Masks Are Often Protection

We all have masks, even unto ourselves. This does not denote we all live in immense denial. A Mask can represent, We need time to process, to think, to have quiet – and then possibly allow someone in.

Mask is a degree of protection, a faint smile to brush away an overly inquisitive person who may have good intentions. A pleasantry, a little white lie to abate a private moment, allowing ourselves, Space!

We might hide in the bushes of words, or stay at home, tell a friend “all is moving along and fine, do not worry!”

This is our way of protection, it is a simple boundary for self survival.

And this is what I have to say to you: Allow yourself your survival techniques, we all do not need to be of public interest all the time.

“Allowance In Being Human” has been an internal message repeating over the month and longer.

Touch carefully with your words, touch carefully when a person is withdrawing, and remember them with gentle kiss to a baby’s cheek, sweetness is commanded.

A mask is a person’s safety measure, respect one another. And when the unseen violent storms have past, a breath is taken. The heart senses our inner strength, natural instincts regain their ground. That is when we walk strong, hold strong, give strength to others who wear a mask for a time.

Here in Colorado there are many hurting people; we have a Housing GREED Crisis!

I have been shattered in a volcanic earthquake that swallowed me in April. Knowing my body well, as soon as time allowed a call went out to my vestibular therapist. We can recover from injuries, however life can reinjured the vulnerable and strong together, and swallow them whole.

My eyes were shaking,  body wobbling, ominous exhaustion consumed  and broke me time and time again, I had few to turn to, but they have their lives and ghastly moments to.

I could not write nor read as we move from motel to airbnb and then a short rest for a few days – alas a place of comfort we did not find.

With the news from my vet about my Service dog, I knew she was aging rapidly, and failing; it is life, as I fervently search for a home where to take her last breaths. The nights are long in waking nightmares of sweat, lack of sleep does exacerbate vestibular leaving me dizzy, sicken my stomach, difficult to consume any food, and yet (!!) I must see my beloved Arabian. The drive extinguishes all morsels of energy, while loving him so much. We miss each other.

When families are torn apart by wars, greed, lack of human compassion or humane treatment. Our humanity suffers, donning our masks.

There is static in the body, calming is more of an effort, and sleep does not give way to my weary body while the search for a home continues and the battle of all the upheaval which befallen my wearing senses in April, has never given way.

Every tiny step turned into baby toe steps and finally, the crucible took way; my writing, filled to the brim with information and words, could no longer explain the words; my fingers stammering to a halt. It was time to reach further for real professional help.

I sat for an entire day, my eyes shaking from exhaustion. My stomach only soothed by a bit of tea and ripened fresh orange juice, I must find a person to help me from this stricken year. I will not give up. My Sade needs me by her side now after she has given me over 12 years of service and loyalty. And what of sweet Simsai and KlassicAmir – we need our own home desperately, getting past the greed that has befallen a wonderful Colorado.

As I help those who are homeless, my eyes feast in abhorrent despair, their skeleton bodies with a slight layer of skin covering their frail bones.

How can I continue? The homeless are continuously moved for the populous of Denver, no one wishes to acknowledge the reality, or admit there is a crisis!

We must take care of each other, it is time to rise even in our weaken time to show a face of kindness, a small token instead of a sneer.

Allowance in being Human

For Earth sake, for mankind’s sake if someone requires a bit of help, please give them a moment  of your time, a moment of listening without comparing war stories. Life is not a forever view of a treasured triple rainbow.

Rainbows only come after the storms!

Its wondrous view leaves us breathless, never forget there are jeweled moments of  in life. For Earth’ illusion simply removed her mask in remembrance: 

There is beauty to behold and love to be felt, even during painful times. 

Have hope!

Allowance in Being Human.




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