Revolution!~Manners Please!

Repulsed is how Ladies feel! This is our Revolution!

Men keep your hands to yourself! Be careful how you speak, or treat us Ladies!

A Rebel Call for Proper Behavior on Social Media, in the Office, Walking down the street or in a bar!

Men keep your hands to yourself and watch your words!

Manners!! There are decent proper ways in introducing oneself on social media and in person.

Are you about to harass a “Prospective Lady” who you wish to acquire attention?

Think twice and don’t be an idiot.

We live in ever changing society with woman firmly planted in the workplace, CEO’s to cashiers, Police Personnel to Army, and Navy Seal.

Men, it is time you treat ladies with respect!

Denials and playing coy and innocent, are no longer acceptable!

The following are: inappropriate to sickening first introductions or emails, I copied throughout my days on social media.

The worst I have received: An in-mail:

HI, I ‘m using my friends Karnens profile on LI site and happy to be chatting with you, found your picture and profile I am glad we connect thru my friend Karen I have a [bonnerlooking at your photo, being able to chat with you! 

My immediate reply was:  get you language into an appropriate venue or you are reported for obscenities!

I told him to stop, there. I was engaged in other conversations, not paying close attention; later returning to ‘in-mail” and found; he still was chatting away about himself, highly inappropriate pictures of himself drinking beer, bad language, misspelling, horrible sentence structure all about [himself!] How wonderful he thought he was, while explaining what he wanted to do to me! YUK!  Creepy ~ Repugnant!

I Reported and Blocked him. Idiot! 

“Men! you are not appealing behaving this way; get a clue!

At first I was nice, why? I was busy chatting in another post, finding a macabre male, nauseating conversation ,he thinks lures me in. It is abhorrent and antagonistic!

Forgetting my own article on Sexual Harassment “LinkedIn Is Not a Dating Site – Sexual Harassment” I caught myself  working too many hours, my brain and body severely fatigued, not thinking properly!

Some comments are slithery, cybercrimes and sexual connotations go unnoticed.  Some might be innocent, don’t take chances, there are millions of contacts online; the rule is: If you feel uncomfortable, something in gnawing internally, guttural instincts, leave! Harassing or Fraud. “” From a CyberCrime expert online, NYC; Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D., “

Here is a great example where there could be favorable intentions, giving me all his information in the first contact.

[Actual email]:  I’ve been fortunate to meet exceptional people on Lixxxxxx and you honor me with your connection, Michele! I’ve visited your profile and endorsed several of your many skills. Should you ever be in Houston and enjoy expanding your professional network by meeting people face-to-face, attend the Houston XxxxxxXxxxx$ Breakfast any Wednesday, 7:15 to 8:30 a.m. It’s a not-for-profit business development co-op in its 35th year. 45,200+ people have attended! More information or reservations here: BTW, you’ll be asked to stand and introduce yourself and your interests. If you’re comfortable with public speaking, we’d be delighted to book you as our Featured Speaker for a future meeting. You can find me on Skype (ID is Xxxx.kxxxx) or call me at 7×3.9xx.7xxx should you have questions. Subscribe to the weekly XXXXXpreXXXX here: We grow companies, advance careers and move new ideas forward. Please be in touch should you know of a need. Again, thank you, sincerely,

My reply: Please do not contact me again. Why you men think we ladies should be so enamored with your numbers and phone number and face to face. Did you not teach your children “beware of strangers” which never worked? However, to me you are that person at this moment! Regrettably, MicheleElys

His reply: Good Lord, Woman! With that attitude, why be on LinkedIn?

I do not Capitulate:  That is exactly what we ladies do not appreciate, you attempting to have me kowtow to you hubris attitude when it comes to being  a professional lady!

Well I was Wrong this time!  And when I am wrong, I stand up to my mistakes and “apologies! This gentleman was sincere in his reaching out, lending me a great opportunity if I were in Houston on any particular Wednesday that I might be in Houston to have a schedule on stage speech. As a lady and the honour and integrity which I hold, and being taught by some great leaders, “Always take the high road MicheleElys and apologise.” This day I will be call this gentleman and writing a email with “My apologies” no excuses! 

The manipulation in turning conversations on me, as if it were my fault, is an old school tactic!! Do not acquiesce to this behavior.  Do not “Apologies for your instincts!” 

Unless you are wrong, than be a lady and offer the gracious reparation.

Caution is your best offense. You can “Ignore, Mute, Come Back, or Block.”

