No Prejudice

My first Rottweiler was a children’s therapeutic dog, visiting and playing with hundreds of kids, all screaming and running, hugging and jumping on her, Seybrook loved every moment, she lived for 14.5 years. Seybook, when finding abandoned kittens, her body automatically came into her milk and would nurse. 

I never felt safer in this world as I had with my Rottweilers, and the reason why I have chosen a Rottie for my next service dog. He will be part of my research, “The Healing Animals Offer.” Traveling with me to hospitals and elderly homes. The remarkable dog touches our hearts, while transferring behavioral signals to the brain, wellness and comfort fills our bodies.

#WednesDogDay is to consider adoption for life. Please consider being loved for life no matter if you are an uneasy person to be around, a Dog does not judge these attributes in humans. A working dog will know their job better than the human knows its own needs.

What a dog will forever bring to a human life: My Rottweilers were great to nap with, all three Rotties and I would curl up on a loveseat. It was warm!

Loyalty, Acceptance, Love, Joyfulness, Companionship, They Listen without judgement or advice, dogs comfort when humans have harsh times never relinquishing their attention – Dogs stick it out through bad moods or traumatic events, where humans leave, without a moment’s hindsight.

Dogs have tolerated and still love some humans who give minutia care or attention.

A dog’s expectations are simple: to be fed, walked, played with and cared for. And to be held lovingly when their final moments of death comes knocking at their dog moment. How hard is this loving act?

“I trust my Dog’s instincts first” I read this quote, and it is true. A dog ~ horse or cat (and birds) immediately sense when a human is a good loving person or to stay away. Many dog owners trust their dog instincts first, due to their intellect and phenomenal sensory perceptions in their nose and how they perceive humans at a seconds glance.

Dogs know when a human is in trouble, or is about ready to have a seizure ~ panic or heart attack and more. We humans cannot live without our Dogs!

And yet, there are thousand abused, left in back trashed yards with no water, hot chains around their neck that have burned their skin. Abandoned till the point of starvation and often losing their sight or crushed living in pain – once founded a limb will be removed. And yet, these dogs become phenomenal therapeutic dogs; dogs never harbour a grudge, instead it is Love for an entire lifetime.

#WednesDogDay is a reminder we have an over domesticate animal population! We humans are responsible for the over abundance in humane/kill  shelters, abandoned, abused, no affordable adoption for medium income homes. Some rescue operations are literally impossible to work with their demands.

We want dogs to have loving homes, it does not matter if the human earns 6 figures!

Over 600,000 dogs are killed every year in the US due to overpopulation. There are many agencies who attempt with all efforts from fundraising to enormous vet care to training and home visits from volunteers.

All dogs stream from the wolf, “Man’s First Friends” a powerful epic documentary.

Is this your future best life long friend? Who will be happy when you get home from work?

Wag its tail so hard his butt will be wiggling in joy! Time for a walk and special dinner treats. One is never lonely, play on the floor, toss a toy. The joy a dog is never demanding, only loving.

Please consider adoption or rescue dogs. They want to love you!




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