Holiday Blues!!

Oh YEAH, it’s the Holiday!!  Christmas decorations are out before Halloween, woohoo. Here it Comes, the capitalistic Happy Holiday of the year and Holiday Blues!

Holiday Blues are more common than most people acknowledge. The stats, well, none of us believe in statistics, simply look around. More drinking, more one night stands, more arguments, depression, more money problems, people going into more debt feeling obligated.

This is NOT to bring you down, this is an “Alert to be Aware” of our behaviors. And if you are having a Blue Holiday, listen up, you are in the norm!

Don’t get to depressed, slow down!

Most people do not have… “That perfect family and the joy of seeing each other!”

Honestly, I have known only Three perfect families in my life time, they were amazing! One neighbor from long ago here in Denver. And, some in Europe where I did spent many happy moments, it was not my family! 

Nonetheless, depression does escalate for many during the Holidays. This is a time of year to be inventive in our kind actions.

  1. Slow down in traffic, realise it is going to be slow and enjoy a lesser frantic pace
  2. If you party, have a designated driver, or only have 1 (one) alcoholic drink, or not drink! Arrive home safe
  3. Remember old friends, find them on social media and send them a reminder note, get together
  4. Be creative in joining in and joining up – tour a winery!
  5. And for New Years resolutions: think of “Ideas” only. Watch more TedTalks!

For many people, Holidays are a Dreaded time. Family – Friends, everyone seems so busy, talking about their plans for the Holidays, not being aware of those who are quietly removing themselves from the conversation or the office water cooler. They become Shamed!! Practice conscious Kindness.

Holiday Blues are common and Shameful!

Why? Because we have rules, and those rules are, “It’s the Holidays you must be happy!”  This is wishful Hollywood thinking! Be yourself ~ Blend Out!

Remember – There are different Holidays for all cultures; get involved and learn more about our wonderful diverse world.

If one or three days annually, are the designated “Be kind” days, we are missing out on some wonderful life’s considerate adventures. What about the other 362 days of the year?

Kindness! has become a necessary buzz word. Kindness is an small act, all of us can be successful in achieving for rest of life!

Shopping is not that fun during the holidays, it’s crowded and people seem to be a little frantic.

What is fun, calling someone out of the Blue (!!) “Let’s go hiking, the mountains are filled with snow, or the apple orchard has fresh cider, and, I found this really great tiny restaurant, and it’s vegetarian, right up your alley with French food!”  Smiling Gratitude!

The small things count!

Now let’s talk about the Pet Gift!

Not a good idea!


Fur family takes a good month to acclimate to new environments coming from a shelter pound! (You are adopting from the humane society, Right?)

The rush of unfamiliar strangers gathering in a dog or cats’ new home is overwhelming! This is not to anthropomorphize  animals. They have different feelings and adjustments times from shelter. As we do when moving locations or new jobs.

Visit your local Humane Society between the holidays, giving your new loving pet at least a month to devote time in becoming a new “Family member” in training and, especially, showing them how much you love them! Make conscious decisions regarding pet adoption. And Please adopt your pet for their lifetime! They will unconditionally accept and love you their entire life!

Back to the human: What makes us feel better?

  1. Recognition!
  2. Words of warmth and sincerity. Invitations where a person will not feel overwhelmed meeting 20 strangers!!
  3. Having some real close time together catching up
  4. Caring words and intentions
  5. Unexpected gifts, NOT on that one Holiday day!

Catch up with people and be sincere.

Most of all …..Listen to their stories!

Share a simple yet monumental moment, listening and sharing quietly,  deepening your friendship or new trusting relationship.

We truly are not that estranged from each other, rather, we have encapsulate ourselves in a safe area of life that is manageable.

I know, I’m an introvert, and I was an only child growing up around the world. Great exposure, lousy for long term relationships.

Join up: make a strangers’ day by starting a friendly conversation with – Hi ! (wearing a sincere smile). You may meet your next supporting Best friend!

And that “Plus 1 party, take a friend, not a hopeful playmate!Introduce each other – be genuinely appreciative. These behaviors are felt deeply.

The Gift idea: Instead of the unlimited gifts under the tree for the kids, boy or girl friend – family.

  1. Purchase “Charitably” for the local Humane society and make a dog or cat really happy with a nice loving visit, include your children
  2. Donate that money to a homeless shelter
  3. Help a person off the streets, give them a meal or two and cash, include your children!
  4. Keep some bags of dog food and sandwiches in your car, with an envelope with some cash, give these to the corner homeless person.

No one grows up wishing to be poor or homeless, including animals! This is a sensitive time of year, be sensitive to others! Our world is not perfect, yet we could make our world feel a bit kinder each day through these Holidays!

If you are in Colorado, you might see me riding my Arabian horse with a HUGE SMILE! If you know me on social media and you are in Colorado, give a shout out!


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About the Author: MicheleElys is a Neurobehaviorist ~ Writer ~ Educator ~ Keynote Speaker.

Concussions are a huge drain in the workplace!” 4-6 week training program relieving the agony of TBIs and concussions. 

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