This has plagued women for centuries, from before the Biblical stake burnings, to modern day, where we  little girls are told we are bossy, as a negative connotation, to – being grabbed  at on the sidewalks by a stranger.

Here are more off colour to down right atrocious comments, I have copied from my social medias:

  1. I used to be an organisational psychologist till my bloods turned to AIDS again sadly, which is now just HIV pos thank goodness Side Note If I may  Do you believe in right to marry no matter if it’s hetrosexual or homosexual
  2. [Directly to my business email which I had taken off some time ago:]  I was so Intrigue when I saw your profile. You have a beautiful picture. Permit me to communicate better with you since God has made us to come across each other. I’m interested in knowing more about you. What is your goal and dream in life? Below are my pictures. Regards, Roberto Sxxxxxx President Robxxxxx Oil Services Website: Thanks for the connection on LI. I was so Intrigue when I saw your profile. You have a beautiful picture. Website:   Rxxxxxxxt Oil & Gas Services

And my response to #2: This was highly inappropriate, you found me on LinkedIn you will be blocked and reported. This is not a dating site. You will also be blocked from my email. How DARE YOU!! Infringe on my personal life, and mention my appearances and not be integral. This is a professional site, go to a dating site and never ever contact me again!

Follow up, I searched for this person online and found no such, he lied, as those who send out “You have millions $$ waiting for you” emails!

Men stop this behavior, it is not attractive and we educated, emancipated ladies do not like the belligerent attention.

Men! It’s a picture of us! That is all, just a picture.  Our IQs are not equal to our shoes size; we ladies are not interested in Idiots!!  


Here are a few more statements to wary of: 

  1. Are you interested in talking with me about financial security? 
  2. I have IT specialist in India I have many websites 20-years+! The God I serve is international! 
  3. Dear Michelle, Yes, it would be fun to chat with you sometime. Maybe early in January we can toss some ideas up and see what comes down. Kind regards, Rxxx Hexxxrsxx Falls Church, VA 22044 mail: 
  4. If you have a direct number, it would be nice to chat
  5.  Hi What’s new?
  6. It would be great if you share your Email Id so that I can send you a detailed mail about the process, or if you want I can share you the detailed information here on LinkedIn. For more details visit To become our Partner it is very simple , just you have to fill in the application and sign up for free and you will receive login credentials to the LXX in your e-mail.

Last, A Recent Stalker: who wrote and wrote and wrote emails to me, about himself and then, went to everyone of my contacts, where I had posted a comment or even a simple Like, and “Liked” me everywhere and everyone! He has since been deleted from Google, the job where he posted did not have any photos of him and has been deleted from all social media. I have a screen shot of him. The following was the beginning of his first in-mail to me:

  • I’ve done over 3000 admissions into detox and high psych treatment. I’ve met at least 4 people who claim to be Jesus. You know what the Jesus’s had in common? They liked to get naked and play in traffic. Almost everyone of them.

Later, seeing more than 100 Likes and continuing to escalate in 24 hours, I warned many who had a slight conversation with this person. He got scared and began deleting his comments, but not before I could get some screenshots, report and blocked him.

Last, an innocent off colour comment that was meant to support, however, it was once again eluding to my appearances. 

I was told to: “Use your beauty to attract people and put up videos with your beauty”

I knew the man his supportive intentions were pure. My appearance has nothing to do with my knowledgeable expertise! Same for all Women/Ladies!

When I was a teens, due to my families Leadership influential milleur, part of stage – film, authoritative military there were well known personas in our lives. At a large party, a man came from behind me and slap my 16 year old derriere! I swung around with my arm poised for a huge slap, he walked too quickly away laughing; it was Dean Martin! To this day, I think Dean’o is scum, how dare he hit my 16 year old bottom!!

How dare you touch my body! To this day, my anger remains for his audacity in touching me!

Keep your hands to yourself. 

Rethink what you are about to say!


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About the Author: MicheleElys is a Neurobehaviorist ~ Writer ~ Educator ~ Keynote Speaker.

Concussions are a huge drain in the workplace!” 4-6 week training program relieving the agony of TBIs and concussions. 

Founder of NBR [neural behavior recognition]. A recovery model for Trauma/TBI Improvement, Recovery to maintenance, Need a Consult? Connect with MicheleElys email LinkedIn, 

MicheleElys All Rights Reserved©

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  1. ickering says:

    I wonder if this behavior EVER gets a positive response. Here is my favorite frog. Thank you for expressing your thoughts as revolution. the whole movement needs to be thought of like this. Good job, Micheleelys.

    Liked by 2 people

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