Ohhhh – The Drama of Moving!!!


Hello, yes it has been and will be a bit before I have sat and wrote another blog. I did not go away, instead I am moving from New Mexico to Colorado; a beautiful state I moved to in the late 1980’s and call my home.

This move has been drama filled. One, Colorado is BOOMING! There are many factors for a “housing shortage”. The mud slides of 2013, the great job opportunities and MARIJUANA IS LEGAL.

I thought it was a good time to buy a home, not so fast!! It is in a BOOM time, prices are high. Then the bright idea of renting floated into my brain. Shrreeeeccchhhhh halt!There is a shortage here and more of a scarcity for “Women Who Love Their Horses,” I have two Arabians as seen here running and enjoying life. Worse, BOOMTime means “Charlatans” galore, some rather rude, flippant and laugh at what they are scalping off the public. NEXT

Life has not been that enjoyable for my beloved Arabians here in New Mexico, nor myself, we are not desert people, we love the GREEN. There have been many devastating injuries at boarding facilities, one costing my youngest sweet Arab his jumping career and running life. Image

But he is happy with a painful limp; not too painful, but enough that he limps. He is young and a goofball, sweet, filled with kisses each day.  and he has manners, he will bow gracefully when in your presence. Sweet boy filled with life. Now a big PET!

As to the housing, well it needs to get done before June first for the guest house I am living in is rented as of the 1st.

I go to my Klassic with my soft spoken voice, asking him to see himself running in the green pastures again; he perks up his head in a proudly elegant posture. I tell him I need his strong help with this move for Sri and Sade and Sammie. We are going home Klassic, iImaget is time to watch you roll joyfully in the green grass and have you out to pasture. He eyes are warm and brown as he gazes at me, knowing what I am saying is in his heart.

Like ET, GO HOME! I wish upon a starry night to watch my Arabians run again  …………the little voice inside says “get creative”.

When we get creative and move out of the normal patterns of our lives our brains fire up and increase in neuronets. This is a possible way to stay young (in truth one keeps young, vibrant, alert and more), also achieve those impossible dreams. We must change up our usual reactions (old feelings and tapes) and responses to life as we have known it; not living on what we have done, but in the future. A lot of work with a little ingenuity. Think of Elon Musk and what this visionary has done. Never looking back, always creating new ideas.

Everyone knows a morbid morose negative person. How do we feel after being with them for an hour; we have “negative energy hangovers!” Shake it off of yourself and get thinking anew, read or watch a positive DVD. Ideas, innovation, ideas, brainstorm with forward thinking friends.

This is not frivolous wishing, rather hard work in changing the format in which we think and feel of the past. The word “Past” is the key ingredient here, it is the past and only brings the old around and around, till we are so frustrated and go screaming out into nature. Slumping over, exhaling time to get our groove back. RE-think, RE-live, RE-join my happiness, what I love about Colorado and its ever expanding cities. New friends, new ideas, yes!!! new ideas. That is what it takes “new ideas.” All writers – artists require constant new ideas to play off of in creative venues.

Time to share!!!! ImageBring more ideas into mind, illuminate the brain, fire up new networks and create a new life. Stay young, active, and SMILE. Oh BTW, its the beginning of a full Moon!!! More energy for really crazy-dazy-ideas, use every available source.

Back to the computer to finish writing what was an hour speech has turned into a half day seminar. GREAT! Out of ten pages, I have created a seminar, an hour speech to other TBI providers and an hour and half radio show. Keep those juices flowing. Time for nourishment! And searching more housing for rents, maybe with another person to lower the costs for the first year – take my time to look and buy. With all this intention and devoted focused energy, life will work, sometimes the way I see it and oft times more than I imagine.

As I work hard writing speeches, preparing for talks on radio show/s, preparing each day with more emails to potential landlords, sometimes with a response other times “Nothing.”

It all could get me down, but I have my resources, it is Zen Pincils http://zenpencils.com/category/blog/ . Gav is an inspiration and my unbeknownst supporter. He is a comic genius. Check him out. Here is a recent face book article, and a link to his most recent blog.  ImageEnjoy Gav as I have, be inspire, speak of ideas and not grumble, life is short and it gets shorter each year.

Think and feel new ways of being and if you get stuck, well turn on the computer – turn off that horrible TV drama stuff and see how other creative people are changing life up. Join IN. It does not matter who you are, what culture you come from, what color of skin, join in and make this life more hopeful for humanity, and the world. Have you taken a look at how many creative geniuses are working to make this a better world. If not, go online, Google “google+ and join in.

The mere fact is I AM a walking miracle! I survived over 5 major surgeries, 8 traumatic head injuries, no one would ever guess this was all recent in the last decade and I recovered under my own volition and past education, which opened up more doors to knowledge. Now I have volumes of information “from the inside out of TBI,” additionally I thought it would be in my advantage to study neuroscience (some, not becoming a scientist) and quantum mechanics to understand the details of my own recovery process. How did my brain figure all this out?

What I discovered in the beginning, in the middle and at this very hour; I was cutting myself off at the knees. And that makes walking, riding, jogging more of a challenge! Also, this self attitude is rather debilitating and demoralizing. The miracle of recovery without the support of family, friends and a few months with one or two doctors is unfathomable. What I did not do, was thank myself for my own achievements. Establish a new “neuronet processing in my own brain.” A positive peptide riddle network, more positive neurons firing up with new synapses. Yes, the brain is a universe unto its own self. We use the word Plasticity. Does anyone know what that word means, it’s thrown around a great deal these days; on DVD, PBS, NPR – do you know what it means, what this does.

Simple: Ability to adapt. The same statement is said about military personnel; we adapt and move on. The brain does more than adapt, it is self generating, self healing with positive thoughts and feelings. We can recreate a better brain, a better body, a healthier body and brain. JOIN ME! I have a lot to tell you!!

For me, it will be a joy to be working with people who give; I am a trauma specialist – why because I recovered from a great deal of trauma in life and studied behavioral science because no one was able to understand what I had felt through all the decades. As Einstein stated, “I may be a genius but I still had to learn physics.” I had to learn psychology and behavioral patterns to help myself and now others.

As many people such as Tim Ferris, Gav, Leonardo, Dali – we all share who we are, offering to the world our small and large talents. Changing my brain was one of the greatest gifts I could give the world and myself. I had to learn, just as Einstein did and now to GO HOME ET, home to Colorado. Klassic, Sade, Sammie, Sri see us all going home, on the road back to the Green State, back to my friends – Beth and Frankie, and Heidi and et al. And of course I will keep my close friends here from NM> :~)

Now to find a home for myself, my Arabians, Sade and Sammie – will appreciate all the help we can get from Colorado


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About the Author: MicheleElys is a Neurobehaviorist ~ Writer ~ Educator ~ Keynote Speaker.

Concussions are a huge drain in the workplace!” 4-6 week training program relieving the agony of TBIs and concussions. 

Founder of NBR [neural behavior recognition]. A recovery model for Trauma/TBI Improvement, Recovery to maintenance, Need a Consult? Connect with MicheleElys email LinkedIn,  MicheleElys.com 

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