This is for You!! SMILE ~ Giggle

This is for you, to make you SMILE this day.  Keep that smile and pass it along to everyone you see and greet this day!

Have a day that matters, a day to take a risk of two, a day to stretch and take a higher road. If find yourself feeling low, think of a Mountain range, hug a puppy smells its puppy breath, adopt a homeless animal for life, Give something that is priceless to a homeless person with Gratitude and Thank them! And!! Give Thanks to everyone


Due to the exceptional compassion, loyalty and instinctual acceptance dogs embody. I have begun my research how they benefit and help heal so many humans from trauma, abuse, war participation, TBIs – PTSD and much more. The traumas of our world, dogs are readily to accept a human in their lives and adapt, giving us humans the resilience to learn and move forwards. A wondrous opportunity to understand and be with so many animals other than dogs. Thank you!!



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About the Author: MicheleElys is a Writer/ Keynote Speaker/Educator/ Neuro behaviorist/ Social Architect. Educating Innovative Solutions for Human & Animal wellness in servitude. Founder of NBR [neural behavior recognition]. A recovery modal for Trauma/TBI Improvement to Recovery and maintenance for post concussive syndromes, PTSD and Transient Amnesia.

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