Self Compassion

Let the rain of compassion touch you!

In the morning I walked outside with my Sädé. Lifting my head toward the tender grey sky, waters’ purity caressed my face – releasing my hoodie, allowing the rain to embrace my hair, moisten my skin, unadulterated senses of compassion filled me.

Compassion! Was here and now, I heard the embrace of the word.

Allowances in being Human. 

Compassion for the self, comfort the self, takes no time from life, it is the nature of life.

For the first time in many months, I allowed the gentleness from inside, a moment of enjoyment, recognition took no time from the moments’ activity.

Allowance in being Human ~ Being living creatures acquiesce to what lives in all of life.

Compassion is an attribute as vulnerability, humility, power, caring and more ~ the touching part of living; Compassion requires only awareness.

We can be at work, waking in the morning, see a smile while walking on a street or path; Compassion lives inside, awareness is the only requisite. 

While many struggle through the traumas of life, for several years I have been reading the works of a scholarly gentleman Brad Esau as he struggled to understand his own brain’s wiring, Taming the Polar Bears Brad Esau 

Here once again Compassion speaks loudly, with Buddha’s words; If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete! 

Recognition is necessary!

Some  questions and quotes from others:

We speak of Empathy ~

Compassion is a quality which must come from the self to the self first in order to be authentic and genuine as you give to others. Not an egocentric love of oneself, a connection to all things. 

A Question~

And yet why do we struggle internally to remember what is natural?

A Statement of our world’s cost~

We can easily get lost in the shuffle of our everyday lives.

Rewording another gentleman’s cogent words~

We must find the place inside ourselves when all seems impossible, transmuting to the possible.

There is an alteration as we live and walk through our lives imploring, Mindfully in Awareness. Neither a need to schedule extra time or take away from what already is over busied. Instead, these Mind~filled moments may bring a clarity in setting better boundaries and time management.

Curious two words, “Time Management” when time is truly an illusion we human creatures have created by the Sun and planets’ rotation. 

Working for a living, securing our lives as best we are able, being kind to potentially all, lending smiles if possible; life as we live today is demanding.

Or rather, how much do we demand of ourselves in everyday life and arduous moments. I wish I knew the later lesser!

What brings me back to Living in Awareness ~ has been the hand of others reaching in compassion and support. 

What was difficult was admitting, I was human, not unconquerable or stronger than, rather susceptible to life’s ordeals and times of overwhelms.

We are Human creatures of this Earth. Our Earth is precious for Earth’s environment sustains our lives. Let all of us remember the air we breath, the smiles we see, the beautiful sunsets, animals we love and their beauty we admire; we must look up from the pressures of the life we create and allow a moment to treasure ~

Allowance in being Human!




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About the Author: MicheleElys is a Neurobehaviorist ~ Author ~Keynote Educator. Offering inspiration in Trauma Recovery and the benefits of Animal Instinctive Wisdom.

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