My Arabian is Wiser: I Quit Drinking!

Yeah It’s the Holidays!!
  The tingling sensations of Champagne is wonderful. The delectable way the bubbles tickle the tip of our noses, the smooth liquid flows easily over our lips, and straight to the brain and stupid human behavior!

My Arabian horse had to teach me a lesson, very humorously I might add, for I love Champagne (is an understatement). So much so, it is the only liquor I will consume.

New Years, well that can be daunting if you Party like an Idiot. I did and now I Don’t! 

Oh, I am safe and in one piece, and never did I harm another person. However this is a story about learning to be responsible, in a wonderful loving smelly way!

Humans do Stoopid Things When Drinking!

Some say a little alcohol is good for you. There is a saying that is more appropriate.

 Give a person an inch they think they are the ruler!

Humans fail when hubris and drunk!

Setting boundaries around Party Time does not often happen once a glass of the Nose tickling smooth Champagne flows over the tongue.

That delectable nectar is wonderful.


How does an Arabian horse fit in with Champagne and Holidays?  Easily and memorable! Visiting Taos New Mexico for 10 months, immediately purchasing my Arabian horse, taking time away from patients and non-profits, and speaking was necessary.

Well purchasing the Arabian was not necessary at that moment, but proved to be a wise decision over the years. He has proven to be much wiser than I!

Fast forward backwards: Out on the town with my friend Paymaneh. Of course we had fun and lots to drink in the way of Champagne. As we left Doc Martins Tavern that night, both of us had no business driving. We made our excuses (with) living close by. Paymaneh lived further out. I am grateful she knew her winding cliff-like dirt road well enough to arrive home safely.

I was the idiot! Deciding to visit my beautiful Arabian horse, KlassicAmir. The relationship was only ten months old and I was in love ~ wanting to be around him all the time!

Two miles past my home in Taos, and five miles from town, in my Champagne state of mind, that was easy and close, not a problem drive. This part turned out to be true!

Arriving at the boarding stables, I took a deep breath, loving the aroma of horses, hearing the 20 some horses breathing is heaven to me.

The barn was slightly lit and all horses dozing as most intelligent beings do at the bewitching hour of the night.

Calling to KlassicAmir, he acknowledged with a slight whiny, I walked around to the long isle down to his stall. Normally, it’s a crawl through the iron railing, however in my immoderate condition, my balance was noticeably tenuous and thankfully I had the good sense not to crawl through.

No part of this Arabian visit was a good idea, but a great life lesson in the end.

Walking up to the large white iron door, Whispering through the white mesh screen, Klassic titled his face curiously as I unlocked the heavy door and slide the iron bars WIDE OPEN!


KlassicAmir took one sniff of my smiling face, turn his entire body around, placing his beautiful horse butt inches from my body and Farted in my face! [Tweet]

Basically saying: Don’t drink and be Stupid! And Do not come and visit me when you are in a Champagne STOOPER!!

Yes, he did just that. I cannot clean this story up,  for it was to be a real wake-up call to my behavior around an Arabian horse.

Although KlassicAmir stood with calm stalwart steadfastness;

Yeah~Ya Think I would get the hint? 

NOPE! I wanted to kiss his beautiful face, and hug his beautiful neck.

I was a very Stoopid Human for drinking so much and then visiting an 1100 pound, Hot wired Arabian.

The smarter of us two was my Arabian horse – KlassicAmir, who continue to block the entrance of his stall, with his beautiful body, then literally backing me out of the doorway.

This is call “Butt-Face Block and farted again in your face!” Really, Arabians are very smart, smarter than most humans.

The next day I call my friend Paymaneh to recited the story. She howled and agreed with my Arabian horse and admitted, we both had too much to drink and had no business driving!What where you thinking, going to see your 1100 pound Arabian horse?”

I quit drinking that night for years!

This was a sobering moment – loving Champagne as much as I do, nevertheless I heed to Arabian’s wisdom. [Tweet]

Of course, these are the type of incidences we remember easily without much shame! A horse’s butt in one’s face is never forgotten. My Arabian taught me to grow up that night.

K my Arab

In the subsequent 18 years, I can count each moment when I have had a glass of champagne, less than a dozen, with only Sober visits to my Arabian horses.

My Lesson was: Beware of my immature actions of my own desires.

Before you take that next drink, think who you might impact.

You may not have a smart horse to remind you in such a memorable way.

Think of others as well as yourself, when having too much fun this holiday, and come home safely.



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