Death by Cell Phone

Yesterday was the fifth time this year I prevented my death!! My Dogs’ and my death would have occurred due to a cell phone users.

On a dangerously busy Broadway Avenue in Colorado, a six lane road crossing under C470, next to one of the deadliest intersections; all vehicles were at a full stop! Finally, the green arrow for our two lanes turn from red to Go. Proceeding a few feet forward to slamming on my brakes. My reaction was expedited with such force, my dog fell off her back seat onto the back floor, safely! I strong-armed my horn in sync with the SUV beside me, while both lanes behind us came to a full stops!

A tall teen-aged boy looking down at his cell, in the fourth oncoming lane, ran the red light. He did not notice all four lanes, at a full long stop! He barely looked up not hearing our horns blasting. Instead, he kept speeding to his next awaiting victim. Stats: 6 out of 10 teen crashes involve driver distraction.

My reactions are accelerated due to having Arabian horses. Arabians are noted for quick movements with agile footing while weighing over 1100 pounds. Horses spook easily, I have learned to move quickly working with my Arabians. They can crush any person, but not as deadly as a cell phone user, driving a car! 

“No cell usage while driving laws are ineffectual!


Earlier this year, a school bus pulled behind me as the yellow light was turning red without stopping. If I had not been aware of her accelerated speed potentially rear-ending my car, and also, my decision to drive through the yellow turning red light, both my dog and I would be dead.

The woman school bus driver was on a cell phone, (thankfully), no children in the bus. Moving to the third lane I watched her drive for about five minutes.  She continued the unconscious, prime searching for her next rear-end victim. If I called 911, then I would be on the phone with my head facing downward, taking my focus away from the heavy traffic to ID her.

In April at a stop light, parked next to a huge black shinny new truck waiting for the lights to intermittently change on a 5 lane road, heading north, I glanced in my rear-view mirror checking traffic. A huge white van was speeding towards the truck and my car’s rear-end, straight down the marked medium line of the road.

Being first in line at the light, I drove up a few feet forward with a slight merge into the two left turning lanes, while avoiding the pedestrian walking across the 5 lanes.

The man and white van came full speed into the truck, only slightly scratching my car. I heard him curing on his cell phone as he crashed. If I had not moved, my dog would have been killed and I would have been seriously injured if not dead.

These are only a few examples! My Dog and I are still Alive!

Take responsibility! Turn the Cell phone OFF Before Driving!

The call you eagerly wish to hear from, bleeping from your cell phone – will be available (forever) on Voice Mail; every phone has this feature! The text you want to send, can be sent once your car is parked and you have dodged a crashed or killing a family.

We use to wait till arriving home to listen to our phone machines, why can’t we simply wait for a call or text by turning off the cell while driving and not being harmful?

If listening to directions, only listen! Put the cell phone in a place you can only hear the directions, no one can read that tiny screen.  Listening is a great skill and safer.

Be Safe For Everyone’s Sake!

We all have lives to live and not from wheelchairs. Could we have a week’s test drive, by turning OFF the cell phones before entering and starting our cars? Could this idea generated around the world?

If an incoming call is absolutely important, then make this an important personal rule: wait until you are safe before picking up your cell phone by driving your car off the road. The life spared will be yours! And the relationship from whence the call came, will not mourn your death! Aren’t your children or the other drivers on the road equally as important? Live to see your family and friends and not text while driving.

Live your life – turn off cell phones when driving!


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About the Author: MicheleElys is a Neurobehaviorist ~ Writer ~ Educator ~ Keynote Speaker.

Concussions are a huge drain in the workplace!” 4-6 week training program relieving the agony of TBIs and concussions. 

Founder of NBR [neural behavior recognition]. A recovery model for Trauma/TBI Improvement, Recovery to maintenance, Need a Consult? Connect with MicheleElys email LinkedIn, 

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