Connecting Offers Opportunity

Arrogate: There is a growing Hypocrisy about numbers that we do not speak, yet post loudly!

Size does matter!! Let’s get honest, and bespeak truthfully.

Connecting, face to face and social media is about numbers, “”Having a relationship” connecting – referring – assisting and more! It is who you know and how many at the same time.

We must reform our Global Chaos. I am on a mission to talk about my research, which is more than remarkable. The necessity is to connect and share ideas. Get the juice going in conversation. Friends across the continent and other continents, Unit! Tell me what you work with, what you need, we all know people. Connect!

Trauma Recovery – TBI – PTSD – Unemployment – Homelessness – Medical – Poverty
All can be AMELIORATED through connecting

In these years of 2019-2020 we have extreme sides of life we have lost, as humans, a middle ground – humans do not form boundaries. The problems are a wide breadth, from  homelessness to multi billionaires. Good and horrifying on both ends, all different circumstances.

No one grows up dreaming of being poor and homeless. Some do grow up knowing they will achieve a billionaire status. And many humanitarians are struggling needing everyone’s cooperation.

If one country, Rwanda, can eliminate the usage of plastic, then the rest of the Earth’s human population can follow by example. Connecting!

Utah, in the US, eradicated Homelessness by 94%, the rest of the US continent has the same potential. Homelessness is as traumatizing as military soldiers confronting war. Humanity created these problems, thereby we can resolve them.

We are on the verge of over population. We are killing our wildlife at record rates unconscionably. Nature and all animals contain a balance for humans on this Earth, thereby we must learn to excel in our stewardship. And our human trash, must be a recycled product for Earth – Animal – Air – Human Safety. 

All these mentioned and more are monolithic projects which could resolve the human unemployed dilemma. Connect! Think entrepreneurial!

Connecting together the plethora of skills and undeveloped talents hidden deep inside every human. Connect!  We become creative when circumstance call for an action. Many a discussion will lead to actionable outcomes resolving an entire globe of problems. Connect! 

If you find someone who talks about similar plights, get curious and begin a conversation, a podcast, invite and initiative created to, “Get Connected”. Resolve life’s calamities we face these days.

Unemployment~ Earth dilemmas ~ entrepreneurs ~ investors come together!
Mark Twain no Degree
Mark Twain no degrees

Everyone has wisdom to offer – be willing to work together, not to judge over a piece of paper. All talents are valuable and necessary.

Let’s nor argue over Schooling  (data $$ facts) and Autodidacts (none degreed) both have their advantages, do not dismiss skill developed from curiosity, nor knowledge gained from universities.

 “Knowledge without mileage equals bullshit.” Henry Rollins

We all can create the remarkable taking small steps from despair. I did!! I had 19 Traumatic Brain Injuries, transient amnesia, a host of debilitating concussive dysfunctions, plus PTSD, which reared its hideous head when my service dog Sädé died this past March 2019.

My grief could not be consoled by a human, only with my Arabian horse. He was the only being I could talk to for five months. He listened!! And, did not give me advice!

What is remarkable, I recovered from all 15 years of trauma by being my own lab rat; there was an opportunity others could not understand.

Others did not have the experience or knowledge; I was in the midst of a scientific breakthrough, founding a therapeutic modal NBR (neural behavior recognition).

Neuroscientists in the 1950’s had labeled this process as, “Self guided neuroplasticity.” Who understands this term? More, how do we accomplish or perform such a feat? 

Having so many TBIs and amnesia, where I could remember in hindsight the days I had no identity or seemed lost in the ethers, there was an opportunity to discover. These actions and years were not easy, the road was a very lonely adventure.

To explain my brains’ function to another person would only lead to more frustration when explaining to other scientists who never had the experienced; it was up to me. What I found was, all in behavior. I plugged into my brain a “renewal position” similar to plugging into a wall socket, except this was my brain relearning through recognition and retraining both thinking through behavior.

 people need to connect with each other

There are plenty of jobs for everyone searching, be more creative and connecting, having discussions will solve many predicaments. The brain we humans have is, by design, is a creative proficient alive organ, use it!!

Beethoven, by 1820 was almost completely deaf and yet he wrote some of the most compelling music of that century! Most popular compositions were ~ Fifth symphony, the Emperor Concerto, the Eroica and Pastoral symphonies, and his only opera Fidelio. By developing his original style of music, reflecting his joy and suffering. Beethoven did not have a cell phone!!

stop limiting yourself! connect to out of the box people
Woman with Large wild Wolf

All of nature, the cosmos, all universes – planets, suns – dark matter and black holes have a job. Our universes connect, does this tell us humans a fact of life?

On our Earth, what we have termed in our ignorant past are the most unlikely animals caring for each other. It is natural to care for each other, no matter the species. Living in Colorado we have an abundance of wildlife, and my dogs and I have gone hiking many miles through the Rocky Mountains, watching life live in peace together. Nature does not have a Trader Joes, there is a degree of hunting for food only, NO WASTE and NO PLASTIC! 


Let’s learn from our Earths and Animal nature – Connect fearlessly – create jobs together, there are plenty of investors who would enjoy teaming up, they are not hidden on LinkedIn – most are very visible.




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