Recovery, which is an absolute necessity for Trauma Recovery awareness. So is my next Rottie!! He will be a Loving Trauma Service Dog.

I see you in my dreams, in my meditations. Where are you Sir Bently Augustus? My heart pines and my eyes tear – streaming down my cheeks. Where are, so I can come hold you for your life time.

I want to take you to the dog park. There are running boards, with gymnastic construction made for all dogs. Lots of water fountains so you never get thirsty and all kinds of larger and smaller dogs to play with. And they have lots of doggy poop stations, along with my three clipped on rolls of bags, just for you!

I have a basket of toys for you, waiting till we find each other. Where are you my beloved Rottweiler, with your beautiful Block- head, and dark brown eyes along with your beautiful Ebony black coat and mahogany markings, possibly a nose covered in snow? 

You will love the Rocky Mountains, lots of rivers and long tree lined paths.  There are many new smells for you to learn about and all the wild animals to see for the first time. The old cobble stoned mining roads, that have us out of breath as we climb for miles.

Your car water dish and kibble dish, plus waterproof doggy bed wait in my car for you. With a purchase of two great new beds, still packaged, I found on Amazon, made for large dogs with a small head rest on either side for your comfort.

You have two buddies ready to welcome you. My Arabian horse of 21 years, he loves dogs.

And my SimSai, a cat I found outside five years ago this past December in the bitter cold. He loves playing with dogs. I know in my heart you both are going to have lots of fun and sleeping together on the bed. Please leave me a little room for cuddling as we sleep warmly cuddle in my bed.

The number of puppies born each DAY is over 1 million around the globe, with over 65 million dogs put to death in the same year. Please, oh please adopt.

Even if you work all day, a dog’s chance at a loving life is better waiting in a loving home, or apartment, than a caged cement floor at a humane society, where they receive over 5000 dogs per month. Most euthanized, tossed into a plastic bag and then trucked off to a deep hole in the earth, filled with other dead dogs no one cared enough to adopt.

Please adopt us!



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