Abandonment! Adversity! Success!

Abandonment affects all creatures, dogs and humans alike; all suffer the same consequences!

Loss of self!

The loss is so grievous, it can affect a human for a life time!

This is Moses, an abandoned puppy, less than six weeks of age, his emotion is clear! The devastating emotional loss shows in this face and body.  When dogs are given up, or abandoned on the streets, this is a homeless crisis. The same is for Humans when we are abandoned to homelessness or joblessness or even adoption as a child.

Lose is bottomless grief!

First, the story of a sweet puppy named Moses the Pit-bull, who was abandoned.

Moses, a very sweet affectionate PitBull was being given up for the second time in his life to a shelter.

As a volunteer watched the despondent Moses, she asked Why? The family was moving to a new home where dogs were not allowed. The choice was hard.

The story was posted on Facebook, and of course there were outpourings of negative and positive venues; we humans travel the emotional bandwidth.

A new family came into the shelter and adopted Moses. There will be time for adjustment for Moses, this was a devastating loss and Trust will followed by the warmth of love!

The same for humans when we are abandoned, loss of home and job or given up for adoption. The consequences causes a deep affliction, a mental disheartening.

Homelessness occurs when society no longer Gives a Damn!

Results from climate and earth disasters, medical and job loss are major emotional contributions to the stated of abandonment, leading to homelessness.

Not being able to obtain a job when extremely qualified: employment in our society plays a major factor in belonging in community and personal relations. We have a critical crises in human despondency;  what to do?


First, start by Caring! 



For humans, the transition from devastating loss, major adversity is not easily removed from embedded deepest fears.  Our reactions are clear when a homeless person stands on a corner, most look away. Thankfully, some who have the means to give a care package stored in their car and money.

We set up our society where being part of the status-quo lends a ticket of acceptability in order to allow humans to be part of community and relationships. Relationships, our support system, be it family – friends – job relationships – job culture and all the comforts a job brings, such as a home, food, safe shelter is our acceptable means by way of how we see people should live!

But what of the millions who fall through the cracks. This conundrum is tricky, for everyone is exposed to the fallibility of our systems we have in our society’s network. We are vulnerable, even if one is a millionaire! Don’t be smug in this category, thinking these problems will by pass you and your family. Remember 2008 and the Bank Bailouts?

During and after the Bank bailouts. Over 20 Million people lost their homes, jobs and self respect. Senator Elizabeth Warren has vehemently criticized Wells Fargo for their egregious activities and demanded repayment in millions of dollars and the resignation of the CEO!

Jobs are plentiful, on GlassDoor.com, reporting for Colorado alone over 174,000+ jobs listed, from 11,000+ employers. Greater Denver area has 65,000+ growing jobs. And the average medium age these jobs are targeting: 35!!! Ageism is now a controversy no one wishes to talk about!

Ageism is at an all time high. Most companies will not look at anyone over 37 years of age!

Reality check: the ugly side of Denver’s job growth is the cost of living. Rentals start at $200 per square foot, most one bedroom rentals start at $1600 and up, (paying jobs do not support our high living costs). Purchasing a home goes to the highest bidder in less than a week. A non-sustainable housing crisis with a downside: over 3000 people going homeless each month.

Another crisis looming. We have broken systems without checks and balances – shortsightedness, without amelioration.

Researching through hundreds of reviews, jobs are lacking the talent which comes from years of experience; engagement leadership in cross-fit through all company departments. Solution: BabyBoomers and Generation X – they are the engagement leaders! Together with accomplished judicious years in business, failures and many success, amalgamate visionary Millenniums; creates prosperous knowledgeable teams.

  1. Where to obtain these open jobs. GlassDoor, LinkedIn, State, The Muse: targets 35 year old and under!
  2. Time to team up creative entrepreneurs!
  3. Technology arenas run the gamut in Colorado for Tech-no-geeks.
  4. Google, Amazon, MS, IBM, Schwab, Best Version Media and many more.
  5. Ya can’t beat the Rocky Mountains or the Broncos……and over 5000 incredible Denver restaurants.

How does this help those still reeling from a lifetime of loss? And, how do Humans rise from adversity?

By taking the sour lemon and making lemon custard cake, or in Ben and Jerry’s Fudge Brownie ice cream, it began as a mistake!

Adversity knocks on the door, an Opportunity is viable from a different perspective!

Dig Deep into Determination seeing a way back with ideas continually evolving; Leaders are born out of the ashes. Adversity can be the elixir that propels people to success, as Ashley Tyrner who is on a mission to help others.”

Adversity comes in all size packages: Being adopted as a baby or as an abandoned young child, both have long lasting deep devastating affects. We are left with a lingering question, as Moses the sweet PitBull. Are we not lovable and acceptable? What did we do wrong? We are all loved by someone and we have done nothing wrong! This is life.

Everyone who lives successfully has had adversity to overcome and conquer, inside. Diversity is a fulcrum in life when we must look for what we have never seen. Being vulnerable is tough, asking for help – we cringe. The other person might have an idea where we are not looking, Create on others creations. Take a leaders step, seeing the forward motion from the backside.


In some cases, as some friends who lost their high paying jobs in Wall Streets debacle, had their homes foreclosed on by Wells Fargo in the years to come. Now, starting over at the age of 50, they rent and have lesser stressed jobs. The grief and despair is replaced with different lives, self esteem renews.

Most hide the adversity due  to shame. For we all fear the emotion shame of Loss!

  1. Forward motion – seeing something new, building upon acquired knowledge
  2. Ask for help. Ask for ideas. One step at a time a friend told me, she was right. Some steps can be accomplished quickly!
  3. Allow yourself to be human – know each day you can overcome one more segment of misfortune
  4. Read, search and be around caring people who are successful in their own right
  5. Be real, let the shame go by the wayside, know in your heart, you had success in the past, you will succeed again
  6. Libraries are great sources for information from the Librarians to free computer time. They CARE!
  7. Overcome Roadblocks, read how many others have broken through! Entrepreneurial CEO Chelsea Berler
  8. Embrace your individual self and shine yourself!

Our very human society must change the way we see Humanity. No individual is unconquerable! Age carries great wisdom! For age has traveled the roads in accomplishing success.

  1. Be Caring!
  2. Carry some bags of food, dog food, utensils and cash in an envelop in your car. Give Freely!

Care enough to not abandon a living creature you see in need, including humans. It is heartbreaking for the world at large.

As Moses found his new home, developed trust and became his original affection Pitbull self, so do Humans. Care for all humans!


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About the Author: MicheleElys is a Neurobehaviorist ~ Writer ~ Educator ~ Keynote Speaker.

Concussions are a huge drain in the workplace!” 4-6 week training program relieving the agony of TBIs and concussions. 

Founder of NBR [neural behavior recognition]. A recovery model for Trauma/TBI Improvement, Recovery to maintenance, Need a Consult? Connect with MicheleElys email LinkedIn,  MicheleElys.com 

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