I Don’t Quit!!

I always believed in my Arabian! It was one of the better choices I made in life!

Don’t stop believing, unless your “Dream is stupid”. Then you should get a better Dream. We are on two paths, and I want to be on the one that leads to AWESOME. What will you create? If we are all on the same team, let’s start acting like it. If life’s a game, be on the TEAM!

These were not my words, but one of a little boy about 9 years old, Kid President on TedTalks.com.

I found him on TedTalks.com, when I needed a boost in moral. He did just that, you might find him under Kid President, the link was no longer available. This little boy is wonderful ~ a wondrous pint size boy filled with exuberance, ideas, chutzpa energy. If you can find his video is “I Think We Need A Pep Talk, do so! He does just what he says; kicks you in the keister and does not quit. Quit? Never quit. You can take a break and most of us must, for many of us are collapsing from exhaustion.

Then we pull ourselves up, by our own boot straps (this is called having GRIT) and continue marching on to a new and different drummer of our own making. Bum pa ra pum pa ra ra bum!

Ted Talks has a copious ~enumerable~ thought provoking ~ and inspirational speakers ~ content, and volumes of information, all at your computers finger tips. Use it.

One of the most inspirational speeches I have heard in years was Andrew Solomon; Love No Matter What;  http://www.ted.com/talks/andrew_solomon_love_no_matter_what.html
Watch it, damn it, if you do nothing else for yourself this week, make this your priority!

I watched this video at least 3 dozen times, and still thirst for more. He has a book out on this research in which he compiled his speech from. Listen, at least twice. This is one speaker who is incredibly eloquent, for me to quote one word of his talk would be an injustice!

Yes, writers who live out of a box or stretching boxes into forms that are so unique, consistently need inspiration. Thankfully there is a magnitude of influential imaginativeness in this world; outside of this library where I write daily! All filled ~ jam-packed and permeated throughout natures’ originality. And Ted Talks.com, comes in every size of person, subjects that enthralls the mind and produces a creative genius from within ~ mankind.

All these speeches are given by the most normal looking people, that we see everyday on the streets passing us by. Have you ever wondered, when walking down a busy city sidewalk who are all these faces passing you by? I do!

I wonder if they are in love, filled with happiness or did someone recently die in their families. I wonder if they have family or as I do, fur family! I wonder what kind of career they chose, or are they having multiple careers or unemployed… my imagination flows with all kinds of questions. I often wonder if I could stop and meet some of these strangers ~ and I have.

If KlassicAmir and I were walking down the street, meeting people, well they would come in hoards.

Nonetheless, it’s just me being curious; wanting another story to write about; 

wishing to hear about another persons’ life ~ where they have been, who they are, what precipitated change and how did they handle the ugly and bad times, and have they found happiness? More what makes them happy, enthralled with life;

who are you?

Being a Redhead, I do stand out in the crowd. Having an engaging smile lends me open doors. But what people say to me ~ confide in me, a perfect stranger will always astonish and bewilder me. Most times, incredulous to this itinerant person of this moment would confide such wonders and horrors.

Some say I have this look about me that one feels relaxed and the desire to share. Others say, “you love to listen and give your attention, so people open up to you”. Image

I think this latter statement is more of the truth. For I am fully engaged and appreciative, always standing in awe!

Veneration and reverence! For the ordinary person contains within them the most implausible moments of life. My eyes, mind and heart have come away ~ opened, astounded, saddened, bewildered, flabbergasted and itching for my computer. Oh, do I love those colorful stickies I have everywhere, to write these moments and later my fingers fly over the keypad!!

If you see this little Redhead (with Bengal Tiger eyes) and freckles standing in line, or walking down the street – do not feel intimidate to stop me (I always move fast, walk fast, but there are times I have to wait in lines) do not think I am too busy to be spoken to; introduce and tell me about yourself. We could have some coffee, sharing moments of your story ~ I love coffee and I wish for some coffee from Seattle.

I have met people as I wrote my articles and books in restaurants, from Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Connecticut and of course my two all time favorites, NYC and San Francisco. The latter is a city I plan and would love live the rest of my life; it’s coming, I know it is with my Arabians (a bit out side the city) and Imagemy sweet sweet precious Sadë!

So I ask you this day; what will you create? A thought, a meal, a smile to a stranger, a soft touch to your love interest, some anger or disgruntled displeasure; a new job, leaving an old job. Think of a new title to a book you have longed to write? Or an email or blog. Will you fashion a new idea or new design? Will you reach out to someone in need or pass them by. Reach out to a friend, or finally give into that person who has given you so much attention and yet you have been slightly stand-offish ~ for what reason?

We all have limited time here on this planet and this life; what are you waiting for? We are creatures of creativity, so Create! For your sake and others create this moment to be memorable! Don’t hesitate, take this moment (whooosh), don’t delay! Do it…. now! Stop hindering yourself, do it… do it now!!!

It does not matter if your life is calm, busy, in upheaval; push those walls of your box and stretch them into some unusual shape and be proud. Smile at the man or lady who just glanced or winked at you, acknowledge them for they smiled at you, they endorsed your very existence. They told you, you are somebody to pay attention to, for a second for a millisecond. It is worth a smile!

My two Arabians always notice and salute the most miniscule moment of life. ImageThey perk their heads up, or maybe flag their tails and prance or just stand in starring at a view of the world, a passersby, a loud truck. This is the simple act of being aware and ALIVE!

Be this alive, be this aware, become part of all of us and be a team working together. What are you waiting for? Make this life awesome, this moment awesome. We all are on the same team! Would it not be wonderful if we had a true cooperative society? What are you waiting for?

As Kid President said, If we are all on the same team, let’s start acting like it!” This is from a nine year old totally awesome black boy, wearing a suit, jumping around getting your attention, just as I am; I want your attention and get to Awesome! If he knows about team work and sharing with the world, then we all need to participate. NOW!

This last quote is from Rita Pierson, another great TedTalk.com speaker. She is a second generation teacher and has been teaching “at risk kids and schools” for 42 years! This is formidable and magnificent! She told her students that did not believe in themselves, for the came from families and the bang-ganger hoods; had little to eat if any at all each day, they would fail in school – for no one took an interest; but she did. She said to all of them and to keep in mind:

“I am somebody, I was somebody when I came and I will be a better somebody when I leave. I am strong and I am powerful. I deserve to be heard and appreciated. For I have places to go ~ Things to do ~ and People to impress.”

Enjoy what I share in Knowledge with everyone. Thank you for Donating through PayPal!!

Don’t you?


 Thank you for Donating through PayPal !!

About the Author: MicheleElys is a Neurobehaviorist ~ Writer ~ Educator ~ Keynote Speaker.

Concussions are a huge drain in the workplace!” 4-6 week training program relieving the agony of TBIs and concussions. 

Founder of NBR [neural behavior recognition]. A recovery model for Trauma/TBI Improvement, Recovery to maintenance, Need a Consult? Connect with MicheleElys email LinkedIn,  MicheleElys.com 

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  1. Storm says:

    I would have agree with you blog for the most part, but you see I have no wish to impress anyone except myself, I find that with the need to impress another, I am some how lost in the grand need to impress. I have learned that at times I needed to lose my path, on to fine out I didn’t need to impress someone in order for me to be myself. And believe me I found that very impressive. So if I impress myself, it will clear to anyone to see. You have done that MicheleElys, and you have proven to yourself many times over, just ask your dog and your horses.




  2. Mer says:



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