The Power in Busting Myths!!!

Point: I was told I would never recover from TBIs; well I had 14 and recovered primarily on my own from several devastating Concussive syndromes; Transient Amnesia, onset of Parkinson, inability to Read with total loss of comprehension, inability to speak a congruent sentence – nor hold a conversation! Instead, I developed a technique called CNBR [cognitive neural behavior rewiring]. I no long have the six pages of dysfunctions I had once written for my doctors.



Time for The Dragon Slayer of Myths to bust some myths!

So let’s get started!



  1. Degrees & Certifications  make a person Smarter! Degrees are great if you are a surgeon, engineer, lawyer, scientist or a professor. Nonetheless, we all have met the doctors and lawyers that were not too sharp, this is due to depending on the Degree as a certification in being smart, a piece of paper only has the value an individual puts into life, learning how to navigate through trials (pun intended), learning from situations in life, other people, forging ahead doing it on our own, utilizing the beauty of our Unconscious Mind call Instincts. Often we call these people Autodidacts, many are Nobel prize winners. Certifications can augment skills we are working towards, however no guarantees and often individuals use their own instincts to go beyond configuring solutions that offer better remedies .
  2. Schools Prepare children for lifeUnless it’s is a Montessori school or founded by a person of passion in educating different models through life experiences, such as Baltimore inner city, Step chronicles. A senior year in a girls’ high school step dance team, capacitated and commissioned by their teachers, coaches, families, and each other, they strive to win a championship and go to college. All girls attended college of their choice and many more have gone in life helping future leaders since the documentary/movie was made. We must change how we prepare every child for life.
  3. Multilingual is not necessary: We are more global than ever; learning at least 3 languages is a necessity! If a person understand at least one Latin based language, they can understand several languages which might come easy due to similar sounding vocabulary. Learning other languages also facilitates understanding of cultures, elevating racial bias, religious differences, and more important Opens all minds to new horizons thereby being more resilient and adaptable in life. 
  4. Drugs cure emotional problems and brain injuries: Not in the least, this has been powered by the drug companies and primarily lead to nations of additions in our populous. Most in costly therapies learning what comes naturally, our Brains’ natural Instincts through the subconscious mind resolving problems. Our Brain is its own natural Pharmaceutical power through the Limbic system, from the Hypothalamus through the Pituitary released into our bodies. Behavior remedial invigorates through behavior amelioration! We must learn skills in our lives to deal with emotional setbacks, TBIs (which is an injury) and many of our mental health and other physical problems. Drugs are a tool only. The brain is dulled through drugs [!!} as humans we must learn how to face our obstacles, be innovative in learning new behavioral patterns, in tandem in reaching to supportive people. We are social creatures by nature, drugs are not, they mask our abilities. Austin Eubanks powerful story, when we teach through behavior our brain energizes, reformulates and grows. Instinctual development never ceases through life and imperative to continually improve through action and REM sleep, daily!
  5. Vulnerability & Compassion takes too much time: Deepening our learning to be human, carries our feeling portion of Mind and Body, called vulnerability and compassion in elevating ourselves and each other. These human elements take no time away from our busy lives, instead necessary mindful emotions are fundamental in living. These attributes teach us deepening kindness and care for each other. We build trustful relationship, experience more supportive system that “life, the people we know have our backs.” It’s a bitch going it alone here on Earth!
  6. Difficult subjects should not be spoken:  Bull-Shit!! Why do we have so many teen and adult suicides? Why do egregious abusive activities continue? Why do priest continue their Pedophilia Activity?  Estimated about 5,000 of the around 410,000 Roman Catholic priests worldwide. These issues must be spoken about in the public allowing children, victims to feel safe! As an ex-Trauma Recovery therapist who conducted educational and processing groups, about 80% of attendees where suicidal and would, in time, confide their fears. Later, speak openly in group about their deepest despairs. “Not being allowed to speak of the horrendous pain people experience, forces a person to collapse! Scars of the past abuse to torturous experiences are unspeakable vile life traumas that must not be hidden, rather abolished openly.  Speak out about the legitimacy in safe environments with knowledgeable people [go back to the degrees portion here]. We have sex trafficking, we torture people where our government denies such activity, these actions when listening, will make your skin crawl and stomach fold into knots, these stories are not for every therapist. Trauma is vulgar, hateful and needs to be exposed carefully!
  7. Pitbulls and Rottweilers are Dangerous Dogs: This one belief pisses me off! We humans must stop blaming animals for our bad behavior!!! Pitbulls have been the Nanny dogs, now as K-9 dogs being adopted from kill shelters; same stated for Rottweilers being highly intelligent, Loyal, Smart than the average human! Rottweilers   possess such degrees of empathy in saving people and other animal lives. I personally had the benefit in having Rotties for 23 yeas, and eagerly wait till I have another male Rottie. They are simply a huge Lap dog!!  My Rotties were featured in the Denver Post decades ago for their calm demeanor, as an excellent sentury for my home living in a dicey neighborhood.
  8. Rich are Happier:  Well they are freer and most are happier. Money gives us freedom from worry, paying bills, healthier food and choices in education. Ability to travel enjoying life, it assures a stable home. For some who are subjected to degrees of paranoia – there is therapy and commonsensical good friends to talk about their forebodings. I have been on both sides; my preference is being rich in many avenues of life – this allows me the luxury in giving to others!
  9.  Giving to others freely forms co-dependency:  There are many individuals who will never make a profitable healthy living. Assisting through Welfare” is not codependency, this is of good will, how we care for our poor, those who lose their jobs, have outrageous medical bills that our homes are consumed due to the medical costs, children born to mothers (some raped) who cannot support alone the family financial burden of a fatherless home. The word “Welfare” is a caring word. A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members. Mahatma Gandhi ” Not everyone will grow to be an Einstein, who was a most compassionate scientist. Or Warren Buffet – who gave 32 billion dollars [and more] for the support and education in abolishing poverty, establishing educational self support and medical assurances.
  10. Siberian Tigers:  Facts about Siberians are the largest of tigers weighing up to 700 pound – 320 kg and an endangered species. There are several photos taken with this toddler, the Siberian was docile in it’s communication with the toddler and viewed to be empathic. We have so much to learn from our four legged and marine animals and mammals. These moments were stated to be astonishing for viewers and the parents allowed the toddler to venture and communicate with the tiger through the glass for quite some time.

When we all begin to care, or more conscious of “An Allowance to be Human” we regain a trusting world. We need not claim one belief or one way of life, there are many avenues opened in life, as many as there are in delicious cuisines to consume, over 2600 languages to learn, and over 7 billion people in gaining knowledge from.

We are richer when we share what we have, we grow in wisdom and broaden our views in accepting the world as a natural progression of change.

Each subject here that I have written, I have experienced personally and more. I have lived through opprobrious abuse and left that parent behind, fought to stay alive, worked through the most arduous of times, and climbed to view unpainted horizons. There are many who have lived life in different rivers flowing up and down through each continent, reach out and begin to expand your resourceful competencies – you will never have a regret in life!



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About the Author: MicheleElys is a Neurobehaviorist ~ Author ~Keynote Educator. Offering inspiration in Trauma Recovery and the benefits of Animal Instinctive Wisdom.

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