This piece has been rumbling in my gut for months, here goes. Please do not misunderstand me – I love men, particularly men of colour,  a decorum of refinement  in jeans and champagne……Dedicated to my father, the Honorable S H Hal Runyan, he was brilliant, an Officer and Gentleman, respectful of the prowess in women and more. I am my father’s daughter.

BUT, as usual, I have somethings to say!

We ladies gave it all to you, the babies, the clean house, spread our legs and our jaw, worked the fields, bend over, washed and made the bed, ironed all the clothes, spread our legs once again; learned to be gourmand, dressed to be the Bell of the Ball and you still were not happy.

We needed to be smarter to have a conversation other than talk about the kids when you arrived home! Entertain your boss and friends, and when they smacked us on the ass – ;( and we were told not complain. (I will not speak of the courts issues on rape). Image

You wanted a beauty Queen with class, one who could suck a golf ball out of a garden hose, this I was told by a good male friend!

So now!! We are educated, we earn more at times, most times we make 75% or less (unequal pay) for the same job done.

We go to Harvard, Stanford and Yale, have degrees, cook the soufflés, entertain your boss and let you have your friends over for super bowl– and then who cleans up? We decorate the house and hire the gardeners. We are executives and clerks, have all kinds of body shapes that may or may not please you! Some of us starve ourselves to look good for you in those Silhouette heels and tight jeans(sexy aren’t we?) At 40, 50, 60 and 70  or 90 we still have a tight ass while you complain about a balding head, while we always thought; you are sexy!

We continue to spread our legs and say yes to the golf ball, we buy our own homes and pay cash for a car instead of monthly installments. We know how to do our own taxes searching for loop holes.

And now!Image We are too much, we scare you, we are too good looking, the butt at our age looks better for climbing all those stairs. And yet, you worry about your Viagra (it is a medical necessity, but our birth control is not!)

We are beautiful without cosmetic surgery and we take care of ourselves; and now you tell us we are intimidating! We came up to the level you asked and succeeded – but still you are not replete.

Be a Man, stand up, Man up, tell the truth of what you want. Look inside, Man – Up! Ladies are sexually emancipated, whether that was by the by of feminism or having great parents or learning on our own. We will not be door mats, and we can handle a 1000 pound horse, with all his pulsating tenuous muscle with ease.

We can play football, volleyball, baseball and know the scores without you explaining in a “condescending demeanor” and still wear silk stockings with stiletto heels and black silk tight dress, and be a lovely smart (sexy) lady by your side.

We are Your EQUAL!  – Man up to your Equal. We did not wish to be above you, but rather your lover, your friend, your equal! Man Up! And be satisfied with your beauty Queen by your side. Become your best of your best, not for us, but for yourself.

Take our hand and be proud, for we have always been proud of you. And we love SEX, hot SEX! Long hours of sweating SEX! Why do you think we go off to the horses and ride for hours? Leg muscles!! The thrill of a thousand pound beauty between our legs, pulsating tenuous muscle between our legs (is heaven) as we work in tandem and rhythm on their backs (this is the gift horses give to us) as they gallop across the rivers and along side the highways, You Hunk – we wave (no cowboy hat, but rather flying manes); and then we come home to you, to be by your side!

We keep our bodies in shape, and we do not like it when you fart and think it to be a joke! It is disrespectful! Go to the next room and stink it up while opening a window.Image

We know how to drive a stick shift and trucks, haul our horses and still paint 4 walls and our finger and toe nails. And still have hot sex, spreading our legs in a dark parking lots or kitchen counters. Yes, we like it in the office before the cleaning crew comes, the lights are low with stacks of papers – manilla folders and books.  Politely saying please with a morning glint in your eye, as the sun kisses the sheets or afternoon steel way from the office or a midnight express to the bedroom, giggling!

We have the same degrees and businesses, we are entrepreneurs, bosses and subordinates. Respect us, for we only did what you asked, and became your equal.

With Love, mucho mass amore, je t’aime de tout mon Coeur; yes I speak several languages and so much more. We are your equal and demand the same respect.

Join up – become our partners – let us love each other and not presume lesser. Do treat us with the same respect you would treat a Gentleman coworker. The same pay and if we deserve more, than show that appreciation and respect. And when we come home, know that we are as energetic – but we have moments also that require tenderness, understanding and compassion. Respect our prowess and do not fear, we want nothing from your lives but to live as equal and share our place in the sun as you have had all these centuries.  Image

All we want is to be loved just as you would enjoy the gentile experience of acceptance and appreciation; to be loved!

Be honest, hold your head high, enjoy your life and when we are together, let our individual lives be bathed and wrapped in a loving relationship.

To my Father, The Honorable Senator S H Runyan. You spoiled and loved me. I made you proud. Thank you

Fondly MicheleElys