I Wan’na Meet You!

I am starved for humanities’ touch.

A warm look from another’s eyes. The clasping of hands in a caring embrace when speaking, watching a person’s face; we humans need each other desperately and it’s time to reached out and be once again, face to face and Feeling the Companionship of each other!

My summer project began today, Sunday May 20th 2018 at Sprouts. Grocery stores are always great in meeting people, once I tell them of my summer project they tell their stories; an ongoing 3 & 1/2 month project of “Allowance for being Human.”

Recently, as I sat in my physical therapists’ lounge, a communal office share. A father and daughter came in, sat down on separate sofas; immediately zoned – captivated by their cell phones. Neither spoke or acknowledged each other. As a therapist came out to invite them in, I overheard as they entered the room; “how is the communication going this week?”

It’s not!

There was no communication, only a relationship with their cell phones.

Leave the cells at home or in the car, OFF!! 

We are reaching a critical mass destruction in human needs! 

We are alone in our heartbreak, we are alone when vulnerable with not knowing how to reach out. We are alone in our thoughts with no one to speak softly with! Join the new trend, “Allowances for the Human Needs!”

We love our cell phones and our dogs more, than we might offer kindness to a homeless person.

This breaks my heart!

As caring creatures this statement ought to be alarming!

Stop, say hello, at least smile at the person in the grocery aisle, or as I often say, “pardon me as I reach across you for some fruit.” The mere acknowledgement ~ “another human,” brings a giggle, possibly a short conversation. Nonetheless, we are affirming another human’s existence standing next to us, we live together on the same planet, same country, share the familiar air space.

Recently I lived in a complex of over 370 apartments, I knew less than a dozen people, even walking my dog and smiling searching for an eye connection, too many are absorbed into their cell phones, I was absorbed in my life’s next moves [culpable of the same errors]. We are not robots, A.I. is already programed to know their needs, humans must search internally to recognize their needs, and we are faltering as social creatures.

As a writer, my artful words are intentional to jossle the unanswerable questions, many who live with bewildered confusion and inability to speak out loud. Lending access to internal questioning voices, spear the floundering thought that has been gnawing; humans need each other! 

Jerking the ambiguous essence vibrating deeply, how to  ReConnect!

Why is social media so popular? Because we connect, we have very brief conversations, too brief!

We do support each other to the degree allowed online communication. We share words and videos, articles and pictures, they touch our heart. And, gather together, from close to far away; humans are screaming, we are lacking the face to face nurturing touch.

Admittedly, humans have become more trusting and closer to their dogs, cats, horses and birds than we feel we are to each other!

What are we doing to ourselves? Time for Change! Reach-out, Touch, Support, Speak Out! Being part of others lives and community – all regains trust. 

Technology was created with the purpose to augment our lives; are we succeeding? Hundred of thousand are struggling through computerized job applications. Our devices have become worse than styrofoam and baby diapers in overflowing landfills. We have the solutions to these obstacles, for we are the creator of the dilemma.

Stop, think, please listen and then touch a stranger with a smile and maybe summon up a Hello. That simple!

Some catch a new wave of mass “Get togethers!” 

Network clubs: attendance range in cost from $500 to $25,000 per year for a once a month meetings. 

What are we attending?

Find new clients where everyone is seeking the same, more money, needs? Everyone is in need, few truly communicate about life, instead the introduction is a paper card, what does a small piece of paper state in the volumes of what we have lived?  A card only ushers a face quickly forgotten. Where is the framework for a real social interaction and connection?

Most are never followed-up, the optional paper card is tossed into the never remember file can on the floor, lacking real communication. How many cards have you thrown out over the years and decades? 

Personally, I have a digital card. Upon immediate introduction, purposeful conversation, if asked to meetup, my information is sent to the person’s cell (no waste) with a photo of my Arabian horse. How can one forget a Redhead with an Arabian? My email, website and cell number is a click away. If the person later decides not to connect, Delete is the option. No dead trees, no landfills overflowing. 

Many gather at MeetUp’s, yet we still are losing the battle of basic requirements; follow up, connect face to face and reconnect continuously. 

Time to rid ourselves of a non-responsive relationship with our computers and cell phones, it’s people we must have a exchange with.

Allowances for being Human!

Tribes, as in plural, multicultural, learn new languages, spruce up on an almost forgotten language via the new contact over coffee that extends to unthought of, new ideas! Broadening the unpainted horizons. Forming different tribes augments confidence and self trust – instinctually.

I am a Coloradoan  [greater Denver area and around the outskirts] who is reaching out, forming new contacts and friends from each stranger I greet everywhere I go, this entire summer of 2018.  

Bouncing new ideas, brainstorming about needs in our communities, forming round tables, being comprehensive – without exception – of all minds – all ages – talking face to face, joining up. Touching each other and having epiphanies of the next big ideas to implement. 

Watching faces light up with energy, smiling, gratitude abounds as we share; asking, when do we meet again setting new agendas? Get the word out about cleaning up our cities, caring for the homeless, let’s talk about our communities, become more captivated through proactive intrigue

Everything is plausible.



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