Women Know Your Worth!!

RESPECT is Warranted!!

Women you are Priceless to this World. Know your Worth!

You give birth to Every Living Human on this Planet!

How do we measure the Worth of a Woman?

Let’s take a look into history & how we treat women

Recently I sat with a man and we spoke of our earlier flamboyant years in NYC.  He spoke of a semi x-girlfriend he met in an accidental meeting, who showed him a photo of her son, now years later. He said, “I thought that boy looked exactly like I did at that age, but she didn’t say anything. I dodged that bullet.” 

Often I join groups of business men at functions, being once heavily involved in the business world, I wish to engage in conversation as they spoke about the Stock Exchange. I taught myself stock investments and day trading and felt at home with men of power and in leadership roles. Unfortunately, once the conversation turned to vilifying women. Was it intentional to test my fortitude? This man was in for a stern lesson that evening.

Admonishing single women on welfare! ‘These women need to get back to work and properly support their children,” he voiced! Never mentioning the fathers’ responsibilities. My internal Bengal tiger rose to the occasion stating: “So where are you men for these fatherless babies, and how many have you fathered that you may not be supporting rather ignoring, [as the other men remained silent, he continued with one sentence!] “They chose to have these kids, it was their choice.” “Well Dick an appropriate name you have, it takes two to create a child. That child grows for 40 weeks in the womb, at birth she will experience agonizing pain. The child that you claim to be only a woman’s’ responsibility, is part of her body for the next two years. What responsibility do men carry? [Dick replied], “They don’t have to submit and spread their legs it was their choice!”

{My Bengal saw a meal}. “Dick! Where would you men be if you did not have the pleasures of a woman’s body to touch, to gaze upon or worse – force your intentions upon, enjoying the delicious sweetness between our legs, I know you still enjoy breast feeding? And where would you go for your pleasures and… [in a split second before he could reply], how many children have you fathered and not been responsible for; do you know Dick?

I did not acquiesce the repartee, and continued taking advantage of his startled demeanor through my penetrating black brown eyes . “Are you by your wife’s side when she needs you?  And what of your children when you are golfing and is she here with you tonight or taking care of your children and home?  The conversation went on a few more words as Dick capitulated in shame! Others were quietly thinking and I did gain respect from some of the men, others stood with stoic faces.

I am a woman worthy of respect for my insight and intellect

To further this entrapment of male domination, women have endured male assumption to force wifely conjugal duties to be preformed immediately after giving birth. Now in our 21st era, courts are deeming this to be rape, but still arduous court proceedings for the wife. Why? Because we are so enticing! So is art and soccer!

Kings would burn a women herbalist if she did not heal his infirmities, and if she did succeed, more often she be taken to live somewhere of his choosing, as his hidden mistress ~ for his pleasures at anytime he saw fit. Her choices, be burned or burn.

Honorable men use to own slaves!

The man who would be “Master” might allow for some of his slaves to marry, nonetheless, whenever it please the Master he would force himself onto any women slaves, and if there were a child born, that child would often be sold for about $2000. What grief bears down for the mother? What terror bears down on the families who were torn apart for SLAVERY. 

Sex Trafficking does exist here in Colorado and around the globe. In Portugal Madeleine Beth McCann disappeared on the evening of 3 May 2007 from her bed on holiday in Praia da Luz, Portugal. To this day her parents desperately seek to find her, for the police officials blamed the father.

Mother’s what is your worth?

Mothers who work at home have a tremendous job 24 hours daily, they cook, clean, educate their children in social skills, clean for their partner, make them comfortable and never receive a paycheck. Women you have all the skills any one person has on this Earth, use them with pride and be paid, you have Worth!

Support each other, no matter your difference. We are Mothers, We are Queens, We are Doctors & Scientists, Actors and Singers, and We are Women of the Evening offering Pleasure.  Live your dreams and be paid what you are worth.

A Women’s worth assures future leaders and generations that govern our world. We are worthy of your Respect.

Where is your HONORABILITY to a woman’s worth

Recently a wonderful lady from the UK approached me in conversation regarding different disciplines advancing areas of EQ. When we spoke about the horrors of TBI’s, my story ignited her to question further. I added the idea to conspire a “Global MasterMind Group.” Speak openly, offering trialed wisdom to the world as individual classes. She thought it to be free of cost after I said a few words, she realized the old manure patch women have been delegated to; our intellect and skills are not free.  

women know your worth!

When hard earned skills offer Value, that Value is paid for, we have been put asunder and our disadvantage are a ghostly response. Women have spent 30 to 50 years and more perfecting, honing a world of knowledgeable depth, it is our duty to espress the equal exchange of monetary value, equal acquisition. Our insightful philosophies came at a grave price; we have been held by a Glass Ceiling, watch us break old traditions and catapult others beyond the stratospheres. I add when we add A Priced Value, we show the world we are worthy. Many now agree as I proceed with invigorated speed.

breaking the glass ceiling means we are changing the thinking of the world

WE can go round and round the problems or we can consider a admirable future.

In Seneca Falls, N.Y., the formation of the National American Woman Suffrage Association began in 1848 to 1920, which includes the famed women’s rights convention, and the passage of the nineteenth amendment to the Constitution, giving women the right to vote.

It is reported 33 women were arrested. Men spoke outwardly vilifying their wives! “What would a women vote for, they have no knowledge beyond having given birth and hardly cooking a decent meal?”    

We vote, we have voice, we have worth and we have intellect, fortitude and courage. We are emancipated Women of Worth. Let us not lose this momentum!

   Women what are you Worth – A Hell Lot more than you are being paid now. 

I have known women who work two and three jobs to support their families, grandchildren and husband.  Once I stayed at an AirBnB. The mother was a social worker with two children, the father stayed home and attempted to lie to me about his (not so factual) job. He sat and watched sports all day, as she came home and fed the children cleaned up from the day’s mess. It was not my business and I found another AirBnB to stay, but I knew the truth.

Women what are you Worth?

We are able to be unified, it takes recognition and integrity.

Breaking The Glass Ceiling will demand all of our support for one another.

Do not diminish another woman for her rightful place, put aside all your prejudices and discontent, for every women has a battle to success. 

I have said unequivocally “NO” to many speeches as non-profits demand “for Free.”  One woman I met at a huge Summer Party, she heard of my work and asked if I would speak to her students. In her email she stated, “We do not believe in paying speakers.” In my returned email, I stated her use of Machiavellianism was not going to sway me. Who loses, the students. Never ask a woman to work free.

I am EQUALLY worthy as any man! Ladies do not forget what you bring to this world. You bring Life of a human race, you bring pleasure and comfort, you bring proficiency in your APTITUDE.

Do not settle for the old ways! Be Respected!

Women of the world You are worthy of all your dreams

Footnote: Featured photo is Edith Piaf – a great French singer, still to this day her albums sell in the millions, does her estate receive monetary value, did she? NO! We are Changing and there will be no more Glass Ceilings to Break!




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