Change The Rules In Order To Hire A Human

Recently, I made a difficult decision – placing myself back in the Job Market. This is what I found.

It’s a Hunt into endless Job Board searches and Black Hole applications.

Many job descriptions are a bunch of words smashed together from Webster’s dictionary that make no sense. The reading experience is the same as listening to a Politician explaining what good they will do if voted for.

I am left with: What does this company want, an equally wordy person?

Non-Discriminatory Age factor: I found in a Company’s Mission statement – “We are a company of Young People.” Along with age boxes to be check where a number cuts off at midlife. One more elusive merry-age-go-round question: how many accumulated years of experience do you have. A bit more to Ageism: The recently wrote a terrible article, stating people 60 and over; “so you have no computer skills, gaps in work history and no skills, how do you get back to work? (I wrote back and stated, “you just pronounced your grandparents as worthless with no value. How old would Steve Jobs be,  Bill Gates, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and what about Warren Buffet?

Race! Why are there groups of boxes to be checked, including “I do not wish to answer this question” box? If asking for a Race description, is discriminatory?

I appear to be the minority; “White or homogenized milk with freckles!” I am not, I am in the “Other” category. And if I checked the “I Do Not Wish to Answer this Question” box, would I be Deleted? If in fact someone was reviewing my resume and skills out of the black hole.

Health issues! Have you ever had any in this list? Or, have you ever been diagnosed with?

I want to write: “No, I am bionic (which is true after several surgeries). And, I am Artificial Intelligence! I have never been in any kind of therapy, I have no feelings what so ever, never been stressed, never felt anxious nor fear or sadness, never felt a tear roll down my cheek bones after my dog or horse or my parents died. NOTHING! I am PERFECT! I am a robot.

The innumerous certifications and licensures. Who wrote up all these class syllabuses, (??) for what life once offered in common sense as we lived? And is there an acronym dictionary?

Clearance: If an application states Clearance necessary, forget it! There are 3 types of Clearances and the backlog is over 700,000 and NOT counting. For the backlog had escalated so high as of this past April 2017, the Feds quit counting!

Is there a gap in your resume? My answer: I sat on a Toad Stool and thought how I should answer these questions about my skills being Unaged AI

Educational requirements: To wash toilets and vacuum we want a BS, MS and PhD candidate!

What companies need are: Skilled People with experience! We have feelings and have had adversity. It’s called Life! We may have had parking tickets or had ID theft, these could be interesting stories, offering a company a skilled interesting person!

Our computers and addictive Smart phones are not communicating with each other, thereby the Job Market is on hold!

There are countless people who are more than qualified for All these posted Jobs with Brilliant ideas (and sense of humor), who would augment any company’s growth and value, if we could communicate as AI through computer black holes.

There are equally as many jobs available and coming available, for as many people who are searching!

  1. Talk to someone who might know a person in a company you are interested in, or call for an informational interview.
  2. LinkedIn is a great source for jobs and internal networks, use it with a common respectful advantage.
  3. Respect others time at work in leaving your voice mail with a clear “Short reason” why you are calling with your phone number twice.
  4. Review all the skills you have and how you put them to use with your purposeful passion.
  5. READ earnestly! prospective jobs Websites such as GlassDoor, how they dissect companies is excellent along with personal reviews!! LinkedIn is a great cross-reference resource and,
  6. Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You (Cal Newport)READ!
  7. Be clear on your target and what benefits you bring to the table, this is your confidence speaking!
  8. Let Go of Perfection. Make your perfect job using your accelerating skills as you work each day. This is called self-directed neuroplasticity or Follow your skills and the passion will follow.

Following Liz Ryan founder of the Human Workplace helped a great deal in some areas. When it came to state agencies or those involved with governmental contracts, the Black Hole was more impenetrable. Calling one state agency, I was given an opportunity to speak with one very professional lady, her advice was, “There are jobs coming up this month, keep trying.”


MicheleElys, qualified skilled humorous – Human


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About the Author: MicheleElys is a Neurobehaviorist ~ Writer ~ Educator ~ Keynote Speaker.

Concussions are a huge drain in the workplace!” 4-6 week training program relieving the agony of TBIs and concussions. 

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