Life is Twisted; Time To Take Charge!

“I wish people cared as much about the earth as they do about who they think created it!”

We have a multitude of critical crises occurring on this planet! And, these crises filter into our lives; where are we focusing?


Recently, an online friend posted this photo and it garnished many resounding resonating  replies.

Life is hard and getting more difficult for many!

Time for some overall awareness, we are all in this together no matter where you live on Earth.


Here is a short list:

  1. Major climate catastrophic events that will not change unless we take action in this decade, Let’s not be too harsh….a great article from Anthony Doerr: “We Were Warned!”
  2. Homelessness figures in the millions, an all time high and more on the brink of disaster
  3. Joblessness! There may be many jobs and plenty of people to fill all those jobs, How do we get interviewed & hired? Martin Screeton lends an in depth view on our personal sustainability.
  4. Starvation: grocery stores and restaurants toss out enough food everyday to feed the entire planet
  5. Medical……Oy Vey Costs are outrageous and those whom we paid to protect our health are For Profit business! LOGIC?
  6. Domestic animal over population: Yes this is a crises, thousands of sweet would be pets are daily euthanized. Start by shutting down the pup mills!
  7. Floating plastic island killing our ocean mammals and fish; Brian Skerry The Ocean Glory and Horror
  8. Endangered species and wildlife: Over this past decade we have lost over 50,000 species.
  9. And personal relationships!

Back to the drawing of our life (??) and why many of us are not getting along with own lives! And possibly; why we are feeling rather poorly about ourselves. It could be all the complaining and no action! Lack of awareness and blaming instead of taking action. Life is hard, we have to make choices which aids us towards bettering our lives.

The good news is: We Can Fix All These Problems! How?

First knowing, We Created All of Them!

OUCH! Humans are to blame? YES, we did this to ourselves!

Ever go into an expensive restaurant (any eatery) and scoff at the homeless person who is begging for help, starving? Did you offer them anything? Maybe purchase a meal (to go) – Wish them to go away? Go where? They are homeless! We are judgemental, out of fear! It could happen to most all of us. This is terrifying, time we cared about each other.

Looking deeper at the Homeless problem! It is just as critical as Climate Calamities, for the recent hurricanes and monsoons have left thousands homeless. The insurance companies are withholding funds to rebuild or not paying at all. Need more construction crew, but need the reimbursement first. Or do we fix the climate problems, which we are culpable, First? Yes it all seems to be, the drawing above and it’s stressful! Living in Denial, none of this affects my life syndrome is not going to solve our problems!

Once again, look at LIFE’s path drawing; it’s really twisted!

Where is our focus? Complaining about Millenniums?All generations of my time have not paid attention to the scientists, or the homeless person or the dog lying on the street taking their last breath.

One thing at a time, everyday, take action with one changeable action.

Two days ago I heard about this sweet looking dog with soft gentle eyes. Obviously in dire distress!

The person who owned him, starved him almost to death!

The dog ate it’s tail to survive!

He is now in protective medical custody. I have search to find if he will be adoptable eventually. I give a damn about the dog and I give a damn about the homeless and our planet crises.

Which do we choose? All of them!

If you want air to breathe, food to eat, a job to have a home!

How a few ideas!

  1. Recycle! Animal cans, all cans and plastics. All computers and cell phones which leave a huge footprint of toxins in the landfills!
  2. Use Bio-degradable (hint – Method cleaning products made from plant life, it works and less expensive)
  3. Quit driving gas guzzling cars
  4. Adopt a pet for their life time
  5. Pick up that stray animal and find a home for the animal. There are many people who abandon animals to fend for themselves on the streets. Domestic pets do not have this capacity, it’s Cruel!
  6. This Earth is no one’s trash pile. Pick up your own trash.
  7. Carry “care packages” in your car. Little cans of animal food, sandwiches, drinks and a bit of cash (Homeless care)

Give with Dignity! If a person is in pain, don’t sluff them off, care enough to listen and tell them you care, maybe take them out to lunch, coffee, grocery shopping.

Never criticize a person for their life position. You could be next!

Give a person a break from the stresses of Life. Life hits us all and no one is exempt.

Last! Medical! UGH how to fix?  Some people are coming up with ingenious ways. Here to speak on the subject is Dr. Phil Mitchell. I met Dr. Phil (yeah had to say this), this past July at a Denver TedX talk. Wonderfully likeable-eager man with more than an incredible idea.

The ER house call for the 21st century | Phil Mitchell | TEDxMileHigh

Now the rest of unraveling is up to you. We all live on the same planet, let’s start seeing each other as neighborly comrades working diligently in making life a “Happy Experience.”


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