The Urge To Merge…….Whoosh

The Urge to Merge! It is Primordial, Mammalian and Elemental in nature. We see the Urge to Merge all throughout nature; successfully accomplished! We humans are the only enigma, freak of nature that complicates the Urge to Merge. The beauty and journey of relationship is the dance, the growth together to form months, years or a life time.

We get to make one decision, “whether we want to be together or not.” This is the only difference from instinctual mammalian nature.

Here is the moment *whoosh*! That was opportunity knocking at your door. Did you answer and allow it to come in, or did it whoosh away? Here is this moment, whoosh, it’s gone! Next moment comes, whoosh, gone ~ where?

These are the moments of opportunities: life coupled with an opportunity, it comes in a whoosh ~ If you did not grab that moon beam, dangle on the side of love; did you miss the glance? The sparkling eyes and smile? Gone ~ whoosh! Don’t wait! There is no time to wait! whoosh! You can always change you mind once you grasped the moment.

There is always Risk in life and you could fail, but if you never Risk, you will always fail! Whoosh!

Did another opportunity fly out that window, or slightly open door? Did you see that person driving next to you?

Opportunities come; do you see them or are they passing you by. Inspiration drifts through the mind, body and heart. Are you aware, did you hear the whisper; someone is knocking at your door. Whoosh. did it come in or leave? A millisecond, watch, be aware, life is changing so fast and you are not in control. Whoosshhh

I have a friend, a male friend who is extremely handsome, intelligent (working on his PhD) and for 40 some years always wished he was driving down a street, a car passing with a beautiful lady who would pull up beside him. ~ The sparks would fly so heatedly,  they would be force with mammalian elements follow each other.  And then ~ whoosh salacious sensuousness would overtake their sensibilities! So much so they would find themselves in the back of one of their cars.

He still has this dream! Whoosh. I wonder how many ladies he passed by, whoosh!!! For he is incredibly handsome, wonderful to be with, sensual and sexy, brilliant and filled with passion! And always ~ busy busy busy, too busy to see those opportunities.

Love is a perchance, an opportunity. Just as creativity, whoosh! Being a writer, I keep colorful stickies and writing pads everywhere, for I know the whoosh of opportunity in thought, ideas, gestures, winks,Image smiles, glances of passersby.  Do not lose these moments; Are you waiting? Are you aware of the moments and people around you?~ Whoosh!!

I caught you ~ little creative thought, line, idea, person’s wink ~ smile. Oh smile ~~~ Whoosh YES!!!Yes, the answer is Yes!

And yes I did drag race down on a Phoenix (main street),  a real hotty pulled up beside me, winked and ………………..Whoooosh Got it!! (smiling at the memory) Was a teenager, but opportunity knocked and I could not resist, the wonders of the car and performance and other performances LOLOL

Opportunity knocks ~through open curtains ~ drifting breeze, telling you of the winds of change, Whoosh ~ warning you it is upon the flurry current, Whooshing~ You can always say *No* after you have peeked and engaged yourself. Whoosh!!

Nevertheless, if you do not open that door, window, portal of opportunity, it is gone and never to return, not that Whoosh of an opportunity. Yes, another might and will flutter, scamper or amble by ~ are you hearing Whoosh, do you see Whoosh as it comes and seeks you out? Does it stand blatant in front of you smiling?

When might be another chance? Whoosh listen carefully, be aware, feel it touch your skin ~ ever so slightly.

A whooosh brought my Klassic to me, a chance, I was in a hurry… but I did stop thanks to a friend shoving the once weekly Taos News into my hand! “Call now, call now, there is only one Arabian in the paper, call now.” Now, 14 years later, caught you little Whoosh! (smiling)…..wondrous memories

ImageSoftly as a breeze upon one’s’ cheek.

A slight flicker in ones’ intuition




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  1. Storm says:

    The opportunities that i believe you are referring to are thoughts, in terms of money and being rich! I was taught by my grandparents, ” To be Rich, is not what you have in your bank accounts, but what you have in your heart”. Call it just another way to keep myself on the right path, at least for me and other if that is there wish for themselves!




  2. Storm says:

    Opportunities, come and go. But most are feeling about things that you think about, and that you believe will help get to where you wish to be.. It’s come to us as a choice and it presents itself to us as dream and a means to getting to our dreams faster. But opportunities will come and go and choices will present themselves to us as a means to see our dreams come to us faster. Still it requires a choice be made by us, but the trick is opportunities will return again and again but never coming to us in the same way or that we can often see or feel. Nothing will ever be sure or safe, but there will always be a choice, good or bad come only after the choice is made.




  3. MicheleElys says:

    Reblogged this on Wrong Things Gone Right ~ MicheleElys and commented:

    Opportunities come; do you see them or are they passing you by. Inspiration drifts through the mind, body and heart. Are you aware, did you hear the whisper; someone is knocking at your door. Whoosh. did it come in or leave? A millisecond, watch, be aware, life is changing so fast and you are not in control. Whoosshhh


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