And Then There are These Moments of Life………….


I have stated it before and will state it again;

“I found my soul in a horse’s eye.”

Last year at this time, I was literally saving this Arabians eye. It was to rupture with in hours stated my vet – Stewart McCall,  I could not allow such pain and the suffering of my horse, then the thought of removing his eye, was more than gut wrenching.

Klassic is partially blind at this time, and he no longer knocks me off my feet with the toss of his head. We have been able to ride only a few times since this time last year, due to all too many reasons. The fact remains, the bottom line; Klassic is only partially blind, his eye did not rupture and I still am able  to brush him daily, feel his beautiful muscular body, adore his rounded neck and let myself become lost in his mane.

I wish I could write such wonderful loving words about humans all the time. I know someday I will see the world as loving, but not right at this moment.

BREATHE……..breathe, letting dying dogs rest and breathe for this moment:

Tell me not, in mournful numbers,
Life is but an empty dream!
For the soul is dead that slumbers,
And things are not what they seem    By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

There are nine stanzas to this poem; the above is the first I learned when eight years of age in Portugal private school. I remember the entire poem decades later for it had such an impact upon me and what life would bring. Little did I know, each day could be the brightest second and next, a death crushing blow.

The next stanza that is pivotal, if I could be so bold:
Lives of great men all remind us
We can make our lives sublime,
And, departing, leave behind us
Footprints on the sands of time;

What kind of footprints do we leave each day, each moment of our lives? My two Arabians and my Sadë leave me in awe, even while she sleep, she is awesome for she is my Service Dog that has been by my constant side, never one day slip without her for seven years. My two Arabians have been with me for 12 and 14 years plus. But Sadë, Sweet Sadë came under attack for a few short times these past few weeks and one I wish to share with you.

It was early afternoon Sadë and I walked into CVS. The normal brisk walk of my pace (Aries I am told move fast), glancing around the long isle to see how many (wincing and hoping) are in line for meds. I needed my pain meds for my replaced 1/3 of right leg was a little more than tender.

“Ah I thought only two and one person at the counter.” As I moved to the line, a dark haired lady stood in front of me and she turned to look at Sadë and begin to speak with her. I asked, “please do not speak to her she is a service dog and she is on duty right now.”

This thinly stature of a woman jerk up and began her little denunciation! “I was only saying hello and she is not wearing a vest. I have a service dog and she wears her vest all the time, how was I to know.” With this all said as we stood 6 inches apart, viewing her abrupt indignation for me speaking and asking her to leave my dog alone, I stayed silent as she turned toward the counter waiting her turn.

Noticing her breathing was heavier, laden with anger she immediately turned to the right as a tall grey haired man approached 15 feet away and began to shout at him. “Go down the isle there, don’t come over here,” as she was saying this two other ladies sort of joined her, beside both of us. They did not speak to Sadë only looked at her with respect and a smile. The dark haired lady continued her bellows apparently to her husband with a little Terrier scrambling and stretching its lead to come see Sadë.

Sadë, as always, sat in a calm demeanor as if nothing in the world was going on, just looking up at me and the lady…….. Image

Gesturing madly at her husband, “don’t bring her around here, this woman doesn’t want”……….. This is when I spoke out. “STOP IT! STOP THE BEHAVIOR AT ONCE!” Thinking I have had enough drama for the last year, for the last week for the last hour, damn is there anyone sane in Santa Faux?

The two ladies looked at me and said “we are admiring your dog.” “That is nice, she is a service dog and very calm.” “She is a nice dog and obviously loves you,” “yes, she is wonderful.” Now the dark haired lady, turning to me with rage in her eyes (thankfully, I have been practicing Taijiquan for some years). Pushing the chi out in calm collected manner and yet enforcing my words. “You are inappropriate; my dog is sitting here calmly and you need to stop your behavior at once.” She was rebuffed, to my amazement the two women were her mother and sister. That conflict ended. Her husband obeying the distress commands with an incredulous look – what is going on, that dog seems to be alright, but he obeyed the hysterical woman and walked to the end of the isle way far in back.

As their dog with a “service vest” on continued to lunge toward Sadë; One would think this would end that moment – NO! All this happened in less than four minutes!!

A kind lady behind me (in line) began to speak with me. “Most people get that vest for their dogs just so they can have free airplane rides or take their dog anywhere. Their dog is the one who is running for your dog, and that man can hardly hold him.” I laughed for the dog was less than 15 pounds, it’s a Terrier, rat killer, hole digger, high energy – one can only hear this head. There’s another dog, I smell another dog, have to go sniff another dog, there that dog is, right there, there it is, sitting just feet from me, got get to that dog, a dog – a dog – sniff sniff – lunge lunge; dang why won’t my owner let me at that other dog!  Well so to speak, in its body language. LOL

The nice lady behind me continued a few moments of easy chat, while Sadë sat calmly. The two other women who joined the dark haired lady said “nice to meet you and your dog,” – “likewise and than you” I said. The dark haired misbehaving lady, I didn’t watch her, she was too much in a huff over the vest and how she could not control other people for a moment.

Yes, control other people, the piranha fest of gnashing of teeth, for what? Hmm BREATHE I said to myself, this time of life is almost over with, we will be moving and maybe to another state with less Borderline personality disorders.

Unfortunately, these moments remain all too often in our memories. It is the negative. I write not to reinforce the negative, but to get rid of it and see how humorous humans display their discontent of life, shoving it as if it is manure toward another person. This is called”dumping.” I am NOT a garbage dump. Long ago when in private practice, I did tell my clients, you can dump here in the garbage but not on me; this is a boundary you will learn immediately for this relationship begins the good kinship and alliances of your life.

Next time you have an obscure moment in life, take a breath, don’t be the doormat, do what you have to do to assuage and sooth that moment. It may not be nice or simple; then walk on with confidence, not berating the other for being their own small self, in human tormented nuisance. Our world is filled with all kinds. What do you choose to remember and affect your life? What footprint are you leaving in the sands of your time?

I have Sadë and off to my Arabians, where I found my soul in a horse’s eyeImage

and I smell his wonderful strength in each breath I take.

TaTa for now,

Next, a wonderful story about Sammie Kewl Kat and some dating online goodies!!


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  1. Storm says:

    I for one, have been through those types of moments and many other just likes, the ones that you just blogged about. You talked about dumping, and it does happen very often, sometimes with out thought and sometimes with the choice of the wrong words, I am a animal and nature lover, it’s how I was raised, in part by my grandparents and life in two boys homes. Animals I trust and can see and understand them when that are in pain and when they know you are only trying to help them. There trust has always been important to me. It’s human that perplex me in ways and by there actions that I can never fully understand. I have tried and still continue to work on understand better, but I do not always make it. But with animal, I have there trust until I misuse it. I have never had a problem with an animal, like I have with humans, and because I asked them please not to do something. I am by no means a small man, and I choice not to fight because I do not want too! But because I choice not to fight, that is my right, but I would not make the mistake in to thinking that I do not know how too! I respect animal and mother nature and human until they decide to disrespect me,or the people I love, and that includes my animal that I consider and call my family.




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