Life or Death ~ Choose

Today is a new day ~ make a choice

These past 8 eights weeks have been filled with life and death! From death of my Sädé, to my decision to end a mentoring time; this brought heartache to a lovely lady. There is a time when those we care for, must stand on their feet, and move proudly in confidence.

A Sonate in the bible (I am not religious, rather a scientist) this is applicable!



Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.


This is a peaceful warrior’s path

We have choices in our lives. We can bemoan the past and live in the past, while lamenting our lack of life…. Or!

Summon your ability to change~ be your “internal Warrior”

Both positions will take the same amount of energy. Nonetheless, one will bring Happiness, the other will ………..well keep us in a rut. Eventually all the sympathizers leave. They leave to live ~ happiness lively.

What I have discovered in life, as I have been called “The Reluctant Warrior,” never miss an opportunity to show care!

These opportunities come in many phases of life’s moments.

My tenements to live by:

  1. Life is truly short ~ live conscientiously
  2. Live with a strong degree of Honor, Integrity and Humility
  3. Smile at Strangers, learn from their Differences and Cultural backgrounds
  4. Make as many friends possible; only few remain in the inner circle
  5. Set your Boundaries and be Adaptable, speak your Wisdom Bravely
  6. Have Dogs, Cats, Horses in life for comfort, friendship, healing and wisdom
  7. Believe in yourself and offer kindness wherever possible, Care!
  8. Last:


Life is for the living, no matter the privileged or the harshness, we walk through shadows and light. Do not judge a person for their position, whether that be impoverished or wealth.

Billy Holiday & her Pit Bull

Billy Holiday came under critical scrutiny ~ She is still remembered for her soulful songs, not her harsh times!

Befriend people, for a second or a life time.

Allow life to live through your gestures and your words. Some are of comfort, aiding a person to their feet. And some are of the Reluctant Warrior, motivating words that might sting to move forward in self belief. Stand Strong!

We all have so many years to live, in these years we have a continual choice: “How do we choose to live? How do we choose to think and view our lives? What directions will we take?

No one dreams of a life of homelessness nor poverty, These are not individual choices!

Be kind when having plenty, make a Choice to aide those in crises, NOT to Judge their circumstances! 

Time of choice ~ time to change
it is time to live

Springtime is upon us! The gentle rains come, leaving green pastures for the horses to graze, the cows to drop their new born, Robins abound ~ the air is filled with their notable trills ~ Hummingbirds flit by ~ Eagles and Hawks fly high in the clouds ~ Trees blossom.

The winter time did not show natures’ transformation, yet Springtime blossoms from the roots and seeds without our awareness.

And so shall the Peaceful Warriors stand guarding silently until summoned! 

Who stands next to you ~ Do you truly know their disguises? Their simple way of being, yet underneath, there speaks a power not recognizable, an Instinct we search for, through the invisible curtains, of Honor and Humility.

watch ~ be curious ~ grow wiser

Remember, life is short and there is much to see and experience. We do not see beyond the surface of eyes pondering deep inside.



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