Officer, Gentleman, Commander – Thank You!

Thank you for your service! Is not Enough to Say!

Thank you for the years you offer in honorable commitment to people around the world.

My heart tears and eyes tear when knowing many of our veterans still suffer for giving their lives. Please note We do appreciate what you have done in service to our people and country!

Thank you for the Distinction you brought our country and stood beside your fallen fellow men in combat. And Thank You for serving in the US and aboard.

Thank you for bringing home homeless dogs and showing, you are able to lay down a gun to carry more than your share, a beautiful injured dog to safety, bringing it back to your home, continuing the Vital Integrity you have freely offer throughout your lifetime.

Please accept our apologies for failing so many veterans through all the 100’s of years of wars, for not giving you proper medical care, jobs and homes. Many of us are working on this malady in our world. And many of us really Give a Damn!

This is a day to remember, honor and give to our veteran soldiers, but not just this day, remember them everyday. For many still are at war inside themselves. None of us can imagine the realities of war, the blood, the casualties on both sides.

Please, everyday, open your heart and not judge, we must stand and salute for our veteran soldiers have accomplished more, they gave their lives for millions of strangers in Honour!

Thank you Soldier and War Dog.

There will never be enough we can say or offer to make up for what you have given to all of us!

I am military child of an Officer, Gentleman and Commander. My father was Poised, Generous, Kind and a Kick Ass Commander!

And I am my Father’s Daughter!

My Words to you now that you have gone: I saw the pain you held in for decades. The poise you brought to my life, and never to relinquish honor or integrity. I could hear your unspoken words, what war does to any mans’ or woman’s’ self; and that is why I became the woman that I am today.  I stand in your shadow, yet with the same power in leadership you taught me silently, over the years; “treat all mankind with respect! No one is truly your enemy! Speak up and speak from your real internal self and do not back down. Be honorable and loyal and most of all Live your own Life! Thank you Dad!!


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About the Author: MicheleElys is a Neurobehaviorist ~ Writer ~ Educator ~ Keynote Speaker.

Concussions are a huge drain in the workplace!” 4-6 week training program relieving the agony of TBIs and concussions. 

Founder of NBR [neural behavior recognition]. A recovery model for Trauma/TBI Improvement, Recovery to maintenance, Need a Consult? Connect with MicheleElys email LinkedIn, 

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