Formula For Life?

I wish I had a formula for life. I will share what I do know.

Live the best you can through each moment. Through the Joy and Tragic crossroads.

We assure ourselves with platitudes, “everything is going to be OK!”

The OK factor, is an Unknown; with an “OK” factor, that we wish would have a moral content, has lost its interest through overuse. We traverse back into the moment of loss and darkness, and become disillusioned.

Live life in the “acceptance realm,” from Birth to Death – Particularly in the “in between of our personal journey.”

There is no prefab text or religion that will save you from the dark side of life, the difficult times, or the scary times. Rather cultivate a firm deep Faith in Yourself – establishing what form this Faith will support and engage you. Having a personal stronghold, frames your personal odyssey!

Give an allowance to your emotions, showing you a personal vision, solely unto yourself. No one can tell you where or what will happen, this is your personal journey and you are the leader and follower of this exploration.




If you are searching for “there must be a reason, or “it’s a divine plan that you are dying from cancer.” These are often cruel words that cut deeper into the vulnerable and lead to shame! Overused simplistic comfort statements, that lacks merit, meaning or tenderness.

These statements are imperceptible, ignorant and lack any degree of compassion, such as “Get out of your comfort zone.” No one understands where another’s comfort zone lives deep inside. We humans are not gifted with such sight, and these words hurt those who are struggling inside, as they stand at multiple internal crossroads.

Deep Vulnerability does not have a face, instead our full interior is raw and susceptible. Who wears this face behind a mask?”

What does vulnerability look like?

We fought in Wars and come home scarred for life

I was raped!


I am homeless and hungry



 I am an Orphaned child from another country



These are the bare faces of vulnerability!


Shame, is a firm mask of deceit, never allowing the internal person to live. It is an invisible cloak, who wears many disguises. Some become impenetrable.

Others, reach a stage in being resolute within their own selves, opening, seeking help or being honest with a circle of friends. Neither is an easy road to navigate, nor to be judged!

I have been very open about my disastrous injuries from a fall on black ice and asphalt. The endless years in recovery, a stream of ignorant medical professionals, ensued by an adverse aftermath. Trauma recovery of any sort disrupts the joy of life. This is “Vulnerability!”

Having a therapeutic cat, my Arabian horse who saved my life from suicide during these decade. The TBIs and multiple joint surgeries were crippling in themselves.



Sädé’s death reveal a critical despair, my PTSD traversed to an inconceivable pinnacle.



All too many individuals become locked in utter shame! The lock is a guarded key of fear.


Our Earth and all creatures that abide here, from the Great Oceans to the highest Peaks of Mount Everest and Mount Kanchenjunga, through the Gobi Desert, to the plains of India, Africa, North America and more.

We are Vulnerable!



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