The Power of Vulnerability: Balasubramanyam

“With Delightful Pleasure, I present Balasubramanyam, who graces our website by his written depths of wisdom. Balasubramanyam shares his youthful experiences, resonating as gone by Sages of old prudence and sophistication. In Balasubrahmanyam’s words, do enjoy. The Power of Vulnerability”

I was raised in a culture where going near the water was associated with a fear of drowning, going near the fire was associated with a fear of burning your hands.

But, early exposure to sports (cricket, volleyball) at an age of 8 killed a lot of that fear and instead built grit, resilience and a “never give-up attitude”. 

What I wasn’t exposed to was “how to deal with uncertainties, how to manage emotional risks, anxiety, overthinking and the “likes” “these are a few things we are all exposed in our personal and professional lives.

Vulnerability has never been my strong suit. It’s no wonder.

In order to be vulnerable, you have to be okay with all of you.

That’s the thing about vulnerability that no one tells you about.

Being vulnerable is not just about showing the parts of you that are shiny and pretty and fun. It’s about revealing what you deny or keep hidden from other people.

We all do this to some extent. I bet you’ve never said to a friend, “Oh my god, I just love that I’m insecure.”

Most of us have probably experienced vulnerability through default. More often than not, we are either forced into that state through conflict, or we are surprised by it after our circumstances feel more comfortable.

In the early days of my adult life and career, I spent a lot of time trying to outfox vulnerability and force-fit most of my decisions within the sphere of “black and white”, “good and bad”, “right and wrong” and so on – all of this felt like I was in a street-fight with myself – ugly, dark and endless!

It took me many years after that to realize that “vulnerability is beyond fear and uncertainty, and it is absolutely normal to be yourself, be authentic and live in your own skin.”

If we draw this parallel to our professional lives, leaders (most of us are leaders in some sense or the other), are exposed to multiple risks, decisions and other business nuances everyday leading to a general perception that they are expected to get it right all the time. But, is it possible at all? Well, maybe not.

Best leaders recognize the importance of bringing vulnerability to work because they believe that “this is the foundation for transparent communications.” There cannot be anything bolder than a leader displaying vulnerability publicly.

Being vulnerable at work or in a relationship “simply means you are ready to let your guard down when required, strip all pretences, and be your real, true, natural self.” A vulnerable human being is one who leaves his or her ego at the door, “is comfortable with not having all the answers all the time,” and is ready to wholeheartedly welcome the perspectives, opinions, and thoughts of his/her team or friends or family members.

Every person, let alone anyone in a leadership position, feels vulnerable at times.

We all have weaknesses!

But “being upfront and open with vulnerability is an important life trait in my view.” It helps you to be more self-aware and grow as a human being.

We as individuals need to take time to identify our blind spots – this doesn’t mean that we have to share our deepest secrets every day with everyone, but it only means that when we are vulnerable, it is absolutely okay to display it in a manner that we are comfortable with.

Vulnerability can seem a bit scary. And to be completely honest, vulnerability is scary! It’s no easy task to let others know that you aren’t always confident and happy and sure about the world or even who you are sometimes. It’s scary opening yourself up to another person, not knowing what their reaction might be. But vulnerability is also one of the most amazing and beneficial things that a person can do for themselves.

In a nutshell; vulnerability is necessary for “a purposeful and stimulating life.” It is the basis of making connections with others. It is also the pathway to true and spectacular growth. And, it is “the essential ingredient to developing compassion and showing true kindness to ourselves and others.”

It is only through vulnerability that “we are able to see, accept and appreciate life and people for exactly what and who they are without any expectation that it should be any different.”

” It’s more about the heart and less the ego!!!”

About Balasubramanyam: Each day, each moment of life could be our last! So let’s not waste it on trivial concerns.

Let’s make the moment matter with something that we care about. Let our intentions and actions be guided more by our hearts, and not always by our heads. Because happiness in life arises from a warm heart! All Rights Reserved ©

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